Clash Of Brands 2017 - Longboard race for teams

Clash Of Brands 2017 – Team race in Jungholz, Austria

Allgäuer Longboardverein, the oldest longboard club in Germany, is set to freshen up the European dh skateboarding scene with the first edition of Clash Of Brands 2017, a race where teams will battle to win their sponsor the “Master Of Brands 2017” title.

The event is scheduled to take place on the well known World Cup race track Jungholz in Austria, from Friday, September 8th till Saturday, September 9th, 2017.

The companies are now welcome to sign up their teams (up to 4 riders) that will represent their brand and race against the other teams.

The entry fee per rider is 110,00 Euros and the riders limit is 20 teams (80 riders). To join with your team send an email to and the organisation crew will take it from there.

Don’t want to race? Wanna freeride? No worries…The organisers got you covered by offering additional 30 spots available for the freeride. The registration fee for the freeride only is 90,00 Euros and you can register now via

Don’t miss out.

What makes team racing so great?

Team racing is not a new concept but it hasn’t been much practiced in Europe.  However, many riders seem to be stoked about it which gives me the confidence to say that it might become quite popular.

Compared to the standard racing format where each rider competes on his/her own against the other riders, in team racing the riders will race shoulder to shoulder with their teammates against the other team.

One of the six corners at Clash Of Brands. Photo by Gordon Timpen (Gordon Photography)
One of the six corners at Clash Of Brands. Photo by Gordon Timpen @ Gordon Photography

Two teams of four, racing and making sure that every team member is as fast as possible. This means that the riders will have to work together to develop strategies, help each other with drafting and similar. Obviously, group effort will be required to win the race. The riders will get to know each other better and build stronger relationships.

What’s in it for the companies and their brand?

Besides the “team building” for their riders, the Clash Of Brands race also presents a great advertising opportunity for the companies that will sign up with their teams.

Having a team of riders racing to win the “Master Of Brands” title, working together, producing and streaming media, promoting the company…Hopefully the business owners will recognise the potential for investing into the event by signing up their teams.

About the COB 2017 race-track

Clash Of Brands 2017 will be held on the Jungholz track in Austria. The same has been the venue for the Jungholz Downhill since 2005 and it also hosted the 2007 Almabtrieb race. This track has a really rich racing history.

To get a taste of theClash Of Brands 2017 track watch the following video…

The Clash Of the Brands track stretches for 1.4 km and it is packed with 6 challenging corners. The smooth pavement will ensure a good roll speed as well as the smooth slides and solid amount of grip to rail some of the corners. The top speed the riders can reach is around 85 kmh.

Information for the riders

Included in the registration fee the riders will enjoy 3 breakfasts and 2 dinners as well as the provided campsite.

The organisers promise the first two evenings to include a DJ set while the last evening the riders will enjoy the live concert by local bands. The evening parties are exclusive to the riders.

The first runs will start dropping on Friday, September 8th so everyone is expected to arrive on Thursday evening and check-in at the registration office from 20:00 pm on.

The required protection gear for racing includes full-face helmet, slide gloves and leather suit while for the freeride the riders are required to wear a full face, slide gloves and the pads. Of course the organisers highly recommend the use of back protector as well, but it’s up to the riders to decide.

Good luck everyone!

#clashofbrands sponsors

Clash Of Brands 2017 is presented by ALBV – Allgäuer Longboardverein.

Sponsors of the event are:

Barbers Best
Gordon Photography
Luftaufnahmen Allgäu
Zötler Brauerei
Allgäu Live In
King Lui Boards
Tannheimer Tal

Clash Of Brands 2017 - Longboard race for teams

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017

Dominic Schenk wins the 2017 Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship

With 128 people qualifying for the 2017 Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship on Friday and some of the world’s best freeriders competing, we were sure to have a competitive race on Saturday.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017

In the semi finals title contenders Brandon DesJarlais and Ian Freire put their paws down leaving Patrick Lombardi and ROCKET longboards team rider Dominic Schenk to fight it out in the final.

Patrick stayed in front all the way until the 17th corner where he messed up his slide and was passed by Dominic Schenk who took home 1000 euros first place money prize.

Patrick took 2nd and Till Heiden and Iacopo Barbieri shared 3rd place on the Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship podium.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017

One of the best aspects of KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp is the endless runs on the track. Here is how Emily Pross described it this morning:

I have skated so much over the past week, here at KnK, I have blisters at the bottom of my feet.

The hill, featuring 18 hairpins and a 4km length is enough to tire even the best of riders.

To help riders stay refreshed, fresh slices of watermelon awaited on corner 18 and all the KebbeK Skateboards Shuttle Buses featured full air conditioning to cool them down.

To end the day KnK Camp is fortunate to have a beautiful river equipped with a rope swing at the end of the campsite which is visited daily.

The first week of KnK Longboard Camp has also been a hectic week of partying, Tom Boerman summed it up pretty well:

I love KnK because it always has such a relaxed vibe as well as a different party every single night.

Nights under the stars and beside the fire are routine here.

This weeks parties have included the infamous KebbeK Skateboards Wheel of Misfortune with the addition of their new Fun Factory challengesLandyachtz Longboards Dinghy A Day, a ZublimE rap concert and the Slovenian Hillbilly With A Chainsaw band.

The crowd moved to ZublimE’s beats as he dropped his skate themed raps while Hillbilly With A Chainsaw brought a completely different angle to the party that went on until the early hours.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017

We have had a wonderful Week 1 of KebbeK Skateboards KnK Longboard Camp 2017 and look forward to welcoming around 200 riders for Week #2. We would like to thank all the sponsors that make this event possible.

KnK Longboard Camp 2017 is presented by KebbeK Skateboards.
Shoutout to all sponsors for supporting #knk2017!

Landyachtz Longboards
Fibretec Skateboards
Cult Wheels
Alternative longboards
Orangatang Wheels
Original Skateboards
Remember Collective
ROCKET Longboards
Root Longboards
TSG Protection
BTR Leathers
Sk8bites Shop
King Lui Boards
Madrid Skateboards

KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017: Week 1, Day 4

KnK Longboard Camp Energised by the KebbeK Wheel of Misfortune Party

After four days of intensive riding on the Bear’s Guts, riders have been re-energised by more sunny weather, daily challenges and a vivid evening party with the KebbeK Wheel of Misfortune.

KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017: Week 1, Day 4

Besides the commotion and excitement at the party area, the four kilometres long track featuring 18 hairpins, 2 longer straights and hidden bonus sweepers wore down riders wheels and their legs. A huge crew of 17 course marshals keep the track policed while two ambulances were ready to provide assistance and patch up road rashes.

