Arbor UK riders Joe and George showing off Sucrose wheels

Arbor UK’s young guns Joe Williams and George Judge took their Sucrose wheels for a spin on their local hill. Their unmatchable performance includes some serious talent like drinking while putting their boards sideways. Yet another great video by Ben Holmes (Ben Holmes Media).

Arbor Skateboards – The Sucrose Initiative

Arbor developed a “Sugar formula” which makes these wheels ultra-durable and long lasting combined with improved performance. The interesting thing about them is the natural composition they are made of. It reduces the environmental impact of petroleum-based wheels.

“Groovetube” core used in all Sucrose wheels has a wider profile which makes it hold its shape when cornering hard or sliding but it still flexes where it’s supposed to. It’s also just 35mm tall and gives you a lot of ‘thane to chew through.

The Sucrose wheels are available in 4 “flavours” so you are guaranteed to find something that matches your taste. Apparently they were supposed to be completely flatspot resistant. You be the judge of that 🙂

Arbor Summit

71mm big, 56mm contact patch, 78a duro, offset core position and sharp lip design made this wheel a good choice for technical downhill with a nice balance between grip and slipperiness. Priced competitively at 57,14 € on Amazon.

Arbor Sucrose Summit

Arbor Vice

The offset freeriding beast. 69mm big, small contact patch of 35.5mm, 80a duro and rounded lips. Thanks to the lip design and small contact patch the release is easy and gradual on any surface. Also comes stone grinded from the factory for best performance out of the factory. Priced at 51,42 € on Amazon.

Arbor Sucrose Vice

Arbor Mosh

65mm big, 36mm contact patch and 82a duro. This wheel is a great choice for cruising around town with quick acceleration but it offers some nice slides thanks to the rounded lips. Priced at 49,90 € on Amazon.

Arbor Sucrose Mosh

Arbor Bogart

61mm big, 36mm contact patch, 82a duro. The perfect wheel for mini-cruisers. The slightly larger than average contact patch makes it roll smoother over rough roads. Priced at 35,55 € on Amazon.

Arbor Sucrose Bogart

For more information see Arbor Skateboards website.

* Photo copyrights by Arbor

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