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Best Longboard Brands

Today’s topic is on the best longboard brands in the market. All these brands are the best of the best and products from them are top tier. Check it out below.

Best Longboards Brands

Sector 9

                                                                                      Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout

Sector 9 is easily one of the most recognizable brands on the market. You could even say that they’re the reason longboarding is as popular as it is today. They’ve played a solid role in growing it.
Sector 9 started in a San Diego backyard back in 1993. It was just a handful of dudes, making some cruisers. Since then, it’s grown into a multi-million dollar company with a name and brand recognizable almost anywhere.
These days they make more than cruisers, they also have downhill, freeride, and commuter decks in their line up. Outside of longboarding they also make park decks for street skating and some surfboards too.
Sector 9 also owns Gullwing trucks and RAD wheels. Since 2016, they’ve been owned by Bravo Sports.

Most popular Sector 9 boards

One of the most popular Sector boards around, the Blue Wave Lookout is a classic. It is your basic drop-through board, but it comes with a high-quality deck and high-quality components.
The deck on the Lookout is made with vertically laminated bamboo.
The bamboo means this deck is gonna be flexible, which means a comfortable, cushioned ride that smoothens out most road vibrations. And the vert lam means it’s been made with few plys, which makes it lighter in weight.
Finally, it comes with high-quality components – Gullwing charger trucks and tall 74mm, 74a soft wheels.

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Find out more about it here on Amazon.com.

Landyachtz Longboards

Almost as old as Sector 9, Landyachtz has been in the game since the early 2000s. Since then, this Vancouver based longboard brand has been making waves in the industry, pioneering different pieces of gear here and there, and changing the game for everyone else.
Though they mainly focus on cruiser boards these days, Landyachtz has deep roots and history in longboard racing, with models like the Landyachtz Evo and Bear Smokies being components that led to critical race wins.
Landyachtz makes everything from cruisers, to race decks these days. They also make bikes and have a snowskate line on the rise. Most people these days know Landyachtz for their cruisers.

Most popular Landyachtz board

The Landyachtz Dinghy is easily the well-known longboard on the Landyachtz line up – it might be one of the most popular cruisers on the market.
The Dinghy is a mini-cruiser, it’s designed around portability and being easy to carry around and store. It is also an excellent cruiser that is super agile and reactive to your input. It’s super fun to skate and it’s no wonder it is as popular as it is.
The Dinghy comes with high-quality parts. It has Hawgs wheels, Bear trucks, and Bear Spaceball bearings. Landyachtz designed it to ride great out of the box – it rides smooth, turns great, and is a fun board.

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Check it out here on Amazon.com.

Arbor Collective

Arbor started back in the nineties and before they ever touched longboards, they were a well known Snowboard making company.

These days, they make everything from Snowboards, to skateboards, to cruisers, whilst also moonlighting as a lifestyle brand – selling both apparel and footwear. They’ve been in the game for over 25years.

Arbor has a big focus on sustainability and on reinvesting back into the environment with their profits. They have pioneered the use of bio-plastic, bio-urethane and use recycled materials and responsibly sourced bamboo and maple for all their products. Minimizing their environment footprint is a big deal for them.

Most popular longboard from Arbor

The Arbor Axis is a 37inch long and 8.75inch drop through longboard. It’s been designed to be easy to ride, with a comfortable smooth ride in mind.
Because it is drop through, this board sits slightly lower to the ground. It’s gonna be easy to push and stable.
I think this board is gonna be great for a beginner.
Finally, the components are all high-quality. The Arbor complete comes with Paris trucks and big 69mm Arbor wheels. The wheels are a bit on the small side so they won’t ride as smooth as possible. However, the small size makes them really easy to push. I’d rather they were bigger though.
If you’re in the market for a stylish drop-through cruiser, the Arbor is a could choice.

Check it out here on Amazon.com.

Loaded Longboards

Loaded longboards are one of the most premium longboard brands around, with some of the most exclusive, best looking products.

Loaded was started back in the early 2000s. They started making composite longboards and snowboards, and have stayed true that production formula since. In 2008, they created Orangatang wheels and started making and selling urethane products too.

Loaded products cover the entire longboard spectrum. They make cruisers, dancers, freestyle boards, techslide decks and even boards made for speed. They do everything! They also make kits for electric longboards and have boards geared towards that too.
The one drawback is that Loaded products are always quite expensive. You are often set back quite a bit, but thats what you get for a premium product.

Most popular board from Loaded Longboards

The Loaded Icarus is a staple in the Loaded boards line up. It’s been featured since the early 2000s. It’s been designed to be a carving beast.
The Loaded Icarus comes with a vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass deck. This keeps it lightweight and allows it to react to your inputs quickly. It’s also a bit flexible. Because of these features, the boards allows you to bounce in and out of turns, giving you the ultimate carving experience.
Finally the board comes with high-quality components. Featuring Orangatang wheels and Paris trucks. You can also choose between two flex’s, heavier riders (170lbs+) should go for the flex 1.

User Reviews:

Check it out here on Amazon.com.

Powell Peralta

More known for their skateboard and wheel line up, Powell Peralta are as old as Madrid. Like Mardid they started out back in the 70s, and have withstood the rise and fall of skateboarding over the years.

