Alpenrauschen 2018 is over but the stoke remains

If you’re keen to check out the first two days of the event, check out our report from Alpenrauschen 2018 – part 1 or continue reading what went down in Tauplitzalm during the last two days of the event.

Day 3 – Full send mode

On the third day of BigMountainSkate’s Alpenrauschen the weather gods were on our side and with only a short rain shower, everybody here had the pleasure to enjoy this alpine track in its full glory.

The runs were flowing without any interruptions, and by the end of the day some skaters even complaining about leg cramps while we were lurking on the corners. The highlight of the day was seeing ROCKET Longboards team rider Dominic Schenk pulling off a standup toeside at 90 km/h, documented on his speedometer.

As we were walking up the track every marshall that we met was extremely stoked and happy to hear the majestic nature break silence with the sound of high speed that literally gives you goosebumps.

In the evening it was time for the 2nd rider’s meeting of the event, where Alex Kloebler started the gathering by thanking everyone attending. His kind words were followed by a projection of raw runs.

Based on the stories from skaters who were here last year, we were expecting a wild party for Alpenrauschen’s Hawaiian Friday but little did we know, the party would follow the night later. The beer started flowing and thanks to a portable speaker, the terrace became the dance floor.

Day 4 – A finish with a bang

As we all know, the last day of the event is the most relaxed. In the morning the sun peeked from behind the clouds for a few moments, but the weather changed to rainy soon after.

Some skaters sent it in the rain, but the majority of people chilled underneath the tents, crossing their fingers for a dry run or two to skate those sweet lines they were taking the day before.

Sometime around afternoon people started saying goodbyes and coordinating what other events they’re gonna see each other at.

Those who stayed were in for a treat because to our surprise the weather cleared up and it was time to shred the Alpenrauschen track as hard as possible. The event was left with enough skaters for one shuttle bus, meaning the runs were fast and numerous.

It was wonderful because we had the best of both worlds. Everybody is enjoying themselves and shredding hard despite the weather, so it was an awesome event.  ~Robbert van Haaften

The freeride ended when the last words spoken on the walkie-talkies were ‘’Thank you’’ and ‘’Now let’s get drunk!’’.

Coming June 13th: Dominic Schenk x Ian Freire Raw Run

Alpenrauschen 2018 is organized by BigMountainSkate and presented by ROCKET Longboards, with additional support by Sk8bites and TSG.

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