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DC Men’s Anvil TX SE

Sole: Rubber
Shoe: 100% Textile
– Clean and Simple Design
– Pill Pattern Tread
– lightweight and breathable yet secure
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DC Tonik

Sole: Rubber
Shoe: Suede and rugged textile
– Triple-stitched seams
– Seamless toe
– Reinforced front bumper
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DVS Men’s Comanche Skate Shoe

Sole: Rubber
Shoe: Leather and Synthethic
– Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
– Bulky skate design
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Vans Mens LXVI Graph

Sole: Rubber
Shoe: Faux Leather
– Synthetic nubuck and mesh upper
– Molded rubber foxing and sole
– Super lightweight and breathable shoes.
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Adidas Originals Top Ten Hi Sneaker

Sole: Synthetic
Shoe: Leather and suede
– Leather upper with padded collar and suede toe bumper
– Lace Closure
– Herringbone pattern rubber cupsole
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Osiris Clone

Sole: Synthetic
Shoe: Leather and suede
– Leather upper with padded collar and suede toe bumper
– Lace Closure
– Herringbone pattern rubber cupsole
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DC Court Graffik

Sole: Synthetic
Shoe: Leather
– Lightweight mesh tongue
– Foam padded collar and tongue
– Cup sole construction
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Having a strong opinion about longboarding shoes is a god-given right for a longboarder. But how do you know which longboarding shoes are good and which are trash?

There are several ways to decide which longboard shoes are good and which should be thrown in the nearest rubbish.


Nowadays, sneakers have become popular in the street and sports style of dress and are worn by people who do not do longboard or skateboard.

These shoes are designed to withstand heavy loads and are extremely strong due to the special materials from which they are made. In addition, they are also a major protective accessory for longboarders and skateboarders alike.


There are ways to find out what a pair of GOOD longboard shoes look like.


Here are some things to look for in longboard shoes to find out if they are worth your money:



A lot goes into looking for a good Longboard shoe, so now that you know the basics, we have chosen a few models that you may like:


Best Longboarding Shoes:

1) Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe

The Protocol is generally speaking a skate shoe; however, these shoes are terrific for commuting and freestylers as they are light, fashionable, and pretty durable. What separates the Protocol from other longboarding shoes is the fact that they sport a reinforced rubber sole.

Protocol skate shoes are made of the synthetic sole and rock a low-top design; even though it offers minimal ankle support, they’re completely unrestrictive in terms of free leg movement. On top of that, they’re dirt-cheap and are available in a plethora of color styles and variations.

2) DC Tonik

In the middle between Adidas Skate and Converse Star Player in terms of bulk and protection, The DC Tonik is perfect for technical longboarders. That said, it has a ready-to-wrap cap that helps reduce heel clogging, and the outer one is made of several layers of DC Supersuede, so it takes a long time to wear out the shoe. The only real problem here is its rather bleak design – this is a shoe for those who are more concerned with function than shape, although in my opinion a lot of people will like its dark color scheme.


3) DVS Men’s Comanche Skate Shoe

DVS’s Comanche skate shoes are quite bulky, but they’re as versatile as can be. Just like their name implies, these are ‘skate’ shoes that are perfect for both skate and longboarding.

These shoes are made of a combination of synthetic and rigid leather materials; this combination provides a perfect balance of durability and flexibility, which evens out the drawbacks of being slightly heavier than average.

Comanche shoes come supplied with a textured rubber sole that is thicker and sturdier than average. Just like our previous pick, the Comanche Shoes feature a hi-top design and offer increased ankle support. Keep in mind that they’re pretty big, though, so you might need some time to get accustomed to how they feel.


4) Vans LXVI Graphics

The Vans LXVI really stands out for its futuristic and clean design.

But, once you get into it, you quickly realize that it has all the features (and then some) that make the brand one of the top manufacturers of skate and longboard shoes.

The responsive waffle sole allows for an even better feel on board thanks to the cross-twisting bend, this is a super-light, non-lifting Rapidweld construction, which means the outer one doesn’t break, after a bit of repulsion and additional softening and the raised heel offers protection.


5) Adidas Originals Men’s Top Ten Hi Sneaker

Next up is another pair of Adidas shoes called the Originals Men’s Top Ten hi-top sneakers. This is another fine example of the style, elegance, and functionality, as these shoes both look and perform the part.

What’s different about these shoes is that they feature a slightly larger shaft while still being within the borders of average hi-top models. This means that they offer superior stability and unparalleled ankle support, but they also restrict the movements of the wearer somewhat in turn.

The Originals Top Ten shoes are made of ultra-robust synthetic materials and feature a synthetic sole. They also sport various tiny vent holes for better airflow and air circulation.

6) Osiris Men’s Clone Skate Shoe

Next on our list of the best shoes for longboarding is Osiris’s Men’s Clone Skate Shoe. Most riders already know that not all skate shoes are so comfortable for longboarding, but the Clone actually is; these shoes are remarkably light, they’re exceptionally resilient, and they look pretty rad, for all it’s worth.

