Longboarding news – 15th November weekly roundup

Continuing our new segment, below are all the exciting things that have happened in the world of longboarding this past week. Check it out.

What’s new in Longboarding?

Latest videos:

Landyachtz live – cleaning bearings/Dexter Manning interview

Landyachtz brings us another great video, it seems we’re going to be getting a live video weekly from them. This week, we get an interview with DangerBay 2020 winner Dexter Manning. He talks about what he did leading up to the race and drops some interesting information about his equipment.

Alex Hannigan also walks us through how to clean bearings and we get info on the new Landyachtz boards through Ed Avina.

North Carolina Downhill Skateboarding – NCDH

North Carolina is the mecca of downhill skateboarding. With runs and long downhill roads around every corner, it’s no surprise they have the most active downhill skateboarding community in the USA.

NCDH is the local downhill skate crew. Check out their latest edit, featuring locals thrashing the roads over there.

La Ficelle Skateboard Club

Tired ofthe traditional mountain downhill skateboarding runs? Check out this edit of these boys ripping it in a Swiss town. This is a refreshing take on downhill skateboarding and it is very fun to watch.

 Get That Podcast

Get That is a downhill skateboarding clothing brand based in Australia. They have a weekly podcast where they talk about all things downhill skateboarding. 

This week, they take on questions from the community, with a feature from the 2019 downhill skating world champion.

Powell-Peralta Dragonskins review

Downhill254 just dropped a review of the Dragonskin wheels. If you’ve been a part of downhill skating for a while, you surely know how hyped up these wheels are. This review is both exciting and does a good job of demystifying these wheels.

Race at the Knobb!

Park Vidmar just dropped an edit from his local outlaw race. Outlaws are unofficial/unsanctioned events that downhill skaters put on, just as a way to get those race juices flowing. Parker does an outstanding job of capturing the vibes in this edit. Check it out.

Gear news:

Valkyrie trucks tease Halloween themed gear and adjustable baseplates

Valkyrie trucks dropped some limited edition colorways of their Voxter trucks. Pick them up now if you wish to stand out of the crowd.

They’ve also teased that they will be releasing adjustable baseplates for their trucks soon! Exciting stuff.

Loaded Boards monthly give away

Loaded boards does a monthly give away on their Instagram. They do it at the beginning of every month. Be sure to follow them if you’d like to take part. you can win some goodies if you’re lucky.

New Moonshine boards in 2021?

On an Instagram live video, Moonshine team manager Brandon Desjarlais teased that new Moonshine boards will be available in January of next year. Did he mean new, new Moonshine boards? Or just a renewal of stock? It’s not clear, but either way, it’s exciting news.

Aera trucks tease a mini k3!

In an Instagram post, Aera teased the release of a 160mm version of their K3 trucks with an updated bushing seat. They’re doing this to celebrate 10 years since the K3 was first produced. This is great news. The Aera K3s are highly sought after trucks, and some of the best made for freeride. With the new narrower versions, they’re going to be more suited for the narrower modern boards.

Brand news:

Longboard girls crew changes directors

LGC changes directors. Isabella Motta will be taking over Valeria Kechichian as the director of longboard girls crew. Valeria has been in charge of the brand since it’s inception and has built up LGC to be what it is today. Interesting to see what the change of hands brings to the brand.

Longboarding news – 13th November weekly roundup

This is a new segment! I’m going to be bringing to you the hottest, exciting, and most interesting longboarding news. Check it out to stay updated.

What’s new in Longboarding?

Video news

Brandon Desjarlais – welcome to the team

Brandon Desjarlais doesn’t disappoint, he is always creating content. Though most of you may know he’s on-going dance and freestyle trick-tip videos, he just recently featured in one of the latest Paris trucks video. Check it out.


Paris welcome to the team video:



Brandon Desjarlais trick-tip video:


Nate Blackburn –  Anti-reviews

We’re all familiar with product reviews. Admittedly, they can be kinda boring to watch and often not that good – some people simply regurgitate the product specifications. So Nate is doing some “anti-review” videos, which are quite entertaining. Check it out his “anti-review” of the Powell Peralta Snakes below.



Caliber trucks – recon

Caliber trucks just dropped a new video. They’ve been up in the Californian mountains all summer and this is a summary of what they’ve been up to. I love the vibes in this video. Worth the watch.


Josh Neuman – ASCENT

We finally have a new Josh Neuman video. He just dropped the first video of a series. It features some longboarding and other cool lifestyle stuff. It’s inspirational. Check it out in the link below.


Competition/Race news

Danger Bay

With all this Covid nonsense, racers have been all but impossible to pull off. Most races these days are small outlaws attending by locals. However, Coast Longboarding was able to put together the annual Danger Bay race. It was an exciting event to watch live. You can catch the recap below. Congrats to Dexter Manning for the win.


Broadway bomb – Titus Lazare wins

The broadway bomb went down this year in NYC. Surprisingly, Keifer Dixons 9 year streak of winning got beaten. Titus Lazare beat him to the finish and has made it into the Broadway bomb hall of fame. Congratulations.


Board news

Landyachtz – new Dinghy designs

Landyachtz just teamed up with a new artist to make some fresh designs for the Dinghy. I honestly think they look pretty cool hehe and it’s more difficult than ever to choose between them now. Read about it and check out the boards here on the Landyachtz website.


Pantheon – Jeff tinkering and teasing new board designs

Pantheon has been teasing all sorts of new boards and showing off CAD designs on their Instagram. If you’re a fan of Pantheon boards, pay attention, and contribute as Jeff (the owner) is asking for a lot of community feedback on shapes, design, and flex. You just might get exactly what you want on a Pantheon board.


Comet Orbiter – riders finally getting their boards

Everyone who pre-ordered the Orbiter earlier this year is finally getting their hands on the boards. The complete caused some controversy when it got dropped earlier this year, really dividing the community, with a lot of people saying it was a dumb idea and other supporting. Well, all we wait is for rider feedback from those who got their hands on it.

Rider news

Cole Trotta joins Prism

In a shocking (and not so shocking move) Cole Trotta joined Prism Skate co. What’s shocking about this is just a few months prior he dropped a pro-model with Descent longboards and shortly after ended the sponsorship them. A bit of a bizarre move, but a sign of internal disagreements. Cole recently joined the Prism skate co team. All the best to him.

Velefique International Freeride 2019 Recap

This year we got to attend the Velefique International Freeride that took place from the 5th to 8th of September, 2019. The Freeride has been around for 9 editions already and is located just short of 60 km away from Almeria in the southeast of Spain.

It was our first time there so we didn’t know what to expect but we knew the event road is wide, dynamic and located in scenic desert-like surroundings. That eventually also made us want to go.

Velefique Freeride Location

The meeting point for the event was the municipality called Velefique. The ”town” is quite small and in 2017 it reportedly had only 247 inhabitants. Nonetheless, it had everything needed – a restaurant, a good-sized swimming pool, large parking and a campsite. If you planned ahead, there was also an option to rent a house/room in the town which quite a few people did.

The Event Track

The track itself is around 4 km long with a total altitude change of 265 meters and a bunch of 180-degree corners. Pavement wise, it is in good condition with some mid-run changes but without any major damage. On top, you could literally see the whole track with riders descending down and enjoy an amazing view of the surrounding hills.

Predominately visited by Spaniards, the riding style at Velefique is a healthy mix of longboard, trike, luge, inline and roller riders. Longboarders were outnumbered but there were a few international skaters from Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, UK, and Germany.

The Schedule

The day of skating at Velefique is split into three parts. A ”morning” session from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. is followed by a lunch break until 4 p.m. and continued by the ”evening” session until 8 p.m. Furthermore, the event had two large busses and numerous volunteers that made sure the runs went by fast and seamlessly.