Owned by Skate One, Powell is one of the few brands using proprietary formulas in their wheels and producing everything in their California warehouse.

Their boards are highly sought after – Powell Flight decks are super popular, and their downhill boards have become ultra rare and collectible.

When it comes to longboards, Powell mostly focuses on downhill decks. However, there are rumors of a freestyle deck coming from them soon. Apart from downhill decks, they make some great wheels. The Powell Snakes are one of the best wheels you can buy for sliding and freeriding.
Their products are a bit on the expensive side of things, but are top tier. They will last you a long while and as such, are worth every penny.

Most popular board from Powell

The Powell Flight deck is a highly sought after deck. It’s made differently from the basic 7ply deck. It’s made with composite materials which leave it lighter, thinner and more durable.
They’ve been designed so that they still feel the same as a normal deck (except for the lightness). The pop and feel is fairly normal – which is key as a lot of composite decks feel off.
It is quite expensive, and you have to cough up about $90 to get one. That is quite pricey for a street deck. But given how durable and light it is, it seems worth it to me. It’s also worth buying one if you’re curious about trying one out.

Check it out here on Amazon.com.

Rayne Longboards

Rayne longboards started out as a Vancouver based company, pushing the envelope on what what shapes were possible to put on a longboard. They were famous for their crazy lightweight boards, that had crazy concave shapes.
These days, Rayne has taken a different approach to their boards. Their boards still have that amazing construction, but come at a more affordable price.
They also aren’t pushing their designs as much – understandably as there isn’t much money in the market for most brands to risk money with new designs.
Rayne makes a lot of different longboards. They make some for downhill, some cruising and others for freestyle and dance. They’ve certainly got a variety and they are a brand worth checking out if you’re in the market for a board.
They also have their own wheel line up, and own the longboard truck brand Atlas.

Bustin Boards

Bustin boards are a New York based skate brand known for their “skate everything” ethos. If you longboard or skate in New York city, you likely ride a Bustin board.
Bustin started out in the early 2000s (like a lot of the other brands on this list). They started out in a small New York city garage and have grown from strength to strength ever since. As longboarding grew in New York, so did Bustin.
Bustin make a lot of different longboards. In their line up, you can find cruisers, downhill decks, dance decks and even boards built for long distance pushing.
They’ve also recently ventured into Eskating and have some high-quality eskates based on their longboards. If I were to pick up an electric longboard, it’s likely going to be a Bustin board.
Bustin boards aren’t all that expensive. In fact for the price you pay, you are getting an excellent deal.

Madrid Skateboards

Madrid is one of the older longboard/skate brands. They’ve been around since the 70s, and whilst other brands fell along the way, they have withstood the test of time.
Whilst you might not know Madrid, you will recognize some of their iconic boards. The Hoverboard Marty Mcfly skated in Back to the future was designed and made by Madrid, and the skateboards featured in Strange Things were designed and made by them too.
Madrid makes a ton of different boards and supports the manufacturing for a lot of brands out there. In their line up, they have cruisers, dancers, street decks, downhill decks, pintails etc., you name it, they got it.
They’re one of the few US brands still shaping and making boards in the US. All the boards they’ve made have come out of their Huntington Beach factory (a lot of other brands outsource the manufacturing to China).
Their longboards are also of fairly decent quality and are reasonably priced too. One of the most affordable, quality options on the market.

Comet Skateboards

Comet Skateboards has been around since 1997. Starting out in a boat house, these guys become a core part of the Ithaca longboard scene as it grew. Some of their older boards are quite collectible now.
Comet, like Arbor, focuses on creating longboards through sustainable and responsibly sourced means. They use bio-composites and eco-friendly glues, trying to minimize their environmental footprint.
Comet is one of the few brands still making everything in the USA. They are currently a one man show, but are slowly getting into the groove of things. They’ve downsized their line up to two excellent boards, but are planning on bringing back the full production line up in 2021. Still producing affordable, high-quality boards.
Their current completes are out of this world – if you could compare longboards to cars, these would be the Rolls Royce. Whilst they are pricey, the completes come with everything custom made for the best riding experience possible.

Moonshine Longboards

One of the more recent brands, Moonshine has only been around since 2014.
Whilst not as established as the other brands, they have a solid foothold on the market, with team riders like Brandon DesJarlais representing them all over the world (and in cinema too) – their boards were in the “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” movie.
Moonshine boards are unique. They are all vertically laminated as opposed to the traditional horizontal lamination used on normal boards. They also come with urethane rails all around, to ensure that the board is water proof and that it can hold up against hits to the curb.
A vertically laminated board is gonna be lighter and stronger than a horizantally laminated board.
However, this complex process and use of composites (bamboo and fiberglass) does make their boards quite expensive.
In their line up they have every thing from cruisers to downhill decks to longboard dancers. And whilst they are expensive, rest assured you are getting quality when buying a moonshine longboard.

What do you think? Which brand would you choose?

All the brands on this list are high-quality, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. No matter who you go with, you will get a great longboard.
The only issue is price.
If you’re on a budget, either Madrid, Rayne or Landyachtz are gonna be good options for fairly priced boards.

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