The Clone Shoes are made of a combination of leather and synthetic materials; they sport a super-light and padded tongue, as well as a reinforced collar with the Clone graffiti on it. Speaking of style and fashion, you might want to know that these shoes come in over 10 color styles, including green, gray, black, brown, pink, and more.

What makes these shoes so great for longboarding is the fact that they’re easy and very comfortable to wear for extended periods; all the while they’re also built like a tank, only they don’t weigh as much.


7) DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC is the go-to brand for skaters and longboard riders, mainly because their shoes offer a great balance of sturdiness, stability, and comfort. The Court Graffik Skate Shoes are an excellent representative of their quality.

These shoes are made of leather and feature a high-quality rubber sole. They also sport vent holes that provide increased breathability and sport a foam-padded collar that offers extra support.




8) Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker

While skaters tend to avoid Converse sneakers, longboard riders have millions of reasons why they love them. The Chuck Taylor All Star is a pair of high-top sneakers in which you’ll feel as relaxed and natural as you were barefooted.

They’re incredibly light, nearly weightless some would say, but they’re incredibly robust, at least for Converse sneakers. All-Star shoes are made of high-quality canvas, and even though they’re not resistant to ripping and tearing, they’re pretty much impervious to scratching.

On top of looking classy, these shoes feature a thick reinforced sole that will come in quite handy during ‘manual’ braking. Traditionally as all Converse sport vent holes on the sides, the All-Star Chuck Taylor model features them as well.

One of the best things about these shoes is that you can find them in pretty much every color you can imagine. Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Charcoal, White, Navy, Tangelo, Pink, you name it and they have it. Furthermore, there are tons of multi-colored and even multi-styled models for you to choose from.

The only thing that most longboard riders don’t particularly like about these shoes is that they don’t offer nearly as much ankle support and stability as other hi-top shoe types. The canvas basically covers the skin but that’s pretty much it. On a brighter side, at least you’ll be safe from scratches and bruises should you stumble or fall.



9) DC Men’s Anvil TX SE Skate Shoe

Our last pick is DC’s Men’s Anvil TX SE Skate Shoe. This is a classy-looking pair of shoes that features textile construction, a rugged rubber sole, and a low-top design.

These shoes sport numerous vent holes that grant excellent breathability and ventilation while the mesh lining and textile upper provide a dramatic boost to the already-superb durability. Anvil also looks great and is available in sixteen different color styles.


Buying Guide


Sewing – Inspect the shoe and make sure they are actually sewn together. Not just glued. And they should be largely double-stitched or even tripled together. Quality Longboard shoes should be sewn together tightly.


Material – Good Longboard shoes are usually made of leather or suede, or something synthetic that is just as strong. But be careful – Fallen is the only brand that makes good strong synthetic leather.


Weight –  All this reinforcement is great, but if the shoes are as heavy as concrete blocks, you won’t pull a lot of tricks with them.


Grip – The sole must be made of rubber (caoutchouc rubber). Not just ordinary rubber for outdoor shoes. The biggest brands of longboard shoes will be good enough, but not all shoes made by companies are made the same.


Style – This is the least important feature when it comes to longboarding, but most longboarders put it at the top of their lists It doesn’t matter if you think about the style – you have to like your shoes! But she should be down the list, sitting in the back seat of some other concerns!


Padding – It’s a matter of taste. Some Longboarders like padded tongues, as well as a good cushy sole pad. But it doesn’t matter as much as you think it matters. Padding is all about comfort.


Lace Protection – This is a small thing that many longboarders miss when looking at shoes. Are the lace holes reinforced with metal? If not, you can easily tear them. Does the shoe come with caps for the lower holes of the lace, which will protect your ties when you do tricks? If not, you will probably burn your beauties too soon.


Breathability- Active people know that you can cool off virtually every part of the body except your feet unless you take off your shoes or if you’re wearing sandals or slippers.

Unfortunately, neither of the two are viable options for longboard riders, which means that you’ll need a pair of breathable, ventilated shoes if you don’t want to drench your feet and socks in sweat.

Features that improve the breathability factor of a shoe are vent holes or the construction material itself. For instance, certain shoes are made of mesh, textile or canvas, all of which are very breathable on their own.


Comfort- Even though it’s pretty self-explanatory, you’ll want to sport a pair of comfortable shoes, regardless of whether you intend to use them for riding a longboard or for walking.
Certain models trade comfortability for sturdiness or aesthetics, and you don’t want to sacrifice either of the two.

The ideal and easiest way to determine whether a certain model is comfortable or not is by trying it out. However, that’s not always possible, especially if you’re ordering online,
so your best bet is to either check what verified customers had to say or by the choice of material.

For example, shoes made of canvas (such as Converse models) are not comfortable for everyone while most people seem to feel pretty fine in a pair of leather-made shoes.


Support- Your legs need the extra support when you’re riding a longboard, mainly since you will be putting extra stress on your legs and feet. If you have weak knees or ankles, we recommend using hi-top shoes and sneakers rather than low-top ones.


So after reading this, and looking at our recommendations, which shoe did you like?

Let us know in the comment section below 🙂



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