During the break, one could take advantage of the free meal included in the rego or grab a variety of small snacks (”tapa”) from the menu list. The beer was also cheap with a caña costing only 1.5 Eur. The last day of the freeride was celebrated with a huge traditional Paella.

Overall Velefique Freeride was a great gathering of Spanish riders and a handful of international longboarders. The vibe was very relaxed and everything ran smoothly. For us the lunch break made it feel like we had 3 days in 1 so to describe it as ¡Muy bien! would be just.

ADHS is bringing back Johnys Hill freeride for 2k19

Johnys Hill freeride organized by Asociácia downhill skateboarding – ADHS will take place from the 6th to 8th of September, 2019 in Slovakia.

Back in 2014 the track hosted the first-ever Slovakian Championship but went silent for 4 years. During that time the scene wasn’t up to much until the current organizers successfully brought it back to life in 2018. Check out the last year’s video:

The organizers
The organizers of Johnys Hill are a crew of 3 skaters who, for the purpose of organizing longboarding events, founded a civil association ADHS (Association of Downhill Skateboarding) back in 2017. The crew consists of Dávid Watter, Roman Sándor and Michal Dzúrik.

The track
The track is situated in the district of Bánovce nad Bebravou in Slovakia. If offers a 3.1 km long course with an average grade of 7.5 % and an elevation of 230  meters while providing some nice mid-run views. At last year’s edition during a top speed contest the crew recorder Vašek Čvanara going as fast as 81 km/h.

The protection
The organizers ensure the track will be closed off for traffic and protected with additional safety measures such as course marshals, hay and safety nets. As per usual, the even will also have an ambulance present during the event.

Johnys Hill 2k19 – Photo by SLI photo

Evening program
After a successful party last year, Johnys Hill freeride will cater with three live performing bands each night followed by a DJ to continue late into the night. For those who are not into dancing, the crew also prepared a raffle and mini-contests where riders can win prizes courtesy of the event sponsors.

Johnys Hill 2k19 – Event flyer

The registration
With the rider’s limit set to 100, the 2-day freeride costs 45 euro for early registrations before August 1st. After that date, the registration is set to 50 euros. The crew will also provide 1-day tickets at a lower cost. With currently 87 riders, there is still a chance to join.

For more info about Johnys Hill 2k19 longboard freeride visit the official Facebook event page.

LGC Poland presents Seninka Practice Camp vol. 3

LGC Poland’s invites you to Seninka Practice Camp Vol. 3

The girls over at Longboard Girls Crew Poland are putting together their 3rd edition of Seninka Practice Camp – a female-driven longboard event this weekend.

This community-driven get together will last for three days total, from the 19th to the 21st of July, 2019. In the spirit of opening the scene for new riders, LGC Poland also invites riders of the opposite gender to practice their longboarding skills on a chill hill located on the Polish-Czech border in Nová Seninka.

LGC Poland presents Seninka Practice Camp vol. 3

As a common saying ”Practice makes perfect”, their program is split into three days. Friday the 19th is planned for freeriding, on Saturday the crew will offer longboarding workshops and a party, while the last day will be reserved for more skill-building and freeriding.

The crew has an open invitation to anyone who wants to join and the skill requirement for the Seninka Practice Camp is pretty basic. All you need to know is how to push, brake and carve – the girls will teach you the rest.

For more info about the Seninka Practice Camp Vol. 3 click here.

Harry Clarke wins single set survivors. Photo : KLD Media

Harry Clarke wins Single Set Survivors at KnK Longboard Camp 2018

Towards the end of Week #2 at KnK Longboard Camp a special race is held. The Single Set Survivors race has few rules apart from this; racers are not allowed to change their wheels creating a more level playing field. Typically, sponsored racers will always have an advantage in having multiple sets of new wheels to ride. Riders tried to choose the longest lasting wheels for the best chance in the race.

This year we had to change conditions: it rained just before the first run. With temperatures above 25 degrees, riders had to judge whether it would dry quickly or if it would rain once again. Nikolay Keller rolled the dice and changed to rain wheels along with a few others. In the first round, this proved hugely advantageous over many riders on near fresh wheels.

As the buses drove up the hill ready for us to go into the next stage of the race the sun blazed on the track resulting in a dry run. Riders like Harry Clarke and Max Heaton we’re rewarded for being on near fresh wheels with a huge advantage over the rain wheel riders. The riders on rain wheels found themselves knocked out as we moved to the semi-finals.

Once again, the buses drove back up the hill but this time the skies opened once again to dampen the track. The advantage would have been with the rain wheel riders if they would have been able to stay in the competition. The semi finals and finals were heats full of chaos. Harry Clarke describes it:

I pushed out first, footbreaked the whole way around the first corner. We were pushing out of corners and then wondering how we would slow down for the next one. Everyone crashed multiple times including a pile up on corner 8 which I managed to avoid, it was just hard to stay on. At the very end Victor and I were side by side balancing off each other in a slide screaming are you okay to each other as we moved towards the finish line. It was pretty damn crazy

As KnK Longboard Camp 2018 10th anniversary edition ends we would like to thank the brands that sponsor this event:

KebbeK Skateboards
ROCKET Longboards
Bam Bam Skate
Fibretec Skateboards
Original Skateboards
Alkemist Longboard
Remember Collective
Alternative longboards
Long Island
Madrid Skateboards
Orangatang Wheels
LUCA longboards

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 captured by © SINIŠA KANIŽAJ / Red Bull Content Pool

All relaxation at Week #2 of KnK Longboard Camp 2018

Almost 230 riders are riding the track daily without a hurry as they enjoy 18 hairpins basked in the summer heat. As the IDF Euro tour circuit finished racers have come to relax with us for 6 days of shredding.

The mix of riders coming for Week 2 is interesting, lots have come to learn to control their boards here. With how wide the road is and the level of protection where you can crash without fear, KnK Longboard Camp has the relaxed vibe to perfect your skills. For many riders here the Bear’s Guts track is the biggest hill they have ever skated and for some, this is a steep learning curve. However, after 3 days the progression is immense, riders that could hardly get down the hill are now fully in control of their boards.

Clear skies have brought about changed riding conditions for the riders. The heat means most wheels slide smoother and every corner requires a longer check. The lower levels of grip make for great fun on the track for downhillers and freeriders alike. Conditions are likely to stay the same until the end of KnK Longboard Camp 2018 so it looks like the Single Set Survivors race is likely to feature many slides.

A short drive from KnK is a section of the river Kolpa that is perhaps around 7 meters deep with a rickety old bridge over it. The Dutch riders like to gather at the river and dive deep into the water. A wide array of acrobatics is on display, from backflips to perfect dives. Unfortunately, I was not able to replicate their acrobatics despite multiple attempts. Rider Nikolay Keller spent 30 minutes meditating before finally doing a backflip. In his last moments before jumping, Patrick L. Lombardi encouraged him; “The brain is a poison, don’t think and just jump. You can skate a hill at 110kph in shorts and yet you can’t jump” After further meditation, he finally managed to backflip.

Sabrina Ambrosi, KebbeK Skateboards team rider has joined us after her intensive IDF Euro tour. Together with Joey, she has been overseeing riders as they try out KebbeK Skateboards 2018 line up. Of interest to all the riders was Emily Pross’s new pro model, with all 5 Pross demo boards grabbed by the riders. The Ben Dubreuil pro model as well as the Emma Daigle we’re also quick to be exhibited on the Bear’s Guts.

Even though we are moving towards the Single Set Survivors race the relaxed vibe is here to stay at KnK Longboard Camp week #2. Make sure to join us for the Single Set Survivors Vlog coming out on Sunday.

