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Best Drop Down Longboard

This week’s article is on the best drop-down longboards. These boards are often the go-to recommendation for beginners (and heavier riders too).
They’re easy to learn on and offer a comfortable and forgiving riding experience.
Check it out below to learn more.

Best Drop Down Longboards

White Wave Bamboo

The White Wave is both a drop-down and drop-through longboard. It is one of the most stylish boards out there – the Bamboo finish makes it look quite good.
The White Wave comes in at 39inches in length and 9.5inches in width.
It comes with cheap 180mm trucks and 70mm tall wheels.
The deck is made with maple, with the outer plys being made of bamboo – it looks good, is durable, and should be strong enough to support heavier riders too.
The deck is both a drop-down and a drop-through.
Overall, you get a fairly good deal for the price of this complete. Whilst the components aren’t the best, it should suitable enough for most beginner riders.
The White Waves greatest strength is that it is both a drop-down and drop through – this allows the standing platform to be super closer to the ground.
This makes it super stable, easy to ride, and easy to footbrake on.
Finally you get the option of mounting the trucks on the bottom to ride it as a proper drop-down – you get to experiment and see which riding style your prefer.

User Reviews:

Check out the White Wave Bamboo here on Amazon.com.

Minority Downhill

The Minority board is one of the more affordable options on my list. And like the Atom drop down below, it’s going to be a great option for heavier riders.
The Minority downhill board comes in at 40inches in length and 10inches in width.
It has Volador trucks (which aren’t that great in quality) and 70mm tall wheels.
The deck is made from only 8plys of maple – so it won’t be as durable as the 9ply Atom below.
Finally, the deck has pretty deep cutouts. Because of this, you don’t need risers to avoid wheelbite, the lack of risers also allows the board to sit super low to the ground.
This makes it easier to push, easier to footbrake, and more stable.
Again, with this board you get what you pay for.
It only costs about $80, but that is a fair price for the quality you get. It will ride ok but it won’t be the best. It will be a great option for heavier riders on a budget though.

User Reviews:

Check it out here on Amazon.com.

Atom Drop Longboard

A semi-affordable longboard, the Atom drop deck is going to be good for heavier riders. Though the components are a bit cheaper, they are rugged enough to hold up riders up to 250lbs in weight.
The Atom comes in at 41inches in length and 9.5inches in width. It has reverse kingpin trucks that are 10inches wide.
It also comes with 70mm tall wheels.
The deck is made with 9plys of maple, so it’s going to be stiff enough to support heavy riders.
The Atom trucks come with risers to ensure you get no wheelbite.
However, if you’re a lighter rider you can take off the risers for a lower ride – just check to ensure no bite. The risers just ensure that you can turn and lean deeply on the board without worry.
If you’re a heavier rider, keep them on.
For the price, this complete is quite reasonable. The components and quality aren’t the greatest, but for something going for only about $100, you can’t ask for better.

User Reviews:

Check out the Atom drop down here on Amazon.com.

Landyachtz Drop Carve 38

The premium drop-down option on my list, like the White Wave, the Drop Carve is both a drop-down and a drop-through board.
The drop on the Drop Carve is different from other boards on my list – it has rocker instead of the traditional drop.
Instead of a sudden drop from where the trucks are mounted, the Drop Carve features a gentle curve throughout the board, with the middle of the board sitting lowest.
Some people prefer rocker to drop down, they say it’s more comfortable and helps relax the feet.
Otherwise, the Drop Carve comes in at 38inches in length and 9.5inches in width. Its deck is made from bamboo and fiberglass, which allows it to be lightweight and durable despite its size.
Finally, it features high-quality parts – it comes with Bear trucks and 72mm tall Hawgs wheels.
Whilst it is expensive, the Drop Carve is one of the best drop-down longboards on the market.
It’s the best choice for a lot of riders.

User Reviews:

Check it out here on Amazon.com.

How to Pick the Best Drop Down Longboard

What is drop-down longboard?

A drop-down longboard simply means the standing platform sits lower than where the trucks are mounted.
The standing platform might be lowered through rocker (a gentle downwards curve throughout the board) or through a sudden, sheer drop from where the trucks are mounted.

Are drop-down longboards good for beginners?

Yes they are. They standing platform sits low to the ground, which makes them easy to push, easy to footbrake and easy to balance on.
They are also a bit more stable because the platform sits lower than where the trucks are – so how quickly they react to a riders input is minimized.
They allow you to make mistakes without punishing you too much.

Drop through vs Drop down? Which is better?

I recommend drop downs over drop throughs.
Drop-throughs have a more sluggish ride when compared to drop-downs, but with a drop-down, you get a similar ride that is slightly more responsive.
If you get to try both, I recomend you do so to see which you prefer – longboarding is very subjective, people like different things.

How to pick a drop-down longboard?


You first want to look at the size of the board.
Most drop-down boards are going to be about 38inches in length and 10inches in width. That size is going to be ok for most riders about 5ft 6 and taller.
But if you’re smaller you might struggle control a board of that size.

They’re not the best for smaller riders

If you’re a smaller rider, the big drop-down boards may not be best fit for you.
You’re going to want to get one that is about 35inches in length. Because they are shorter, they allow you to assume a comfortable shoulder-width stance with your feet not too far from the trucks.
The closer your feet are to the trucks, the better control you have.
Landyachtz make smaller drop-down boards for smaller riders, namely the Drop Cat 33 and the Evo 36. Pantheon longboards have some small drop-down longboards too.

Good-quality components

As a general rule of thumb, you want good quality components on the longboard you pick. Low-quality parts are going to hold back your progression and get in the way of your riding experience.
They should generally be avoided. However, if you’re budget doesn’t allow for it, it’s ok to settle for lower quality parts.
Most beginners can’t tell the difference between quality, but as you get more experience, be sure to invest in higher-quality gear.

Solid construction

Drop down boards need to have a solid construction. Because of their design, the necks of the boards tend to be weak points that can snap. If your board is poorly made, then the neck could snap when you’re riding. High-quality boards that are well made won’t snap when you’re riding them.
High-quality boards tend to be made with 8plys of maple (or more), or are made with composites. You can also ensure you are getting a high-quality board by getting one from a reputable company.

Cutouts to avoid wheelbite

You’re going to want suffecient cutouts and wheel wells to avoid wheelbite on your drop down longboard.
Wheelbite on drop-downs is bad, it stops you in your tracks completely and launches you forward.
A good drop-down board will have suffecient cut outs so you can turn as deeply as you want without worrying about wheelbite.
If wheelbite is an issue for you, you can always add risers or tighten your trucks so they don’t turn as much.

What do you think? Which drop-down is best for you?

If you’re a beginner looking for your first board, drop-down longboards are an excellent choice.
If you’re still on the fence about which one to pick, the Landyachtz Drop Carve is a great option that you’ll enjoy.
If you’re on a budget, the White Wave is the next best choice.

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  1. For beginners, stepping into the wider world of skateboarding is a daunting prospect. From choosing the right deck for my style to selecting trucks and wheels, and from learning kickflips to rock drops, there is a lot to learn. Great article. Most folks have to learn this the hard way.

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