In between the 11 runs we did today, skaters chilled at the top and walked around the pop-up skate village where they could enjoy some tech talk with the board manufacturers behind KebbeK Skateboards (Joey) and ROCKET Longboards. At the bottom they could treat themselves to nice fresh slices of watermelon and think about their lines.

KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017: Week 1, Day 4

The KebbeK Skateboards Wheel of Misfortune is something else: a crudely built, badly painted wheel spun by unlucky contestants who then have to face up to tasks prepared by Joey Bidner and Sebastian Schneider.

Last night Tom Campbell, a member of our crew, fell victim to the wheel and was forced to change a set of wheels while Joey and Schneider rubbed onions in his eyes. The other contestants found themselves with boards taped to their bodies, beers taped to their hands or even eating whole lemons for some nice goodies, decks and wheels.

KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017: Week 1, Day 4

Landyachtz Longboards is running the new Dinghy a Day where every single day, one challenge winner gets a Dinghy mini cruiser.

Yesterday selected riders had their legs and arms taped together for a bunny hopping race. Out of the five hopping riders, three fell and one lucky contestant managed to make it to the finish line and claim his prize.

KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017: Week 1, Day 4

The day before we had a hippy jump contest which of course the dutch freestyle experts won; Sickboards team rider Robbert Van Haaften took away the Dinghy and is ready to race it down the track on the last day of the first week with the other winners.

To keep the fun going, KebbeK also produced a new game called the KebbeK Fun Factory. Teams of two must collect points by carrying out tasks on video and submitting the video evidence to Joey.

The tasks include things like writing fanboy poems and reciting them on stage, skating down the Bear’s Guts in their underwear and amongst other things chugging beer. What keeps the teams pumped up are the grand prizes of a free ticket to Bela Joyride and next year’s KnK Longboard Camp.

The last few days of the event have been packed with so much excitement but the big show is still yet to come. We have the KebbeK Go Tuck Yourself race tonight, the ZublimE concert tomorrow night and the Red Bull No Paws Down 2017 World Championship on Saturday.

KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017: Week 1, Day 4

With the past winners coming back to defend their title and new competitors hungry for the money prize, the race will surely keep the spectators and riders stoke levels up.

For all of you who couldn’t be here with us, be sure to tune in for the Longboard Magazine’s livestream on our Facebook page for a first row seat of the action!

KnK Longboard Camp 2017 is presented by KebbeK Skateboards.
Shoutout to all sponsors for supporting #knk2017!

Landyachtz Longboards
Fibretec Skateboards
Cult Wheels
Alternative longboards
Orangatang Wheels
Original Skateboards
Remember Collective
ROCKET Longboards
Root Longboards
TSG Protection
BTR Leathers
Sk8bites Shop
King Lui Boards
Madrid Skateboards

Landyachtz presents Dinghy A Day at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp

We’re already counting down the days until KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2017 and we hope you are as excited as we are about all the fresh things that will be going down in the small town of Osilnica in Slovenia.

As we already mentioned, we’re doing some changes to our programme with an overhaul on the track and on the party area, as well as bringing some fresh activities to keep you entertained during the day and in the evenings.

Another thing we’re excited about this year is Landyachtz Longboards joining our supporters and are bringing some goodies just for those who will attend the event.

A Dinghy a Day

Thanks to Landyachtz, we’ll be giving away a Dinghy each day. It doesn’t matter which week you signed up for, you’ll get a chance to try your luck on both of them.

How you ask?

Well…we’re keeping it a secret for now, but get ready for some fun challenges and games!

A Dinghy A Day at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp
Adam Yates and Stephen Vaughn sending it on their Landyachtz Dinghy’s. Photo by Jacob Lambert.

After all the skating we’re going to have during the entire week, those of you who got lucky by winning a Dinghy complete will be able to participate in a Dinghy Race on the last day!

That’s right, if you win a Landyachtz Dinghy complete during the week and if you’re up for the challenge, you and the other 5 lucky winners will get a chance to race down the Bear’s Guts on your Dinghy’s in a single heat.

Why? Because it’s fun!

Know your Dinghy

If you haven’t seen a Landaychtz Dinghy in person, here are the specs to get your blood pumping and your legs tingling.

A Dinghy A Day at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp
The Landyachtz mini Dinghy 24 Ghost Ride

The Dinghy is a fun mini cruiser made out of 100 % Canadian Maple. Yep you heard it, there’s no plastic involved. It’s small but tough and comes in with three lengths of 24″, 26″ and 28.5″.

The 24″ and 26″ Dinghy cruisers are 6.5″ wide and have 14″ wheelbase, while the 28.5″ version measures 8″ in width and has a 14.6″ wheelbase.

You can take the Dinghy everywhere; to school, the store or to random everyday adventures – why walk, when you can skate? The deck is completed with Bear trucks and Hawgs wheels.

But cruising is not all there is to it. Watch this video to see how the Landyachtz crew put their Dinghy cruisers to work while they were on a trip in Texas…

I’ll end this article with a nice fact: Landyachtz is committed to planting one tree for each board that is purchased. A great cause we can all stand behind. Keep the fun rolling!

The Ghost Town Freeride 2017 Recap by Sbanda Brianza

The second edition of the Sbanda Brianza’s Ghost Town Freeride, one of the more popular Italian skateboarding events, was once again a huge success.

A total of 110 riders, not only from Italy, but also from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US, gathered in Consonno to skate down its 1.3 km long road. The track is also one of the most famous downhill longboarding spots in Northern Italy.

With 7 hours of freeriding, interspersed with a speed contest the track also hit a speed record og 78 kph. The winners of the contest were Rachel Bruskoff from LA and two italians, Fred Falco and Guido Cipolla.

“We are excited!” commented the Sbanda Brianza’s President, Matteo Dell’Orto, who later said:

Compared to last year, we managed to raise the level of spectacularity and the audience appreciated it. It is a great satisfaction for us and we are already looking forward to organising the next year’s third edition! Matteo

Great vibes, live music and skating

To pump up the scene, 7 live bands contributed with concerts during the freeride and in the evenings. It sure was something special to see bands playing by the second hairpin of the track and also during the night during the skate sessions.

The full shuttle going up. Photo by Davide Corona.

The breathtaking scenery of the ghost town of Consonno and everything combines raised the adrenaline level of both the riders and the public. The crew estimates that all together, there were a thousand people who visited the event during the whole weekend.

