Cult Emperor freeride longboard wheels. Photo by Mihael Zadravec

Cult Emperor freeride longboard wheels review by Mihael Zadravec

Earlier this year, Cult introduced the Emperor freeride longboard wheels powered by their latest and Jorge Pernes’s new favourite, Dopathane formula. If you’re stoked on getting a set for yourself and want to know how they roll, read through to find out how they worked for me.

Arico - El Bueno Freeride 2017 Day #2

Arico – El Bueno Freeride 2017 Day #2 Report

The winds of change have blessed us with a smooth second day of fast skating and close to 20 runs, incredible considering the length of the track. The event is running like clockwork with riders being given a safe space to skate and find new lines.

THING longboard wheels

THING Wheels – New longboard wheels made in France

This fall at Go Goats freeride I got introduced to new longboard wheels called THING Wheels. There was a bunch of French riders skating these and their slides looked really smooth. That sparked my interest and I talked to some of them to learn more about this new wheel made in France.

Tregaron Freeride 2016 / Photo Jack Patten

Tregaron Freeride 2016

When the European scene imagines skating in the United Kingdom most ponder on a lack of hills, heavy rain and a scene lacking in downhill orientation. Tregaron Freeride 2016 too was expected to turn out in such a way; with no good footage from the year before , a forecast for heavy rain and only about 75 signed up things were not looking good.

Cult Rapture wheels review for street luge

Are Cult Rapture wheels any good for street luge – Review by Tikialex

Wheels are one of the most important things when it comes to the performance of your street luge and whether you street luge or buttboard, you always look for as much grip and speed as possible from them. Do the Cult Rapture wheels qualify? Read through to find out.

Malaya Street Bombers longboard wheels

Malaya Street Bombers longboard wheels review with Marcus Aldinucci

Recently Marcus Aldinucci got the Malaya Street Bombers longboard wheels for testing. These are fairly new on the market, first sets were offered for purchase in October this year. I was very interested to hear about how the wheels perform so I hooked up with Marcus for a quick review.

European longboard wheels

European longboard wheel brands

We’ve compiled a list of fourteen European companies that offer their own branded longboard wheels. Check them out and let us know if you skated any of them and how did you like them.