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Best Longboard Clothing – Classic Styles that Function Well

Today I’m talking about the best clothing for longboarding. It’s one of those things that seems obvious – and is!
But sometimes isn’t really … there are often subtle differences that make different clothing suited to different types of longboarding and some differences that make them not suited to longboarding altogether.
You have to be careful which you choose to wear … Check it out below to learn more.

Best Clothing for Longboarding

Clothing to generally avoid

You’re going to want to avoid anything that can chafe or rough up your skin. You’re going to be moving quite a bit no matter the skating you do, so anything that rubs up uncomfortably on your body should be avoided.

You also want to avoid anything that constricts your movement – it’s gonna make you feel awkward and get in your way when you’re skating. For eg., a big thick jacket or stiff jeans aren’t going to make skating feel very nice.

What should you wear for cruising?

Let’s start with cruising. You can generally wear anything for cruising, but some clothes are a no go zone – like I said above, nothing that can cause chafing.

Are there any specific clothes for cruising?

Anything comfortable, flexible, and breathable will be good.

You’re gonna want something that fits those requirements as it’s gonna be easy to build a sweat/get hot just pushing and riding around, and anything that keeps heat in might make riding uncomfortable.

Shorts, pants, T-shirts, and most other clothes options are gonna be safe choices. If you choose to wear jeans, make sure they are flexible at the very least.

Do shoes matter for cruising?

You don’t need specific shoes for cruising, literally any can do. Of course, shoes like high heels, dress shoes, and cleats aren’t going to be suited to it. But yeah, most shoes with a flat sole and a non-slip bottom will be ok for it.

Best longboard clothing for downhill

Next, we have downhill. It’s important to get the right clothing here as it’s likely going to protect you when you fall – you don’t want to rely on a flimsy piece of clothing to protect you from road rash when you fall at 30+ mph.

What type of pants are going to be best for downhill?

You’re going to want something flexible but strong enough to withstand abrasing (friction with the ground when you fall).

Flexibility is also important because some pants/clothes can get in the way of your skating and limit your performance – some make it harder to tuck and comfortably get into the sliding position, especially where you have to squat and mobilize your hips.

Khaki pants, flexible jeans, and kevlar lined pants are often the go-to – some skaters also sew in leather patches to the bum area for extra protection and abrasion resistance.

Finally, in the past there were some clothing brands that have catered specifically to downhill, making pants that could stand up to the wear and tear – namely Push Culture. They made great pants for downhill, but you’ll be quite lucky if you can find any as the brand went under a few years ago.

Is it ok to wear shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts?

You can wear shorts for downhill, but just make sure you have knee pads on in case you fall. When you wear pants, they can offer protection briefly before you go on your slide pucks, taking a bit of the impact and abrasion.

Shorts don’t and your knees/skin take the brunt of the fall – it can lead to some ugly injuries.
You can wear short-sleeved t-shirts and be fine as slide pucks help your arms not get injured – you can catch yourself before you fall on your elbows.

But sometimes you get little knicks on your elbows from hard impacts where you’re not ready to catch yourself. But this is rare. That said, the wise thing to do would be to wear elbow-pads if you don’t have long sleeves on.

Do shoes matter?

Shoes are incredibly important for downhill and not any will do. You’re going to want to buy skate specific shoes, that come with flat, non-slip soles.

Now it’s gonna be a matter of preference which you get, but most shoe brands dedicated to skateboarding are a safe bet. For eg. Nike SB, Adidas, Vans, etc.
An example of a good shoe is the Adidas Seelys.
These have a vulcanized sole that is gonna offer good board feel and grip.

adidas Originals Men's Seeley adidas Originals Men's Seeley

Adidas Originals male sneaker . Rubber sole and Lace closure

  • Skate-style sneakers
  • Lace closure

Best longboard clothing for dancing and freestyle?

What clothes should you get?

Whilst not as intense as downhill skateboarding, you’re also going to be moving around a lot.
Something flexible and that doesn’t get in your way will best. You’re also gonna get hot and sweaty, so nothing too tight or unbreathable.
But with dancing, anything can go. You can wear your favorite pair of pants, a light t-shirt, a skirt, a large flowy dress, etc. The one area of concern might be shoes.

Best shoes for longboard dancing?

Like downhill, you’re gonna want something with a flat, non-slip sole. A flat shoe will give you the best input and control over your board, which is what you need to pull off those flowing dance steps and freestyle moves. Again, skate shoes are gonna work best.

Other clothing accessories you should think about getting

A fanny pack/bum bag

A fanny pack is so underrated for skating. It doesn’t get in your way at all and you can carry valuable things in it.
I use mine for downhill skating and when cruising around too.

I put my wallet, phone, skate tool, and even a bottle of water in it sometimes. It’s nice because it stays out of the way for the most part and doesn’t get damaged when I fall, keeping my valuables safe.

Normally, big bags make my back all hot and sweaty, but fanny packs don’t take up enough room to do so. They’re your best bet if you want to carry more stuff in a comfortable way when you skate.
Adidas makes some affordable and trendy looking fanny packs.

Check out this one here on Amazon.com. 

Adidas Fanny Pack Adidas Fanny Pack
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Key fob in front pocket.


Sunglasses are good for your eyes and will keep them relaxed.
When you skate, you’re often staring at the ground and harmful UV rays bounce off of it into your eyes.
I always feel a little more comfortable when I’m skating with my sunnies and not straining my eyes.

A Hat

A hat might be a nice idea if you’re skating somewhere with little to no shade. Pair it with the sunnies and you’ve got an unbeatable combo.

What do you think? Are you considering wearing something different?

I think the impact of clothing on your riding experience is underrated. Not a lot of people consider how much of a difference comfortable clothing can make.
Whilst it won’t make a big difference if you’re skating now and again, it will be considerable for those who skate quite often.

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