Most of the success is due to the organisation and the efforts of the whole Sbanda Brianza team. With this second edition, they amazed everyone with their unique way of interpreting skateboarding and partying!

Greenskate Cologne 2017 group photo by Florian Witte

Greenskate Cologne 2017 recap by Ross Baradoy

Crossing my fingers over my expired passport, shockingly worked! I picked up my new passport in Bern 8 hrs before my departure from Zurich Switzerland to Köln Germany (thanks Nina).

I arrived safely, checked into “Die Königshof Hotel” and promptly went out for an evening cruise. It wasn’t long untill I heard the beating sound of music and, in the distance, saw a group of people smoking outside a bar. All I can say is, if you want to have a good time with the locals, stop by Wiener Steffie for cheap beer and fun times.

Greenskate Cologne 2017 group photo by Florian Witte
Greenskate Cologne 2017 group photo by Florian Witte

The biggest Greenskate gathering

Beep, Beep, Beep… or GreenSKATE! went my phone. Hitting the street and the fresh smell of morning air. This was not my first time in Köln, in 2006 I took a picture of the Köln Cathedral on my way to the IGSA European Championships.

The Cathedral is over 750 years old and is a must see if you ever get a chance to visit Germany. Köln is a skate friendly city, but bring a map or something because you can get turned around. It took me asking a few people just to find the Rhein River.

I arrived on time at Kölner Jugendpark with a 12″ subway sandwich in my tummy and tired legs. The Greenskate Köln starting point is perfectly located on a large open surface with a skatewave at one end and a Crépe Van at the other. To be honest I was hanging out a lot at the Crèpe Van.

While I was filming skate hockey and the many sick longboard dancing sessions in the afternoon, I managed to sneak some Sion Kölsch beers. Time flew by and hundreds of people started to slowly trickle into the park.

Heiko grabbed the bullhorn and everyone gathered around him as he said:

Today is the day that will be recorded on the Facebook and Twitter walls of history. It is the greenest day of the year…Welcome to Greenskate, Köln!

I might have mistranslated his speech a little, but I am sure he said something like that.

Greenskate Cologne 2017 opening speech. Photo by Florian Witte.
Greenskate Cologne 2017 opening speech. Photo by Florian Witte.

Without warning, Heiko introduced me as the founder of Greenskate and asked me to come forward. I made some quick remarks correcting the record and with that, we were off.

I saw hundreds of riders pushing, pumping and dancing their little longboard hearts away. Many of them came up to me and expressed how much they loved the Greenskate event and that they had no idea it was 10 years old. I saw a father and his young son on a longboard passing by…I thought to myself “SHIT” this kid was probably not even born when we had our first event in Calgary.

The pushing part of the event must have lasted for over an hour. I was having so much fun skating and chatting to all the people in the Skate Parade, I really lost track of time. We ended up in front of the Köln Cathedral where boards were held high and many pictures were taken….See you next year Köln!

A special thanks goes out to Concrete Wave Skateshop Cologne for making this event possible. Köln is the longest consecutive running Greenskate event and celebrates its 7th year.

I invite all readers to start your own Greenskate event. It can be small like the one in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico or huge like the one this year in Köln. Greenskate is a simple idea, which is why it will continue to work for many years to come.

More info about Greenskate can be found here.

Red Bull No Paws Down at KnK Longboard Camp 2016 presented by KebbeK Skateboards. Photo by Christian Kreuter.

Here’s what else to expect at KnK Longboard Camp 2017

Despite some tech issues and multiple file transfer attempts, Kyle Peterson and I managed to put together a rad edit to ignite the flame and to remind you what you’re looking forward to so much. Hopefully, you like it 🙂

Before I move on to sharing some more event info with you, I would like to thank Andrea Pedrotti and Mirko Paoloni for their follow car filming and Bros Before Pros for their footage we used in the intro. Greatly done, dudes!

So, in our recent article about KnK, we covered what upgrades to expect this year thanks to our main supporter KebbeK Skateboards, but that’s not all…

There’s going to be a lot more going on and none of it includes playing video games 🙂

KebbeK Wheel Of Misfortune

Introduced at KnK for the first time last year, the KebbeK Wheel Of Misfortune brought much fortune to those who were up to its misfortunate tasks.

Some of you had to eat and drink gross stuff like Slivo mixed with Tabasco sauce, some had to blow up slimy condoms on your head or assemble a complete deck while chunks of onion was rubbed against your eyes… It was crazy. This year will be no different as the KebbeK Wheel Of Misfortune returns with new, more fun tasks and “totally worth it” prizes.

Kebbek Challenge: Core A Set, Get A Set

KebbeK Skateboards continues to challenge the riders to destroy a set of KebbeK Wheels in order to get a fresh set for free.

So, here’s how Core A Set, Get A Set works: You can purchase a set of KebbeK Wheels for a discounted price of 30 € and when you core them, you can check in at the KebbeK booth on the top of the track to get a fresh set for free, for unlimited times.

KebbeK Whees: Core a set to get a set for free
KebbeK Whees: Core a set to get a set for free

For those of you who don’t know, KebbeK introduced a new urethane formula with their 2017 wheels which is promised to be much better than the one you maybe tried last year. At a freeride on Tenerife island earlier this year, many riders got to try the new wheels and really loved them.  If you tried them out, leave a comment below and let us know how they are. We will appreciate it 🙂

KebbeK Wheels; Takawan (left) and Libre (rihgt)
KebbeK Wheels; Takawan 73mm (left) and Libre 69mm (right)

I couldn’t skate last year so I didn’t try them out myself yet, but I’m looking forward to trying them  during the upcoming days as they are already being shipped over from Canada.

Stay tuned for the upcoming review.

KebbeK Tuck Race

A “Tuck Race” was planned for last year but somehow it slipped out and we weren’t able to make it happen. This year, we’re doing it for sure. Here’s how it will look like…

The Tuck Race is all about who can hold a tuck longer on a balance board. The race will happen at the party place on our stage, backed up with some cool visuals and music.

Four contestants will compete against each other. The first two who step of the board will get eliminated and the other two will proceed to the next round. Let’s see how shots of Slivo will affect your balance 🙂

The Dinghy Days by Landyachtz

This year Landyachtz joined the party to support KnK by providing twelve Dinghy completes. Every day, on both weeks, someone will get a chance to win a Dinghy and at the end of the week, the winners will get to race them down the Bear’s Guts in a single heat. That’s if they will have the guts to do it 🙂

Dinghy Days by Landyachtz
Dinghy Days by Landyachtz

More info coming soon in a separate press release…

Red Bull No Paws Down

This will be the fourth edition of the Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship. Riders will once again race down the Bear’s Guts in a full stand-up mode and fight for the champion title.  The competition last year was quite hard and this year we expect it to be even harder.

Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 podium. Photo by Brandon Desjarlais
Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 podium. Photo by Brandon Desjarlais

Patrick L. Lombardi, last year’s winner, will return to defend the title. He’s expected to be challenged by some of the World’s best freeriders. We expect the race to be nothing less than spectacular.

As always, the Red Bull No Paws Down race will take place on the last day of the first week, Saturday 29th to be exact.

Cult Single Set Survivors

During the second week of KnK, on Saturday, July 5th, the Cult Single Set Survivors will take place once again. Last year we witnessed some tight racing going on, resulting with Andreas Mangold sweeping the first place.

Cult Single Set Survivors 2016

The format of the race will remain the same, everyone competing has to race with only one set of wheels of their choosing. Just like last year, everyone will be able to purchase a set of Cult wheels at a special promo price of 30 Euros. Yes, that is 10 Euros more per set comparing to last year. The reason for this is that we had to pay for the wheels. But don’t worry, as always the money gathered from the wheel sales will go into the prize money fund. Let the race begin 🙂

Is that all there is to it?

Of course not, but it would be simply too much to put everything that goes on at KnK Longboard Camp in one article…You can expect more info soon via the new KnK Facebook page at

Shoutout to all #knk2017 sponsors for supporting our work!
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The SektorF Skatefest 2017

SektorF Skatefest ’17

For those of you who don’t know SektorF, here’s the short briefing – it’s a longboard crew from the Bavarian forest in Germany which promotes longboarding in their region via skate classes, outlaws and community driven events.

We already covered their activities in our SektorF skating article which you can check out later, but the highlight of this one is their 2017 SektorF Skatefest.

The SektorF Skatefest

Every year the crew comes together and organises a fun two day event at their local tow lift close to the Czech border. This year will be no different. From August 12th to 13th, everybody who likes skateboarding is welcome to join their activities.

The SektorF Skatefest 2017
The SektorF Skatefest 2017 track

The event promises endless loops, a portable pumptrack and a flowy fun track. Here’s what they have to say about it:

The short, but fun track will get spiced up with DIY banked turns and obstacles. There will be many side events during the days like fun races and raffle game with lots of goodies to win. And at night there will be a party with sound system and DJ of course.

Furthermore, the event also offers workshops for beginners and advanced skaters, a beginner’s course with Richie B. Enzmann and a floodlight.

Here’s the official recap to give you a short glimpse of what’s yet to come.

For more info about the event and details on where to register, visit the event’s Facebook Page and check out  SektorF on Facebook.

Skaid all together - a social project for refugees

Skaid brings locals and refugees together with skateboarding

Skaid is a freshly founded social project with the aim of connecting people from different cultures and social backgrounds through sharing positive experiences in sports.

Skaid all together - a social project for refugees

With a clear mindset, their first goal was to organize skate and longboard workshops for refugees, guided by the locals.

The first workshop called “Skaid – all together” took place on the 21st of May at Landhausplatz in Innsbruck.

Skaid all together - a social project for refugees

Besides the Skaid workshops for refugees, the gathering also offered a chill out area, a lottery with prizes and a King of the line contest amongst other things.

Skaid gave people a chance to get a first glimpse of skateboarding, get to feel how a rolling board feels under their feet, get some pointers from the local skaters and enjoy a chilled afternoon with a variety of people sharing the same passion.

That is what the skateboarding mentality is all about.

Follow Skaid via Facebook @

The High Black Corner Jam by easygoinc. longboards

Rollbrett Salzburg and easygoinc. present The High Black Corner Jam 2017

It has been pretty quiet around the boys and girls from Rollbrett Salzburg. Who is Rollbrett Salzburg you ask? Seriously?

If you have been to at least one of many BigMountainSkate events, you know the drinking team from Austria and Bavaria and their skateboarding problem. So I guess you probably had at least a beer with one of them.

Other than that, you most likely remember the event they host – The High Black Corner Jam – a downhill skateboard slopestyle festival, where everything is just about fun. An extraordinary event that mixes longboarding and skateboarding into one big thing.

Here is a video by Bros before Pros to give you a better picture.

Now guess what, this article is just about that – the High Black Corner Jam 2017 presented by easygoinc. longboards in the middle of the beautiful Bavarian Alps.

This year’s event in Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden is not your usual season opener, but planned right before KnK Longboard Camp (week #1), to loosen your legs if you have a long drive to Slovenia. The event is most likely on everyone’s travel route.

The High Black Corner Jam by easygoinc. longboards
Draw a card – the mini game at High Black Corner Jam. Photo by Paul Bamberger

For the Rollbrett Salzburg crew, the event from the 21st to 23rd of July is just about coming together, hanging around, have a few beers, skating a few ramps, doing a few slides and playing some mini games.

It is also a great opportunity to try something new, like skate with 4 different types of scrubbies, a board without grip, a beer bench and much more craziness while battling for some neat sponsor prizes while playing mini games.

The registration for this year’s event is already open with a registration fee of 50 €, which includes three days of skate fun including camping. Click here to register.

The beer is cheap, the music is good (yes, there will also be a live band) and Rollbrett Salzburg will also offer breakfast and dinner, which is not included in the registration free.

See you on the hill and on the ramps!

No Man’s Land track by Patrick L. Lombardi

Amazing run down the No Man’s Land track by Patrick L. Lombardi

Patrick L. Lombardi gets the honour to be one of the first ones to send it down the No Man’s Land track in Slovenia. 8 kilometres,  80 sweepers and 5 hairpins are the reason we dubbed this event “endurance freeride”.

It took Patrick exactly 50 slides to reach the finish line where he did 3 more to slow down and finally stop. Pretty wicked if you ask me.

Filming the run on a road of this length was not easy, but we somehow managed to do it. Of course, we had the traffic supervised via the stations. The road was never closed for traffic, but in a case of a car coming up, Patrick was instructed to stop the run and continue once the road was clear again.

That is why at the end of the video you can see the shift in the footage, but I put it together so that it presents the whole track as it is.

Patrick is a team rider at Aera Trucks, Urethane Burners and Sk8bites. The dude shreds hard and with such passion…Not many riders out there can match his supreme freeride skills. Many thanks for joining the project, Patrick!

Huge thanks to Mirko Paoloni for the follow car filming.