Patrick L. Lombardi wins Red Bull No Paws Down 2018 at KnK Longboard Camp

The KnK Longboard Camp 2018 presented by KebbeK Skateboards has always been a gathering place for freeriders, but an added element of racing was bound to make its mark at the event. The Red Bull No Paws Down challenge is a highlight at the end of week one where racers are competing to win 1000 Euros. The only catch is, they can’t touch the ground with their hand for the full 18 hairpin course.

After a week of practicing on the Bear’s Guts track riders were ready. Last years champion & ROCKET Longboards Dominic Schenk felt that he had already achieved his life goal in winning the Red Bull No Paws Down and was happy to MC the race from the corner 8 with Joey Bidner, Brand manager for KebbeK Skateboards. He was sure that the winner would either be Dave Süess or Patrick L Lombardi.

However, there were wild cards in the mix as well. Oscar Rodriguez from Spain was very nimble but always on the edge while Ian Freire, Alternative Longboards rider Jan Izquierdo and Brandon DesJarlais all had a shot at winning. With Ian Freire making an early exit in the quarters and Oscar Rodriguez losing out in the semi-finals we were down to only Dave Süess, Patrick Lombardi, Brandon Desjarlais and Jan Izquierdo.

Brandon Desjarlais takes us through the finals: I got off the line quickly and was around 20 metres ahead by the first corner. Patrick was reeling me in and passed me right before the second corner. Between corner 3 and 4 I really started to gain on Patrick, but I messed up in corner 4 and by this point knew Patrick would win, he kept a confident lead on me and had grippier wheels. Jan was always behind me pressuring me, I had to play defence to fight for second place. Dave tried to make a move on Jan in corner 5 but washed out and put his puck down. At the end of the day it’s whether you ride grippy wheels and risk losing control or freeride wheels and be consistent. I ended the final with Jan just a metre behind me and Patrick cleanly out front.

The party place at KnK Longboard Camp gradually ramps up throughout the week to an apex of the KebbeK  Wheel of Misfortune on Friday night. Joey Bidner and Maxwell Kaye were your terrible hosts, taping boards to riders and handing out beer bongs with exotic ingredients. A delighted crowd looked on as riders are rewarded for their valiant efforts. Brandon Fanthome ate a whole garlic covered in Tabasco sauce to win a board, describing it as one of the worst experiences of his life.

After such a hectic week of KnK Longboard Camp 2018  Week #1, the crew is taking a break before Week #2. Hay bales are being replaced and the bar is being re-stocked. Thank you to all the riders for joining us for KnK Longboard Camp Week #1 and if you are heading to Week #2 then get excited, it’s going to be awesome.

Photography: Duck Vader (Dasha)

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 is presented by KebbeK Skateboards and organised by Longboard Magazine with additional support from these fine companies:

Sickboardshop @ https://www.sickboards.nl
ROCKET Longboards @ https://rocketlongboards.ch
Bam Bam Skate @ https://www.bambamskate.com
Sk8bites @ https://www.sk8bites.it/en/
Fibretec Skateboards @ https://www.fibretec.ch
Original Skateboards @ https://originalskateboards.com
Alkemist Longboard @ https://alklongboard.com/en/
Remember Collective @ https://remembercollective.com
Alternative Longboards @ https://alternativelongboards.com
Olson&Hekmati @ https://olsonhekmati.de
Long Island @ https://longislandlongboards.com
Madrid Skateboards @ https://www.madridskateboards.com
Orangatang Wheels @ https://orangatangwheels.com
LUCA longboards @ https://www.lucalongboards.com

The 10th Anniversary Edition of KnK Longboard Camp is in full swing

Close to 200 riders have descended upon the forested hills on the border of Slovenia and Croatia for the 10th edition of KnK Longboard Camp presented by KebbeK Skateboards.

Maxwell Kaye is staying with us and did a run-through of the day on the Vlog, check it out.  Vlog #2 is in the works focusing on the upcoming Red Bull No Paws Down World Championships. Last years winner Dominic Schenk is retiring after winning the 2017 No Paws Down title, paving the way for another rider to be crowned World Champion.

Despite a damp early Monday morning, spirits remained ecstatic as the weather soon turned from cloud to sunshine. The second day started with morning pack runs with about 10 riders per run, only because the Bear’s Guts is wide enough for groups of riders to slide alongside one another safely.

The uplift shuttles are speedy and riders are getting in around 9 runs per day, exceeding the 8 runs daily minimum. With 18 corners and a 4 km track, that means lots of worn out legs and a great appetite for the watermelon at the end of the track.

Some skaters who are like family and come to KnK every year feel that it’s tradition to jump into the river Cabranka that marks the border of  Slovenia and Croatia to keep the blood flowing for the leg burner that is the Bear’s Guts. After a day of hard skating people immediately go to the campsite, grab their swimming trunks and jump off the rope swing.

Joey Bidner and Maxwell Kaye are the taking care of the evening entertainment with daily videos and fun games like the KebbeK Skateboards Go Tuck Yourself contest, where skaters in heats of 4 challenge their mind and body to stay on a balance board until two of them fail to advance into the next round.

The first few heats were around 2 minutes long, but as soon as the semi-finals and finals came, the competition ran high. The lactic acid was building up, leaving the riders with weak legs and sweat glazed foreheads.

Lilian Barou, Alternative Longboards team rider, won the  Go Tuck Yourself contest with a laser engraved special 10th edition KnK Longboard Camp graphic courtesy of KebbeK Skateboards. Andrea Moreni and Deen Mondt won the style and aero points showcasing the best tuck form on the stage.

As we move towards the second half of this week we look forward to bringing you coverage of the Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship and the KebbeK Skateboards Wheel of Misfortune. Stay Tuned!

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 presented by KebbeK Skateboards

Coming up next – The 10th Anniversary of KnK Longboard Camp

The 10th edition of KnK Longboard Camp is just around the corner and in less than one week’s time, the Bear’s Guts will once again awaken the stoked summer vibes by bringing together the international downhill skateboarding community in a small village based in the wildest part of Slovenia.

Close to the border of Slovenia and Croatia, the first week of KnK will take place from July 23rd to July 28th, while the second week will cater to everyone’s freeride needs from July 31st until August 5th, 2018.

The famed 18 hairpins of the Bear’s Guts track will provide the same consistent and smooth sliding pavement, with unchanged asphalt from top to bottom, as back in our early days of the event.

As an addition to the 6 days of full freeriding, you’ll also be able to join the Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship at the first week for a chance to win the grand prize of 1000 Euros or challenge yourself and your gear at the Single Set Surviors race on the second.

For this year’s winners of Red Bull No Paws Down, Fibertec Skateboards also prepared some special trophies as seen on the photo above.

One year ago the competition at the Red Bull No Paws Down 2017 was fierce with Dominic Schenk bringing home the cash prize, followed by Patrick Lombardi and Till Heiden, and this year we expect the race to be even at a higher level.

Win the party with KebbeK Skateboards

With continuous support by KebbeK Skateboards, everyone joining us this year can expect the same good vibes and plenty of skating like the years before, with some extra goodies for the 10th anniversary.

Last year Joey Bidner took care of unique daily challenges on and off the track followed by sick prizes for everyone up for the fun.

With a special KebbeK shuttle bus for their last year’s Hype Free Tour, this year they prepared a great watercolor graphic inspired by KebbeK’s 2018 board collection, that will shuttle the speed-hungry longboarders up and down the track for 8 straight hours a day.

On top of the track KebbeK once again prepared their Core a Set – Get a Set, which will challenge you to destroy a set of KebbeK wheels in order to get a fresh set for free – this provides an unlimited supply of urethane during the whole duration of the event.

