The Ghost Town Freeride 2017 Recap by Sbanda Brianza

The second edition of the Sbanda Brianza’s Ghost Town Freeride, one of the more popular Italian skateboarding events, was once again a huge success.

A total of 110 riders, not only from Italy, but also from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US, gathered in Consonno to skate down its 1.3 km long road. The track is also one of the most famous downhill longboarding spots in Northern Italy.

With 7 hours of freeriding, interspersed with a speed contest the track also hit a speed record og 78 kph. The winners of the contest were Rachel Bruskoff from LA and two italians, Fred Falco and Guido Cipolla.

“We are excited!” commented the Sbanda Brianza’s President, Matteo Dell’Orto, who later said:

Compared to last year, we managed to raise the level of spectacularity and the audience appreciated it. It is a great satisfaction for us and we are already looking forward to organising the next year’s third edition!¬†Matteo

Great vibes, live music and skating

To pump up the scene, 7 live bands contributed with concerts during the freeride and in the evenings. It sure was something special to see bands playing by the second hairpin of the track and also during the night during the skate sessions.

The full shuttle going up. Photo by Davide Corona.

The breathtaking scenery of the ghost town of Consonno and everything combines raised the adrenaline level of both the riders and the public. The crew estimates that all together, there were a thousand people who visited the event during the whole weekend.

Most of the success is due to the organisation and the efforts of the whole Sbanda Brianza team. With this second edition, they amazed everyone with their unique way of interpreting skateboarding and partying!

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