Rider: Patrick L. Lombardi
Follow car: Mirko Paoloni
Edit: Mihael Zadravec (Longboard Magazine)
Music: “Air Around Us” by Chalk Dinosaur

Ghost Town Freeride 2017

Abandoned towns, BBQ’s and longboarding – The 2017 Ghost Town Freeride

Organized by Sbanda Brianza, a Sports Club based in Brianza, Northern Italy, the Ghost Town Freeride is run by multiple adventurous skaters with a passion for longboarding and obsession for extreme sports.

Affiliated to FISR, the Italian Skateboarding Federation, the association is active in the Italian longboarding scene through event organization and get-togethers for riders with a “sbanda (swerve) state-of-mind”.

The Association is also deeply involved in offering longboard classes/camps for beginners, with certified instructors.

Ghost Town Freeride 2017
The Sbanda Brianza lifestyle – Adrenaline, music, bruised knees, wasted boards and parties!


Ghost Town Freeride is a two-day event organized by Sbanda Brianza, and supported by FISR, the Italian Roller Sports Federation. It offers 48 hours of longboarding, skateboarding, music, adrenaline and bruised buttocks.

Ghost Town Freeride 2017

June 17th and 18th, 2017 will mark the second edition of Ghost Town Freeride.

Ghost Town Freeride 2017

Last year, more than 80 riders came from all over the Italian peninsula to skate the road that extends down from the peculiar ghost town of Consonno.

The track features 1.3 km of pure asphalt, with 10% average gradient and a 2016 track record of a top speed of 82-kph.

Ghost Town Freeride 2017

Consonno is an ancient village hidden in the hills around Lecco, close to the Alps. After being drastically turned into a little Las Vegas, it fell from grace in the mid-‘70s and the town slowly became uninhabited.

Nowadays, it has become one of the most famous longboarding spots in Northern Italy.

Ghost Town Freeride 2017

Ghost Town Freeride promotes the longboarding lifestyle by combining the sport together with its cultural side. This translates into a weekend of not only longboarding, but also music concerts, skate ramps, street-art corners, BBQs, street markets and a Saturday-night party to scare the ghosts away.

The registration fee for Ghost Town Freeride 2017 is set to 50 EUR which includes the event registration and a FISR membership.

For the registration form and more detailed event information visit the official Sbanda Brianza website or check out their Facebook event page.

Ghost Town Freeride 2017

Ghost Town Freeride 2017 sponsors, partners and supporters are:
FISR (Federazione Italiana Sport Rotellistici)
Comune di Olginate
Provincia di Lecco
Carrozzeria Goglio
Officina Bonacina
Blossom Communication
Stage Diving

Pablo Quiles in focus at KnK 2016. Photo by Christian Kreuter (CK Photography)

KnK 2017 overhaul powered by KebbeK Skateboards

Before I get down to what’s new with KnK Longboard Camp, I would like to send a huge hug to every single one of you, the 453 riders who signed up for the event this year.

Thank you all for shredding the Guts with us and thank you for keeping the hype real for the 8th year in a row. Without you there would be no KnK…

So, if you’ve been at the event, you know that every year we try to change things for the better and the 2017 edition of KnK will be no exception.

We have much planned for you and there’s even more to be said about it, so let’s just dive in and check out what’s coming while I still have your attention 🙂

Powered by KebbeK Skateboards

KebbeK Skateboards supports KnK Longboard Camp since its early days. However, that’s a smaller portion of how much they contributed to the scene worldwide in their 25 years of existence.

Last year we offered the “head sponsorship” for the first time and KebbeK was the one that stood up to further support the event. We did great work together and we will continue to do so, with the common goal to upgrade the quality of the event.

KebbeK Skateboards brings back the Wheel Of Misfortune, Core A Set – Get A Set and more fun content, but I will cover that in the next article…

For now, let’s check out what changes you can expect at #knk2017

You can expect the biggest changes for the better at the party place. That has always been something we had to cut back on, but this year thanks to KebbeK, we’re taking it to the next level.

New party place lounge area

The party place will be upgraded with the chill-out lounge with sofas where you’ll be able to relax after a day-long skating, have a drink, peep the big screen and enjoy conversations with your skate buddies. The lounge area will be placed under an additional Red Bull tent.

Here’s what we’re getting from eBay

New sofas for KnK 2017 party place.

Pretty cool, right? But that’s not all!

New lighting on the party place

If you’ve been on previous editions of KnK, you know that we moved the setup from one place to the other several times already. The spot we picked last year seems to be pretty good. We’ll do it there again, between the hotel Kovač and the campsite.

As I was enjoying an evening drink with my dear friend and fellow skater Uwe Dederer, a father of Pedro and Jan Dederer, he mentioned that the party place would be much more pleasant if there would be some more lights…And I couldn’t agree more.

Now…I’m pretty sure that you already saw that photo of the party place at night taken by Christian Kreuter (CK Photography) last year.

Yes, that was modified a bit, but also a great inspiration for how we want it to look like.

* The photo above has been cropped, but if you click on it, you’ll see the original.

So, we’re doing that! We’ll add coloured lights (reflectors) inside the three tops and Red Bull tents. Please don’t judge us if we fail to make an identical replica, haha!

Uwe, I hope that you’ll like that…and Christian, thank you for the visualisation 🙂

Bigger big screen and less videos

While the videos are nice, some of you approached me and said that it could be better if there were less videos. We hear ya! Video games, computers and staring at the screen for hours…We can do that all winter long and yeah, my wild guess is that this is not what you came to do at a dh event.

In order to improve the experience and avoid turning the party place into a “zombie gathering”, we will downsize the number of featured videos to 4 to 5 per evening.

The big screen will be upgraded to 4 x 2.25 meters and it will be placed on the back side of the stage with a beamer under the roofing.

Once we’re done with the daily videos, the big screen will be used as the graphic background for other stuff like the KebbeK Wheel Of Misfortune, KebbeK Tuck Race and Landyachtz Dinghy Days.

And of course, all of this with….

New sound system to support the DJ and concerts

The speakers we have right now don’t deliver the best sound for the purposes of the party place or a concert. They usually do a great job up on the start line or motivating the crew while we’re setting up the protection, but for the party place, it’s time to upgrade.

The new sound system will deliver high quality sound and support a DJ as well as a smaller band. At this moment, we are still choosing the system so I can’t tell you what exactly we’ll be getting. As soon as we do, we’ll let you know via our Facebook event page.

Here’s a really nice shot from last year’s concert by NCODNC taken by CK Photography during the Week #1 at the Red Bull No Paws Down award giving ceremony. The band who played at the Cult Single Set Survivors award giving ceremony were Savage Semen.