During the event, you can buy the first set of their Takawan and Libre wheels for 30 Eur, while their smaller, 60 mm Tepakan wheels will hold a price of only 20 Eur.

Down at the campsite, KebbeK will also host the TV game show inspired and the most misfortunate wheel of them all; the KebbeK Wheel of Misfortune. With distinct fun challenges live on our stage, everyone will get a chance to participate to win new longboard goods or just enjoy the show.

Steeze it up in our new event T-Shirts

Those who will join us at the 2018 edition can expect a new KnK T-Shirt design hand sketched by a Slovenian graffiti artist Maksim Azarkevič, printed and delivered by Sickboardshop from the Netherlands. Here’s James Kelly rocking the 10th-anniversary KnK Longboard Camp T-Shirt straight from the press.

Everyone shredding the Bear’s Guts will get the T-Shirt for free at registration and after the event, we’ll try to make this design available also in other color models, as well as hoodies, so you all will get a chance to rock it on the streets of your hometown.

Pack your street skate

Those who enjoyed KnK with us last year, know that we upgraded the party place under the Red Bull tents with a chill-out lounge with sofas to provide a place to relax your legs after a long day of skating. The set-up remains the same with a few improvements and one big addition.

We’re talking about the highly expected, special delivery straight from the lake to land – the minicamp courtesy of Red Bull! Be sure to pack your street deck along with your downhill gear for evening skate session under the starry skies.

What else to expect

In between runs while enjoying your falafel or swarma, you’ll be able to stroll around the starting line and check out Bam Bam Skate products that will bring even more fire to your runs, try out test boards from ROCKET Longboards, have a laugh with Joey from KebbeK Skateboards or head over to the Sk8bites booth and grab a set or two of freshies, grip tape and other longboard gear you just can’t have enough of.

During the freeride everybody will have access to free drinking water and free watermelons mid-day to sweeten up your hot summer day.

And last but not least, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who had fun with us at Bear’s Guts so far and everyone who is joining us for the first time this year. We continuously strive for improvement and we’re stoked you’ll be celebrating the 10th KnK Longboard Camp with us!

Additional promotions

You can follow KnK Longboard Camp 2018 presented by KebbeK Skateboards via the official Facebook event page or via the Longboard Magazine Facebook page.

Shoutout to our 2018 partners!
KebbeK Skateboards
ROCKET Longboards
Bam Bam Skate
Fibretec Skateboards
LUCA Longboards
Original Skateboards
Remember Collective
Alkemist Longboards
Long Island Longboards
Madrid Skateboards
Orangatang Wheels
Alternative Longboards

Longboarding Days&Nights Longboard Camp in Portugal

Longboard & Surf Camp in Portugal with Achel Machin

Together with French pro rider Achel Machin, Longboarding Days&Nights created a dream program for longboarders of any level, known as their Longboard Camp 2.0 in Santa Cruz, Portugal.

From the 24th of June to July 1st, 2018 the organizers welcome you to join them in a lovely coastal town of Santa Cruz, Portugal for surf & yoga lessons, delicious BBQs and ocean-side walks…and of course, numerous hours of longboarding with new friends from across the world.

Last year in spring they organized their first camp with Aboubakry Sadikh Seck, Kate Voynova, and Timur Totoev.

This year their longboard dancing camp in Portugal welcomes Achel Machin as their full-time instructor, who will give lessons to everyone who wants to start or improve their freestyle and longboard dancing maneuvers.

Together they created a program that is fun but pretty intense, with a lot of skating, surfing, and functional training, with the aim to have fun, learn and connect, but also build a stronger and healthier self.

Here’s a peek into one of Longboarding Days & Nights night sessions with Achel:

Longboarding Days&Nights Portugal activities are suitable for people with different skill levels, which means participants of the camp will receive a personalized guiding according to their abilities and desires under the beautiful rays of the Portuguese sun.

For further information about the Longboard & Surf Camp 2.0 in Portugal, visit their official website or peek at their Facebook Page.

Ghost Town Freeride 2018

Ghost Town Freeride 2018 – Longboard, skate & Rock’n’Roll

Olginate (LC), Italy – The third edition of Ghost Town Freeride is just around the corner. For two days in June, from Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th, over 120 riders from all over the world will be coming together to shred the gnarly downhill skateboarding spot in Consonno, Olginate (LC) where 9 punk-rock bands will be rocking their favorite tunes during a weekend of non-stop longboarding and Rock’n’Roll.

Related: The Ghost Town Freeride 2017 recap by Sbanda Brianza

The Ghost Town Freeride is an event organized by Sbanda Brianza, a sports club based in Olginate (LC) in Italy that is supported by FISR (the Italian Federation of Roller Sports), Comune di Olginate, Provincia di Leccoand Regione Lombardia. The goal for this year’s event is to ride the wave generated by the success of the previous event editions, characterized by media and public growth.

An estimated public of 2 thousand people will gather in Consonno to admire the evolution of the riders enrolled for the freeride who will slide down the 1.3-km track, reaching the speeds of close to 85 kph.

Ghost Town is not just a freeride…The event promotes longboarding and skateboarding by combining sports activity with the cultural aspect that strongly characterizes these sports. This translates into a weekend mixed with downhill skateboarding, shredding the ramps and live music, with no less than 9 bands, good food, street art, boardsports, and action sports related exhibitors. On Saturday evening, the official after party will rock hard in order to scare away the ghosts from the abandoned town.

To enroll for the freeride, riders had to pay a 70 EUR fee which combines event registration and FISR membership. The registration form is now closed as the maximum number of 120 riders has been already reached. Detailed event information can be found at Sbanda Brianza’s website and on the event’s dedicated Facebook page. The spectators can join free-of-charge and the organization ensures that even they will have a lot to see.

About Sbanda Brianza

Sbanda Brianza started as a hobby project 6 years ago by a group of riders who shared the same passion for skateboarding and the need to create something that was missing. Since then, the project has become more serious and in 2015 it turned into an official sports association affiliated with FISR (Italian Federation of RollerSports). The association is now regarded as a reference club for longboarding in Northern Italy and has many followers, especially longboard fanatics and other people who are fans of extreme sports.

Sbanda Brianza is now very active on the Italian longboard scene through event organization and organizing the learning courses with a “sbanda” (“swerve”) state-of-mind with FISR/CONI certified instructors.

Thanks to the agreement with Comune di Olginate, since 2017 the association manages the first-ever authorized longboard spot in Italy, welcoming many riders every Saturday, thus giving to this sport a reference point where it is possible to practice downhill in safety and without traffic.

“Our lifestyle? Adrenalin, music, bruised knees, wasted boards and parties!”

Consonno DH Spot

Consonno is an ancient village hidden in the hills around Lecco in Italy, 50 km North of Milano. After being turned into a little Las Vegas in the ‘60s, it drastically fell from grace in the mid-‘70s and the town slowly became uninhabited.

Nowadays, Consonno is one of the most famous longboarding spots in Italy. The hairpins that connect the abandoned town with the rest of the world became the headquarters of Sbanda Brianza where you can bruise your knees on the sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In May 2017, the use of the track has been regulated by an official ordinance, making “Consonno DH Spot” the first-ever skateboard downhill spot authorized in Italy, where riders can practice longboarding in safety, in a paved street closed to ordinary traffic

Alpenrauschen 2018 presented by ROCKET Longboards

Alpenrauschen 2018 is over but the stoke remains

If you’re keen to check out the first two days of the event, check out our report from Alpenrauschen 2018 – part 1 or continue reading what went down in Tauplitzalm during the last two days of the event.

