Brainfukker x Root Longboards Swabian Skate Madness

After a good amount of stoke in our bodies from the Venom cabin event (at which I sneakily sneaked in) we were so pumped on skating, that Schneider, Andy, Stalliano and I went straight to bed, slept a little, got up early to hit the roads again.

We took Max’s old “Bella” (a yellow Peugeot Partner), which perfectly transported us from Stuttgart to the Swiss Alps and back, to get to the spot. Upon arrival to the top of the hill we played “Rock, paper, scissors” to figure out who of us will be the first one to shuttle the run. Andy lost, so he sat on the captain’s seat, started the car, the engine roared, but nothing happened.

Andy: “Max the car is not accelerating!”
Max: “Ah…Andy, come on just be gentle with Bellaaa! I will try.”

But Max’s special “Bella” skills didn’t help. It was obvious pretty fast, the gas pedal string was ripped off…

FUCK FUCK was my first thought. I have to get back to Munich tonight, because I have serious stuff to deal with, damn u guys why?! We haven’t even skated a run, damn you old cars!

So what did we do? You guessed it, skated a run. It was fun like hell, but we still had a broken car. At least we called the breakdown service on the way up and after 2.5h they arrived.

Meanwhile, you guessed it again, we skated some more, so it wasn’t the biggest pain in the ass.
But on this day Murphy’s law was on fire, the guy could’t fix our car and he had to pull it away to the next service station.

The problem was that he didn’t have enough space in his car for all of us. The bottom line was that I had to miss my ride to Munich for sure, because we had to push for ages to get to the next village and get on the train back to Stuttgart.

My day was ruined, but I thought that if I’m stuck in Stuttgart, why not go skating the next day, because my plans were turned upside down anyway.

But what kind of car do we take? Nobody has got one. “Bella” was down and skating without a car was not an option. Suddenly a brainwave hammered through our brain: “Dudes! Let’s rent one! A fast one, one for filming, one to get rad.” That’s how the idea was born.

Pumped for skating again, we put some fresh new Brainfukker Grip on, put on our fresh Sunday clothes and went out the next day into the deep Swabian Hills to make this thing happen.

This video would never have happened if Stalliano’s car wouldn’t had broken down.

PS: “Bella” is working fine again now.


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