Concert by NCODNC at KnK 2016. Photo by CK Photography

So yeah, we aim to organise two concerts again, one during the first and the other during the second week. We’ll let you know more soon as we’re still arranging this.

Let’s move on…This is already taking a while 🙂

Additional safety nets

Two years ago, our dear friend Alex Ireton pushed us to upgrade the protection with safety nets on critical corners. At that time we didn’t think that the nets were necessary, but since he brought it up, we simply had to do it, otherwise we would risk being “jinxed” 🙂

Crowded Corner 15. Photo Mihael Zadravec

First we built some by ourselves but then last year we decided to purchase the “ready made” professional nets. The decision paid off as the safety nets were much stronger and they additionally provided a much better solution for the banners placement as well.

So, it’s more safe, more practical, it looks much better and the banners are being saved as the riders are not crashing into them.

We expect to have more throughout the track this year.

Additional radio stations (walkie-talkies)

We are already equipped with 18 radio stations plus one for the car, but we need more.

Our complete team during the event counts 33 people + the Red Bull crew and additional filmers on the Red Bull No Paws Down race day.

Ideally, every team member should have a radio station and be able to communicate with the rest of us. That’s why this year we got more of them.

Baofeng GT-3 radio station (walkie-talkie). Photo Mihael Zadravec.

Last year we tested the Baofeng GT-3 and Baofeng GT-3TP stations which proved to be very good. We got 10 more of these as they are quite cheap as well, only around 70 Euros for a set of two via eBay.

When used with the bigger antennas (Nagoya NA-771 VHF/UHF) which can be purchased separately, we were able to establish the communication between the start and the finish line without the additional “external” big antennas which you could have seen us using at the previous editions a couple of years ago.

I highly recommend these if you’re looking to buy a pair to make your downhill runs safer.

What else is coming?

There’s so much more to announce, but as this article already got so long, I figured it would be better to publish another one in which I will explain more about the program of the event.

To give you a hint, here’s what I will cover next time:

  • KebbeK Wheel Of Misfortune
  • KebbeK Core A Set, Get A Set
  • KebbeK Tuck Race
  • Landyachtz Dinghy Days
  • Red Bull No Paws Down
  • Cult Single Set Survivors
  • and more…

In the meanwhile, check out KnK Longboard Camp 2016 Daily Updates for more media.

Thank you for reading through!

You can follow KnK Longboard Camp 2017 presented by KebbeK Skateboards via the official Facebook event page or via the Longboard Magazine Facebook page.

Shoutout to our 2017 partners!

Eat Concrete 2017

The return of Eat Concrete with 2017 edition

After a year of pause,  Eat Concrete returns to Gros-Fays in Namur, located close to the Belgium-France border.

Held between the 25th to 28th of May 2017, this event is know for it’s relaxed atmosphere, vibrant nightlife and a mellow road that offers plenty of fun for beginners and pros, who want to practice their racing technique.

Eat Concrete 2017
An areal winter shot of Gros-Fays in Namur, Belgium. Photo by Sam Van Lier.

The first edition of Eat Concrete was organised back in 2013 as the first Belgian Championship Downhill Skateboarding race and is now continuing the tradition of bringing stoke to the local and international downhill family.

Eat Concrete event schedule

On the 24th of May, a day before the freeride is set to start, the Eat Concrete crew will open their campsite to welcome the riders and give them a chance to find the perfect camping spot, get situated and have a cold beer before the next day of skating.

The next three days will be reserved for freeriding and are not limited to only longboarding, but open their arms to all downhill sports (Classic / Street luge and  In-Line are allowed).

Eat Concrete 2017
2015 Open winners: Per Pjax Christner, Sebastian Hertler and Alex Dehmel.

On Friday afternoon, May 26th, the Belgian Chamipionship race will take place which will last until the 28th of May. This means a total of 3 days freeriding and 4 days of racing.

The crew’s plan is to provide as many runs as possible by starting the day at 9 a.m. every day and ensuring fast shuttles which take only 4-5 minutes.

The track

If your are new to racing or even a pro who wants to fine tune his technique, this is the perfect event to make it happen.

Eat Concrete 2017
Drafting is the name of the game at Eat Concrete. Photo by Newtons’s Shred.

At Eat Concrete, drafting is the name of the game with the addition of fun pack runs with friends and other racers.

Eat Concrete 2017
The technical tight “Red Bull” corner. Photo by Newtons’s Shred.

The track starts with a big push into a straight that leads into a flowy S curve that follows into the first 90 degree corner.

This is also where the crew will set up a chill out place for spectators and riders where they can get their one free meal and drink a day, while watching the skating go down and sway to the music provided by a DJ.

After gripping or sliding the so called ”Red Bull corner”, the flow develops into a longer sweeper section where the race starts to get interesting.

With a heated game of drafting that last around 500 meters, this section will determine how good someones racing and drafting  skills are.

After this pick-up speed section, the track turns into the second left corner just before the finish line.

Campsite and night life

The campsite is located 12 minutes from the track and offers all the amenities you need to get comfy.

The race camp was a real camping site at a river. It was fully equipped with nice bathrooms, showers and some really nice long time campers. Alex Dehmel

In the heart of the campsite a big circus party tent will be set up where riders will be able to enjoy the company of fellow skaters and shed off some extra energy on a mini ramp.

Eat Concrete 2017
A fun mini ramp session is also on the schedule.

With some time to practice their skate tricks, attendees will also  be able to participate in a mini ramp contest scheduled for Saturday, May 27th. The winners will enjoy their glory with a new board, hoodies and other goodies.

To keep the party going, the crew set up the evening entertainment with 1 – 2 live bands, followed by a DJ that will keep the party rocking until the early hours.

Purple Haste groove master, Florian Fellner is also set to provide some sick beats during the event and take the party to the next level.

Do you want to join the Belgian party?

The registration for Eat Concrete 2017 has already started, but you still have a chance to join the party until midnight on May 21st, 2017 via their official website.

Eat Concrete 2017

Greenskate Cologne 2016

Join the movement: Greenskate 2017 events

Greenskate is a global movement that started in Calgary Alberta in Canada back in 2007. As a means to promote environmental consciousness and connecting all winds of the longboard community, from downhill longboarders to cruising enthusiasts, it soon after got picked up by international crews supporting the green cause.

The main idea behind Greenskate is not only to push awareness regarding environmental changes, but to also connection community-building events around the globe. It’s events are connect every-day commuters with the core longboard scene and promote longboarding as a green source of transportation.

To get an idea on how an event like this brings together amazing crowds of likeminded people, check out the video from last year’s Green Skate Day held in Rome, Italy.