Day 3 – Full send mode

On the third day of BigMountainSkate’s Alpenrauschen the weather gods were on our side and with only a short rain shower, everybody here had the pleasure to enjoy this alpine track in its full glory.

The runs were flowing without any interruptions, and by the end of the day some skaters even complaining about leg cramps while we were lurking on the corners. The highlight of the day was seeing ROCKET Longboards team rider Dominic Schenk pulling off a standup toeside at 90 km/h, documented on his speedometer.

As we were walking up the track every marshall that we met was extremely stoked and happy to hear the majestic nature break silence with the sound of high speed that literally gives you goosebumps.

In the evening it was time for the 2nd rider’s meeting of the event, where Alex Kloebler started the gathering by thanking everyone attending. His kind words were followed by a projection of raw runs.

Based on the stories from skaters who were here last year, we were expecting a wild party for Alpenrauschen’s Hawaiian Friday but little did we know, the party would follow the night later. The beer started flowing and thanks to a portable speaker, the terrace became the dance floor.

Day 4 – A finish with a bang

As we all know, the last day of the event is the most relaxed. In the morning the sun peeked from behind the clouds for a few moments, but the weather changed to rainy soon after.

Some skaters sent it in the rain, but the majority of people chilled underneath the tents, crossing their fingers for a dry run or two to skate those sweet lines they were taking the day before.

Sometime around afternoon people started saying goodbyes and coordinating what other events they’re gonna see each other at.

Those who stayed were in for a treat because to our surprise the weather cleared up and it was time to shred the Alpenrauschen track as hard as possible. The event was left with enough skaters for one shuttle bus, meaning the runs were fast and numerous.

It was wonderful because we had the best of both worlds. Everybody is enjoying themselves and shredding hard despite the weather, so it was an awesome event.  ~Robbert van Haaften

The freeride ended when the last words spoken on the walkie-talkies were ‘’Thank you’’ and ‘’Now let’s get drunk!’’.

Coming June 13th: Dominic Schenk x Ian Freire Raw Run

Alpenrauschen 2018 is organized by BigMountainSkate and presented by ROCKET Longboards, with additional support by Sk8bites and TSG.

Alpenrauschen 2018 presented by ROCKET Longboards

Alpenrauschen 2018 presented by ROCKET Longboards is buzzing with skaters

The 4.8 km alpine road leading high up into the Styrian mountains, and opening up to some epic mountain scenery and high altitude lakes, officially became the 4-day playground for international adrenaline seekers; Alpenrauschen Freeride 2018 is on!

A day before the event the weather forecast looked promising and the BigMountainSkate crew took care of the last details before starting the registration when people slowly started arriving in the afternoon. They were welcomed by Felix Rupitsch of BMS with the help of his right-hand man Florian Wagner and quickly got situated in one of the two hotels here in Tauplitzalm.

The overall spirit was high, the logistics on point and the meet and greet soon moved to the Hollhaus where they were still serving beer and late night snacks for the hungry travelers.

During the night the clouds cleared up and despite the nightly rain, the temperatures rose as did the sun. Everybody here woke up to blue skies and a pool of mist deep inside the valley. For some the morning was slow but the pace soon picked up with the help of morning coffee and breakfast.

The Alpenrauschen Freeride 2018 started at 11 a.m. sharp with a welcome and some encouraging words from ”start master” Alex Kloebler. The first riders on the track were buttboarders and streetlugers, followed by downhill skateboarders in packs of five.

By the end of the third run, the clouds decided to make the day even more interesting with a quick shower that soaked the road from top to bottom.

After one full-length rain run, the organizers decided to shorten the track down to corner 8, still leaving participants the chance to enjoy the upper sweepers, tunnel and some fast turns. The riders split into two groups, some stayed on the track to take on the wet Alpenstrasse, while some took the day off.

Who was left skating was a streetluger and 20 something dedicated longboarders. The slides were extra long, their shoes a bit soaked, but all of them had a big smile on their face because the run looked like an extremely fun slip and slide competition.

Despite the high altitude, the road transformed from patchy to dry real quick and we could see people charging the track faster in search for the perfect line. In the distance, you could hear screams of stoke and laughter.

The freeride ended with the 7th run of the day, and despite the fussy weather, a group of people formed on the parking lot and warm themselves up the best way possible, blasting music from the car speakers and dancing without a care in the world.

The second day of Alpenrauschen 2018 was marked as the beginning of the notorious Hawaiian Friday and quite a few people dressed up for the occasion. On the starting line, we could see a great selection of longboard gear for sale courtesy of Sk8bites, as well as a ROCKET booth with a special -20 % offer.

If one would describe today’s freeride, the phrases ”full send”, ”money lines” and ”gnarly pack runs” would not be missing. Both skaters and the weather were on point and those who missed out on yesterday’s runs had an opportunity to make up for it. The ROCKET Longboards team knocked it up a notch as one of the fastest riders on the track, and they didn’t stop skating for the whole day.

For more glimpses of Alpenrauschen 2018 check out BigMountainSkate‘s and ROCKET Longboards social media pages or stay tuned for our next update this Sunday, the 10th of June.

Brandon DesJarlais – KnK Longboard Camp 2017 Video Recap

Brandon DesJarlais – KnK Longboard Camp 2017 Video Recap

Brandon DesJarlais (Moonshine MFG) will return to KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp this year and it will he his third time on the Bear’s Guts. We are stoked to have him around once again, simply because of his positive energy, rad skating, filming skills and his willingness to help.

Check out this quick interview with Brandon and read his blog here.

You will return to Europe this year and we’re stoked about having you at KnK again. What else will you be up to on the Euro tour?

Super stoked to be back at KnK – and for two weeks instead of one! I’ll be flying into Berlin to get situated and spend some quality time with my lovely girlfriend. After that, I’ll be hitting the Transylvania events for sure, maybe Camp Woodwings, and others yet to be determined. I’ll definitely be spending some time in Mallorca, Alicante, and Paris, but other than that I made myself quite available to take on whatever opportunities and experiences that present themselves.

You’re doing a great job with your social accounts (@desgnarlais) and you sure know how to take advantage of the events you skate at in order to produce media and get the exposure. You were featured on Red Bull videos and the last one got over 40 million views. Other riders and brands seem to be missing out on that. What’s your secret?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to hard work and perseverance. There’s a quote from Whitney M. Young that goes, “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” That being said, I work hard every day to prepare myself for the opportunities I want. Some examples include practicing certain tricks, refining my photographic abilities, acquiring my commercial drone license, and reading up on entrepreneurial articles. On top of that, I focus on strategically placing myself in situations of value.

Consistency is, above all, the one thing that so many people lack on. In today’s society people are impatient and give up too easy. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour. Jah feel?

How would you compare KnK Longboard Camp to other events you got to skate around the world?

KnK is really comfortable. The fact that it’s not at all a competition until the last day really gives you a chance to settle in and relax. At many other events you show up and start practicing the hill and then you race and then you’re gone. For me, the most alluring part is the diversity of friendly riders. Some great. Some learning. Some just stoked to hang out, watch the carnage, and drink way too much Slivovitz! The point is that you really get to know a wide variety of the longboard scene. I consider it a cultural event.

Some beginner longboarders find the Bear’s Guts intimidating. What would you say to them in order to encourage them to try it out?

It’s only really fast for the fastest riders. If you can comfortably ride at 40km/h and know how to shut down slide, you’ll be fine. If you air brake and cruise down you’ll probably be averaging 30km/h with big, open, flat corners and lots of protection. KnK is a perfect opportunity to hone in your skills on a safe course. Odds are once you leave the event you’ll probably be twice as good at skating and have twice as many friends from around the world.

