How to Stop on a Longboard

Longboarding is a great way to get active and see new places. If you’re new to it, however, you might not know how to stop once you get the wheels rolling. If so, have no fear.  This guide will go through several ways you can … Read more

Best Longboard Wheels

You may not know it, but picking the right longboard wheels is trickier than you may think. There’s a ton of options that suit several different styles.  So, to make life just a little bit easier for you, here’s a list of the best longboard … Read more

8 of the Best Skateboard Helmets for Kids

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Best Smoothstar Alternatives

Picking the right surfskate brand takes time and effort. When you choose a surfskate, it’s not like you’re choosing a normal skateboard or longboard. What you’re looking for is a surfskate specific to your skating needs.  For some people, that may be SmoothStar, one of … Read more

How to Pump on a Longboard

If you can ride in multiple stances, whether regular, goofy, or the often shunned mongo stance, then you probably know the comfort of being able to switch sides when one of your legs starts to get tired.  If you can’t, however, you might just have … Read more

atom longboard

Atom Longboards Review

With the many longboarding companies out there, it’s hard to know which one is the best for you. Some specialize in providing the best decks for a certain style of longboarding such as downhill or freestyling. Other companies focus on crafting the best wheels for … Read more