Organise a Greenskate session, support the community

Greenskate can be whatever you want it to be, a cruise through the city, a slide-jam, slalom or downhill event.  It is a neutral party and is not affiliated with any brand or company. Each individual event is organised by the local community in each country.

Anybody who wants to organise their own Greenskate event can register it via a form here and become a part of the global movement.

In the past many Greenskate events happened in both South and North America, Asia and Europe. So far, the European events registered for 2017 will take place in

For a more detailed description of each and every event, visit the  official Greenskate Tumblr page.

Greenskate Cologne 2017 by ConcreteWave Skateshop Cologne

We are also excited to announce, that Longboard Magazine Europe will cover one of the biggest European Greenskate events, the 7th Greenskate Cologne (Germany) on June 17th, 2017

The German edition of Greenskate is organised by ConcreteWave Skateshop Cologne and supported by BTFLboards & skates, Flowseekers, Skate-Rack, Icone Longboards, BOLZEN Trucks and Walzen Wheels.

See you there!

No Man's Land Endurance Freeride by Longboard Magazine in Slovenia

No Man’s Land Freeride 2017

At Longboard Magazine we are proud to present our new freeride event No Man’s Land which will take place from July 4th till July 8th in Tolmin, Slovenia.

About the No Man’s Land track

At No Man’s Land freeride the riders will have the opportunity to skate down an 8 kilometres long mountain road closed for traffic, featuring 80 sweepers and 5 hairpins.

The road has an average of 8,8% grade with the steepest section at 14,5% and the total elevation of 710 meters. Repaved five years ago, the surface is still in good condition with an exception of some “tar snakes”.

No Man’s Land will challenge the riders to endure around 8 runs per day, starting at 11am and finishing at 6pm.

Just like on KnK, there will be no “lunch breaks”, but riders will be able to skip the run and grab the food right on top of the track to regain the much needed energy for the rest of the runs.

See the track on FindHills @

Location – Soča River Valley

The freeride is placed in one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia, the world famous Soča River Valley, next to the town of Tolmin.  The emerald Soča River is considered to be the one of the cleanest Alpine rivers in Europe. Its beauty is beyond words.

To learn more about Soča River, see this website:

The track leads up from the village Volče towards the Slovenian-Italian border and Kolovrat, a World War One outdoor museum where the riders can take a walk inside its cold tunnels filled with spirits of many brave men.

Beautiful campsite on Soča River

We are really stoked about camping at No Man’s Land freeride. CAMP GABRJE with all the amenities will ensure a very comfortable stay for everyone. It is located right next to the river Soča where you can have the cleanest and the freshest swim of your life.

The camp is equipped with an internet connection, electricity, hot showers, toilettes, dish washing area…It has pretty much everything you may need and it is only a few minutes drive to the small town Tolmin.

The camp has a cute bar with a big covered terrace and very friendly staff. That’s where the riders will get served a cold Laško or Union as well as soft drinks while enjoying the evening program.  The newly built kitchen facility right next to the bar will serve tasty food.

For those who enjoy hanging out by the fireplace, camp Gabrje has one of the most amazing in the area. It’s placed on a plateau right next to the Soča River and a beautiful private beach, just about 50m  away from the main bar.

How to join No Man’s Land

The riders limit is set at 120 and a registration fee, which includes staying at the campsite, is 200,00 EUR for 5 days of full freeride.

You can also follow the event via the official Facebook event page at

If you’re coming to No Man’s Land, be sure to join us via official Facebook event page for the latest event updates and announcements.

Verdicchio Race 2017

Verdicchio Race 2017 Announcement

The 2017 Verdicchio Race will take place from the 26th until the 29th of July. As the third edition of this event, 180 riders are expected to roll down the same road as in 2015.

In case you are not familiar with the Verdicchio race track, here is the scoop. It’s a 2.7 km long road with a top speed of +75 km/h for longboarders and up to +80 km/h for street lugers.

The first straight section includes fast sweepers that develop into a more technical section with 6 wide and fast hairpins. If you want to see how the track winds and check out their 2015 event video, click here.

The Verdicchio Race is also both a part of the Italian Downhill Skateboarding Championship, as well as the IDF World Qualifying Series.

Racing in this WQS will set you back 185 euros, while Italian skaters, who only wish to skate in their own Championship, have to pay an entry FIHP fee of 90 euros.

Registration and more event information can be found at  or the event’s official Facebook page.

Shoutout to Verdiccio 2017 sponsors
Comune di Cupramontana
Mezzometro on the Road
Donzelli Autoservizi
Zero31 Longboards
The Owl Longboards
Original Skateboards
Olson & Hekmati
Homeward Tattoo
CF Monsano

To stay on track with the race and updates, follow the official Verdicchio hastags #verdicchiorace and #verdicchiorace17 on Facebook or Instagram.

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series 2017

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series IV Event Report

Officially, there is no event, no organiser and no race. People turn up to the hill, and find anywhere between 15 and 45 skateboarders gearing up. Someone produces radios from their pocket, another guy for some reason has green and red flags…a start line appears and brackets are drawn up. This happens once a month from December to April.

Unofficially, this is the Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series.

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series 2017

The Freiburg winter-race-season-baby is now 3 years old. The idea is to get people on their skateboards over winter to keep the downhill juices flowing to carry them into Spring.

Fun runs with friends new and old is the name of the game, race experience and cash prizes are a bonus for those that feel so inclined.

The race series is not a commercial instrument or branded, but it would be impossible to write this article without thanking Layback Freiburg Skateshop for sponsoring the shuttle bus this season. Especially when skaters were using Hackenstein’s personal van!

We would call this one of the definitions of a core skate shop. The trophy is also paid for and hand built at Layback, and quite nice it is too…

Race tracks are slow and technical, they have to be ridden in any weather conditions (and we’ve had some tough ones) and by all abilities.

One push starts keep the racing tight from the top, and especially with tracks as short as 700m long, keeps the emphasis on ones ability to skate downhill to win the race, rather than just kicking like a horse. Not that that isn’t cool too, but you can do that all summer 😉

Last weekend was the 4th race of 5 of the 2016/17 series. Somehow the weather gods have frowned upon The Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series this year and given skaters full sunshine and dry roads for every race! We guess the last one will be bloody miserable.

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series 2017

Here are a few photo sets that can show the race far better than I can describe it to you: Schnsld, Andreas Seemann Photography. Feel free to like to photographer pages, I’m sure there will be more epic photos up there soon!