Which part of the Bear’s Guts is your favourite and why?

Personally I really love the second half of the run. It’s much more dynamic and holds it’s pace better. I mean corner 8 is badass and all but it’s only frontside for me so it’s not that gnarly. Guess I’ll have to step it up and hit it switch this year!

Some people say that racing wheels are not performing well on the Bear’s Guts, others would disagree. What kind of wheels would you recommend?

In my experience, high rebound wheels such as Venom Mach 1, Seismic Hotspots, and Abec 11 Centrax tend to be a bit choppy. I’m not exactly sure why this is but my guess it that it’s because the surface of the Bear’s Guts is just too smooth for a stiff wheel like that to break apart and slide smoothly. Most wheels with a thane made for sliding work great. I’ll be riding a variety of Powell Peralta DH wheels – mostly Snakes. Kevin Reimer has really done a great job at developing what I think is the best all-around downhill skateboarding wheel. It’s soft, durable, and predictable.

Stinkbugs used to be something that we all tried to avoid doing but you seam to have made it cool again. How come you started doing that?

I’m always looking for something I can do to mix things up whether it be goofy photos, flashy socks, weird tricks, or whatever. The stinkbug in specific came from me learning different grab slides. I found that it was not only the most awkward looking, but also one of the most difficult. You could say it was love at first grab <3 And honestly, I smile so big every time I see someone do it. Makes me feel like a skinny little long-haired grom again.

In the beginning of last year you started vlogging and did it for a month straight. How come you stopped doing that? Are we going to see more of your vlogs?

SO MUCH TIME haha Basically I started telling everyone I was going to vlog the entire month of January 2017 and I woke up one day like “fuck, it’s January 1st. How do I do this?” In short, I spent the whole month coming up with lame ideas, and forcing myself to execute on a deadline. If I would’ve planned ahead, it would’ve been so much easier. I just felt like I was playing catch up the whole time. At this time I was couch surfing around California which on one hand made it interesting, but on the other it really complicated things. My goal was to force myself to refine my creative process, optimize my workflow, and be less picky about what I produce. In reality I just got burned out. All the blood, sweat, and tears aside, it was a great learning experience.

So will I be doing vlogs again? I’d like to! Definitely not daily, but I plan to produce more short fun videos throughout the year.

What is your favourite piece of filming gear…or one thing that you couldn’t do without and why?

My drone is by far my favorite piece of filming gear I own and will probably ever own. It’s crazy to think that even 10 years ago the shots I captured in 25min with my $1000 DJI Mavic Pro would’ve cost $20,000 and taken a whole crew. I just love how I can really play with the framing as if it were a video game or animation.

Thank you for making an awesome video and for having fun with us on the Bear’s Guts. Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to my awesome friends and family for always supporting me to pursue my passion – no matter how crazy it may seem. To my sponsors for believing in me as a person and for giving me the opportunity to skate as much as I do. Especially Moonshine MFG. Without them, the past few years wouldn’t have been possible. Much love guys!

If you’re interested to join the #KNK2018, you can still signup here.

Ryan Theobald, Landyachtz Longboards

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy video interviews with 40 brands

Just before the snow-heavy February started, we packed our filming gear and headed to Germany to spend four days at the biggest sports trade show in Europe, ISPO Munich 2018.

We spent most of the time in Longboard Embassy organised by 40inch Magazine and Ministry of Stoke where we recorded over 33 interviews that covered 40 brands.

Here’s the minute marks for the brands presented in the video:

ROCKET Longboards 1:58
KebbeK Skateboards 3:32
Buggy Rollin 6:07
King Lui Boards 8:01
DB Longboards 9:53
Alternative Longboards 11:39
Seismic Skate Systems 12:52
Legende Longboard 14:00
Onan Booster Europe 14:54
Madrid Skateboards 16:19
Season Distribution 17:58
Bolzen Trucks 18:26:11
Walzen Wheels 19:15:23
Icone Longboards 20:14:45
Peaceboards 21:25
FITSKATE by Erika.g 22:37:16
Landyachtz Longboards 23:52
Simple Longboards 25:16
Maui and Sons 26:35
quinboards 27:07
Area One Boards 27:55:43
BTR Leathers 29:14
Yow Surfskate 29:50
Carver Skateboards 30:38
Slide Surf Skate 31:35
Bangfish Trucks Co. 33:46
TSG Helmets 37:15
Pro-Tec Helmets 38:22
Sector 9 Skateboards 39:33
Curfboard 41:56
Beercan Boards 42:45
Olson&Hekmati Longboards 43:33
Pogo & NinetySixty Longboards 47:51
Bomb Boards, Pixel Skateboards & Epic Balance Boards 52:25
Triple 8 Helmets 54:27
Whitezu Surfskate Waves 55:00
JayKay E-Trucks 55:34

Xert Freeride - Photo by Carla Sanjuan

The 2nd Xert Freeride by RidersFly is just around the corner

The RidersFly season opener will be the 2nd edition of Xert Freeride which will once again take place in a small town in Eastern Spain called Xert, on the 24th and 25th of March. The town is not more than 25 minute drive away from the sandy beaches of Vinaròs and only about 45 kilometres away from the Castellón–Costa Azahar airport.

Watch the video
1st Xert Freeride aftermovie by Bunker Media

With a population of 800 inhabitants where millenary olive trees, oil and typical pastas predominate, RidersFly expect nothing more that relaxed and friendly vibes.

The event’s track is located in “Les moles de Xert” on a 2.5 km long road with fast corners, forks and fast sections with speeds up to 75 km/h. The crew describes it is a technical circuit but at the same time very fun!

Photo collage from the 1st Xert Freeride in 2017

The price for this two day event is set at 75 eur and includes shuttles, rider insurance and an ambulance crew with a doctor, as well as camping and lunch.

To learn more about the event and register, visit www.ridersfly.com/ii-freeride-xert.

RidersFly Events 2018 Schedule
RidersFly Events 2018 Schedule includes 4 freeride events.
Arico - El Bueno organized by Sliders Skate House

Sliders Skate House brings back Arico – El Bueno freeride on Tenerife

UPDATE, March 17th 2018 : Arico – El Bueno Freeride is cancelled.

Last year we covered the Arico – El Bueno Freeride, the first freeride on Tenerife organised by BigMountainSkate and Sliders Skate House.

A year later, the event is still on, but solely organised by Martin Diaz and Álvaro García from Sliders Skate House. When asked what was their role in last year’s event organisation they said:

Due to having different ways of thinking we decided that the best thing was doing the event again this time on our own. Last year I was one of the people that worked a lot to make this event happen. Together with Álvaro García, another rider from the Sliders Crew, we contacted every local business that was involved (and also the ones that ended up not being involved) and closed deals with the majority of them. But mostly getting formal authorizations with the Townhall, which was also one of the hardest parts last year. ~ Martin Diaz

Well besides Tenerife being a volcanic island, its climate and summerish weather appeals to many skaters from around the globe who made it their winter skate escape, leaving large amounts of thane and stoked vibes on the island.

Arico - El Bueno Freeride on Tenerife. Photo by Giorgia Morriello.
Riders descending down the El Bueno thane heavy track – photo by Giorgia Morriello.

Before Arico – El Bueno the native events on Tenerife were smaller and more local, in the form of slide jams and ”lurking sessions”. Martin further explained that one of the reasons why they decided to organise the freeride is so that everyone has a chance to skate a closed road and practice without risking their lives in any other random Tenerife road.

This is made by us, a bunch of -local- skateboarders mostly from different parts of the world, looking forward to change a bit the current situation with Downhill Skateboarding here and work towards having more opportunities of skating our home island, without having trouble with the Police (as you may already know, skateboarding open roads in Spain is illegal). ~ Martin Diaz

Arico – El Bueno 2018 event info

The 2018 edition of the Arico – El Bueno freeride will bring a few changes, while some things will remain the same.

Last year’s event took place mid March, but this year it moved to the beginning of April, with a 4 day freeride from the 5th to 8th of April.

The 2.8 km long road with a maximum speed of 70 km/h and 14 hairpins remains the same and so does the event schedule. The skating will start at 9:00 in the morning, until 14:00 , followed by a two hour lunch break and continued at 16:00, finishing at 19:00 in the evening.

One of the changes for this year’s edition is also the overall price. While last year the price without accommodation was 250 EUR for five days, this year it’s set at 185 EUR, for a total of four days. From each registration 15 EUR will be donated to James Kelly’s Skate United project for refugee kids.

Accommodation and food

There will also be some changes in regards to the food and accommodation. Due to some unfortunate misunderstanding between the owner and the personnel who took care of the booking last year, the Ecovillavclub got overbooked.

However, the crew still thinks the place is great and know it can host 80 people comfortably. They also took care of alternative accommodation to fix last years experience with two backups. One will be the Sliders House in Marazul with 20 extra spots. The second one still needs to be officially confirmed, but the guys are on it.

Anyways we expect about 80 riders, but the limit will be 120. The second accomodation is still to be confirmed, as we need to choose wisely between the options that we currently have. ~ Martin Diaz

As mentioned above, the price for the freeride is 185 EUR, but the price for accommodation is 30 EUR extra for three nights (10 eur/day extra nights), which the riders will pay at arrival to the Ecovillaclub.

Martin and Álvaro also took care of a new food truck to be present at the event, which also provides vegan and vegetarian meals. He also provided a tip for skater who plan on coming to the event:

The thing is that in Tenerife the distances are -different- and unless you are in a very crowded area, you should make every visit to the supermarket count, Arico is obviously not a crowded place and neither is Abades (where the EcoVilla is located).

The Sliders Skate House already opened the registration for the 2018 Arico – El Bueno Freeride on February 18th via their website.

King's Gate 2018 Cancelled

King’s Gate cancelled due to the bad condition of the track

The organiser of King’s Gate race, BigMountainSkate from Austria, had to cancel the event due to the heavy damage the track has suffered this winter.

The surface of road got worst in this so far really cold and snowy winter here in Austria. It wouldn’t be fun or safe to skate this road, its not accurate for a world class race. ~ BigMountainSkate via Facebook

King’s Gate was supposed to be one of the two IDF World Qualifying races in Europe. Now only the Transylvania IDF WQ race remains next to the World Cup races Kozakov in Czech Republic and Verdicchio in Italy.

As the announcement was published, the organiser of Transylvania race, the DEVAstation Longboard Crew decided to extend their event with additional freeride days.

With one event down, BigMountainSkate is now left with two of their most popular events in Austria, Alpenrauschen and Bela Joyride. With more time on their hands, we can expect BigMountainSkate to focus more on the remaining events and deliver even better experience.

To join Alpenrauschen and Bela Joyride visit bigmountainskate.com.

IDF Elections 2017

IDF Annual General Meeting 2018

Last Sunday, on February 18th, 2018, International Downhill Federation (IDF) Board members held the Annual General Meeting to present the 2017 season overview and financial statement as well as the goals, work plan, budget and event schedule for the 2018 season.

Watch the AGM 2018

New Board members elected in 2017

In January 2017 the new IDF Board was elected. 5 of the 7 elected members were new to the Board. The IDF President Federico Barboni explained that they needed a little bit of time to get the required know-how to move forward with the work but they managed to achieve all their goals.

Increase in events expected to grow the number of memberships

The Board member Mike Girard, explained that they recognized the decreased number of athletes racing the IDF from 2016 to be coinciding with the decrease in events. Therefore, one of the IDF’s main goals was to increase the number of events and which should hopefully result in the growth of memberships.

In the meanwhile, the King’s Gate race in Austria has been canceled, so instead of 18 there will be 17 races in 2018; 7 World Cup and 16 World Qualifying.

Compared to last year, there will be in total 5 races more, while the number of World Cup races increased by 2.

In Europe, there are now 5 races; Kozakov in the Czech Republic, Verdicchio in Italy, Transylvania in Romania, Velefique in Spain and Sanki in Russia. You can find the full IDF 2018 schedule here.

The negative financial outcome for 2017

The biggest expenses IDF had last year were the purchase of a new timing system, which was around 10k dollars and another 10k dollars was spent for the repairing and maintaining of the old timing system which they plan to sell or part out occasionally.

Furthermore, IDF increased a money prize for champions to 10.6k dollars and as for the first time a money prize was awarded to the Juniors class.

Due to the decrease in events and memberships, IDF collected less sanctioning and membership fees but managed to save a bit on Travels Airfare and other expenses, like IT, Consulting and Accounting. However, IDF ended the year with almost 5,500 dollars debt.

Despite the negative financial outcome, IDF Board thinks positive about the new season and has already accounted the debt in the 2018 budget.

Early schedule and Early Bird registration to the rescue

One of the main goals IDF wanted to reach and it succeeded, was to release the 2018 schedule in October and instead of the “Priority registration”, which they found not to be efficient anymore, they did the “Early bird registration” and offered a limited number of discounted event tickets.

With the “Early bird registration”, they wanted to ensure enough riders will register in order to be able to organize the event. Overall nearly 100 tickets were sold across multiple events.

Paid media partnerships

As Max Vickers, the current IDF Secretary explained, last year IDF explored paid partnerships with independent media producers at Newtons Nation, Kozakov and Killington in order to ensure quality and consistent media production which was then used for promotion on social networks, the event coverage on the IDF website and other news outlets.

This paid media partnerships not only allowed us to offer better media coverage while the events were occurring but they also started an archive for us of media that we now have access to. So, with this media we tend work with other outlets, like news outlets, so this past year we had some videos that transmitted globally on BBC and we worked with the Olympic Channel to create a 35 min documentary which is going to be published this coming May. ~ Max Vickers, IDF Secretary

IDF wants to expand their media reach in order to attract the possible corporate investors, so in 2018, they plan to spend 8.5k eur for marketing and promotions, which is around 19% of the planned budget.

2018 Budget

Main investments the IDF has planned for 2018 include prize money increase to 12,500 dollars, the improvement of the finish-line camera system, starting system and the enforcement tools for technical inspection, sending 3 IDF representatives to all World Cup events as well as the improvement of the races promotion and social media through collaboration with independent media producers.

Collaboration with World Skate

IDF started collaborating with World Skate, the skateboarding world governing body recognized by International Olympic Committee. World Skate aims to put all skateboarding discipline under the same umbrella and work for structure the skateboarding at national and regional level.

Eat Concrete starting line

Eat Concrete – The Benelux Championship 2018

This year, from 10th to 13th of May, Eat Concrete will host the Benelux Championship of Downhill Skateboarding. Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg racers will compete for the title of their own country. As a surplus there is also an international open competition for any nationality to attend.

Eat Concrete - 2017 moments

Furthermore,  girls, groms, classic- and streetlugers get their separate stage. The road is 3 km long with 3 corners but is not super hard to skate. This means that to win the Championship you have to skate almost technically perfect and push as hard as possible from the start. Choosing your line and moments very carefully during the race will give anyone an advantage.

This will be the first year that we will host the Benelux Championship. It’s quite the step forward in comparison to only the Belgian Championship. We want to support our neighbouring countries and got this question to expand the competition many times. Well, this will be the year. ~ Jasper D’haene

In addition the crew is also supporting the start-up for the Dutch Championship in the future.

Additional information

The camping headquarters are placed 10 km away from the track, in Graide, Rue de Naomé. There attendees will find a mini ramp, bar, music, chill-out zone, indo boards, slacklines…From Thursday untill Saturday the crew also organised performances and DJ’s.

If you come to our event we do not want you to worry about anything, we provide all you need. Including insurance and medical aftercare, if anything happens there is a medical team with ambulance present to take you to the nearest hospital. No medical bills because we cover this. We have a professional catering team to give you a taste of our Flemish Cuisine. ~ Jasper D’haene

The organisers describe the event as a good mixture between competition and recreation, suitable for any skill level. With a four day race and two days of freeriding, the rider’s limit is set to 240 total, with 60 spots available for freeriders.

The Early Bird tickets are already sold out, but the registration for Eat Concrete 2018 will open on February 18th via the their website at www.eatconcrete.be.

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy Photo Gallery

We’ve finally settled down at home and it was time to go through the photos I took during the four days we spent at ISPO 2018 in Munich.

Watch the ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy video here.

If you’re not familiar with ISPO, here’s the short walk-through. It is the biggest European multi-segment trade fair within the sports industry. With over 85.000 visitors from 120 different countries, ISPO is stretched out through 16 halls showcasing 8 segments that cover everything from winter sports, team sports, health & fitness to manufacturing & suppliers.

We mostly spent our time in Hall A5 at the Longboard Embassy organized by 40inch Longboard Magazine. Looking back to 2013, when I last visited ISPO, this year’s Longboard Embassy looked a bit smaller than back then, but it was still filled with a wall-to-wall skateboard and longboard products.

The Longboard Embassy view from the lounge area

Walking through the Longboard Embassy, one could try out surf skating, electric longboards, watched Legende Longboard chisel a block of wood, what later became a handcrafted and fully functional longboard, or rest their legs at the lounge area overlooking the Whitezu 12 meter long surf skate wave system.

In the four days of ISPO, we got a chance to talk with and interview 33 brands covering different skateboarding disciplines.

KebbeK Skateboards introduced their new watercolor lineup, Landyachts Longboards showcased the new freeride and dancer boards, ROCKET Longboards showed off it’s new Freak Show collection, Alternative Longboards introduced their new construction and Madrid Skateboards their Netflix Stranger Things collection…just to name a few.

The Longboard Embassy bar

Wheel and truck wise, we got a chance to check out Seismic’s new downhill race wheel, the European Walzen wheels, and the new Bolzen truck models and also talked with Bangfish about their new surf skate trucks.

There were also numerous surf skate brands showcasing their collection surrounding the Whitezu skate wave, like the Spanish YOW surf, Slide Surfskate, Curfboard, and Carver Skateboards.

Regarding protection, we saw the Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver, stopped by at TSG and saw what’s new with Pro-Tec’s Full Cut skateboard helmets.

We also saw the Buggy Rollin suit by Jean Yves Blondeau. He’s most known for one of his stunt characters, the Rollerman, which we also got to see in action.

Jean-Yves Blondeau's Buggy Rollin suits

While we are still editing the interviews to show you what the brands had to say about their new lineups and products, here is a photo gallery from the ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy.

I would like to end this article with an interview with Philippe Roose, a member of the Ministry of Stoke and their F*** Cancer Foundation. In the video, he said that the beer fundraiser at ISPO was a success and shares his personal story with everybody who takes the time to watch the video below.

ISPO 2018 - The 6th Longboard Embassy mockup

See you at the ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy

We’re now less than a week away from ISPO 2018, Europe’s biggest international sports trade fair in Munich, Germany. Once again numerous longboard brands, manufacturers, distributors and fellow action sports exhibitors will be gathered on the floor of the 6th Longboard Embassy in Hall A5, organised by 40inch Longboard Magazine.

This year’s Longboard Embassy will host over 50 longboard and skate brands from all around the globe. You can see the list of all exhibitors who have confirmed their participation on Longboard Embassy’s Facebook page or on the photo below.

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy floor plan
ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy floor plan

Besides organising a place for exhibitors to present their new collections, 40inch also made sure to keep visitor entertained with a Whitezu 12 meter long wave system, a surf skating workshop with Matteo Tontini and his crew and performances by Ben Blaskovic on Sunday night and Eddie Booze on Monday.

ISPO 2018 - The 6th Longboard Embassy mockup
ISPO 2018 – The 6th Longboard Embassy mockup

Join the fund raiser for Philippe and Esther

40inch will also organise a fund raiser for Philippe and Esther who were diagnosed with cancer and need financial support in order to get the drugs they need and trust.

As a surf and skate magazine, we have created a platform that is about the fun of life. However, there are more important things than surfing or skating. Things that could change our lives in a moment. In the positive as in the negative way.

It is shocking when acquaintances or even young people get cancer. You can not do anything about it. The diagnosis appears like a thunderbolt. That’s what happen to Philippe and Esther. Both talented, both super positive and both have changed their life because of the disease.

In addition to the disease, a financial ordeal began for both of them. Medicine that is not manufactured and promoted by the pharmaceutical industry is not payed by the health insurance fund.

In particular, the active substance THC, is only prescribed in certain cases. If you trust it and know that it helps, then this does not necessarily mean that the insurance company covers the costs. For Philippe and Esther it means somehow finding the money for the drugs.

Visitors can help raise funds for the cancer treatment of Philippe and Esther simply by bringing a few beers from their home region.  The Longboard Embassy bar will sell the beer, while the price will be determined by the buyers. One euro of every beer sold will go to the cashier and the rest will be donated.

We also plan on bringing a few Laško’s to help out and of course drinking a beer or two while we’re there.

Last but not least, 40inch is also planing a little surprise, so be sure to bring your street skate along with some beers to Hall A5.

See you soon!

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 Announcement

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 – The 10th edition powered by KebbeK Skateboards

Time flies and things change but for now, KnK Longboard Camp remains. It’s a great pleasure to look back to 2009 and see what an iconic event it became over those 9 years and how much impact it made on downhill skateboarders across the globe.

This would have never been possible without the love for downhill skateboarding we all carry in our hearts and without the dedication of everyone who has ever helped us with the organisation. So thank you all for the constant support and for shredding the Bear’s Guts with us.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all very soon at KnK Longboard Camp 2018 powered by KebbeK Skateboards!

Dates & Registration for #KNK2018

The Bear’s Guts is covered in snow right now but soon enough, summer will return to Osilnica and so will we, the riders.

The first week of KnK Longboard Camp will take place from July 23rd to July 28th, 2018 and the second week from July 31st to August 5th, 2018.

The Red Bull No Paws Down race will be held on July 28th, that’s during the first week while Single Set Survivors is currently looking for a new sponsor and it’s scheduled for August 4th, 2018.

The price remains the same; 220 € for a full 6-day freeride including camping with all the amenities. Everything you need for a pleasant stay in Osilnica is already laid out for you; a river for swimming with a rope swing, a restaurant, store, cash machine, post office…We got you covered as usual.


Learn more about the event

While we’re still working on the new event website at https://www.knklongboardcamp.com, you are welcome to check out these articles about last year’s KnK to find out how the event rolled out:

Want to ask a question?

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to get in touch with us via our Facebook pages @knklongboardcamp and @longboardmag, send us an email to info@knklongboardcamp.com or call +386 70 253 495.

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Video credits

Filmed by
Brandon Desjarlais (aerial)
Christian Kreuter, CK Photography (aerial)
Mirko Paoloni (follow car)
Rob McWhinnie (follow car)
Hubert Wigier (timelapse)

Narrated by Ian Freire, RBNPD 2015 winner

Edited by Mihael Zadravec

Thank you for watching!