And check out the little video shot by Henrik Shinko of the day:

Last year Leon Ritter was the series champion for the 2nd time, but it wasn’t decided until the final heat of the final race, and it was decided in spectacular fashion…

This year it could come down to the wire again with Jan and Janto both on form and with 2 wins each. Top 3 results count.

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series 2017 winners

Top ten is as follows:

  1. Jan Dederer
  2. Janto Just
  3. Marvin Lorff
  4. Adrian Wersching
  5. Jan Brebeck
  6. Leif Schloßarek
  7. Samuel Schuler
  8. Camille Delhaes
  9. Jan Späth
  10. Ruben Schray

Final race will be on the most fun and varied race track that Freiburg has to offer, with basically a closed road, shuttles, crash mats…its getting serious! 29th April, see you there!

For more info about the last race of the Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series visit the Layback Freiburg Skateshop Facebook page.

Cheese Valley Freeride

Cheese Valley Freeride is back!

The two day Cheese Valley Freeride will take place from the 16th – 17th of September, 2017. It will be held in the same small village called Konolfingen, Switzerland, as in 2015.

Cheese Valley Freeride 2017

However, this year Roland Trachsel is not alone. With the help of his wife Anni Trachsel, Danilo Porto, Alex Weijnman, Christoph Batt, Philipp Amann, Marcel Isler, and Dominic Schenk, the event will bring back the same unique experience in the heart of the cheese country.

The track

Eighty riders will skate down a 2 km long track with a top speed of 80 km/h. It is appropriate for both beginners and advanced riders and meant for everyone who loves skateboarding. From the local community, to skaters passing by who want to join the freeride, everyone is welcome.

Here is what Roland had to say about the 2017 Cheese Valley Freeride:

It’s a cool road for beginners and advanced riders. The surrounding beautiful landscape and staying in the middle of a horse farm with tipi tents and a campfire is a great way to meet the local skate family. The longboard community is really important to us.

Although the track is not skateable throughout the year, because it is located between farm lands, the surrounding green pastures offer a pleasant environment during the freeride.


The campsite is located on the top of the track, close to the start, where skaters will be able to find a perfect spot to sleep in their own tent or in a tipi tent located right next to the party tent.

Moreover, the campsite also has horses, pony’s, goats and pigs, some of which you can also pet. This is also a great feature not just for adults, but also families with young children.

The campsite also has a restaurant, a place for camp fires as well as toilettes and showers. In addition, there is also enough room for parking your car or a camper.

The crew will take care of the evening entertainment with a DJ, photo projections and an auction where you can get new skate gear cheaper.

Registration info

The registration is set to start in the beginning of July, 2017 via the Cheese Valley Freeride website. Although, the website is currently offline, you can follow the event on their Facebook event page for all the latest information.

Furthermore, with a registration fee at around 140 Swiss Franks, you not only get a place to skate and relax, but also two meals per day for both days of the freeride.

Finally, check out the video the crew made to help prepare you for the event:

Arico - El Bueno Freeride 2017 Day #2

Arico – El Bueno Freeride 2017 Day #2 Report

Tom Campbell and Ry Swanton are on the Island keeping us posted with the first freeride on Tenerife, Arico – El Bueno 2017 presented by KebbeK Skateboards and organised by BigMountainSkate.

In case you missed the El Bueno Day #1 report, click here to read and watch it.

Here’s how the second day rolled out on the Island…

The track is a black serpent working its way down a terraced mountain side, irrigation ditches cutting it up and cacti lining the sides. The surface is volcanic island tarmac, it slices through layers of wheels like nothing else.

Alex Dehmel live streamed a run with Islander Marcos Costa and lead organiser Felix Rupistch, check it out here…

[facebook url=]

Alex Dehmel is a team rider at Olson&Hekmati, Skoa Trucks, Cult Wheels, and Risch Aerohelmets…Marcos Costa is a team rider at Crash Test Dummies Pucks and Fibretec Skateboards.

In between runs, the riders spend the most time together while waiting for the buses at the bottom. However, this provides a rare opportunity for them to catch up and enjoy being a part of a tight knit international community. The events we go to and the runs we share as riders can create the closest of friendships and it is good to catch up whenever possible, even if it’s just at longboard events.

Here’s some of the stoke found on Instagram…
Photos by @paristruckco, @domi_schenk, @radesigns, @nata_zoja_mi_, @kebbekskateboards and @miguelpalau_vc.

Wheels are being worn down at an exceedingly quick rate with riders having to rely on KebbeK Skateboards core a set, get a set offer.

Pete Connolly has worn down a set of Cult Raptures per day and seems to be running out quickly. For him the event is simple…

“Just freeride and enjoy the vibe”.

Will Edgecombe is there as well, taking photos for Skate[Slate]…

“I am glad to poach some runs on the beautiful track and skate alongside old friends”.

Overall having 5 days of riding gives riders the time to skate different. Juergen Gritzer has been spotted carving down the track on a KebbeK Shortcut while Pete Connolly has been seen throwing a super rare stand up slide.

El Bueno 🙂

Arico - El Bueno Freeride - Day #1

First impressions from Arico – El Bueno Freeride 2017, Day 1

The Marshalling was controlled by the Sliders Skate House crew while the guys from BigMountainSkate took care of the start and oversaw the operation. With the chilled atmosphere surrounding the event riders carved and slid their way down the mountain, taking their time to find their perfect line through the hill.

The Homies from KebbeK Skateboards have put on an exclusive epic deal for riders at the event: The riders can buy a set of slidey KebbeK wheels for 30 Euros and as soon as they core them, they get a new set for free, all week long.

Riders are already handing in their cored sets and redeeming fresh sets to ride…

With such a thane heavy hill we wanted to take away the worry from riders about how many sets of wheels they use ~ Joey Bidner, Kebbek Skateboards

Live run with Emily Pross

We were excited to watch a live stream of a run via Longboard Magazine Facebook page thanks to Emily Pross. She sent it down with a camera rig and streamed a run with Robbert van Haaften.

[facebook url=]

Emily Pross is a team rider at G-Form, RAD Wheels, Ronin Trucks, IXO BoardsDaddies Board Shop and Berkeley College.

What are the riders saying

We also spoke to a few of the riders from the community about their first day at the event. Here’s what they shared with us…

German skater Sebastian Gschaider said:

My day begun pretty early at 6:30 at the Sliders Skate House and then onto the track to enjoy skating with my friends. The track is pretty sick with some funny corners and good hamburgers and nice pack runs with my Homies.

Dutch Skater Bart RiemVis said:

Although the hotel was crammed with the Dutch crew we made it out of bed just in time for the uplift buses. The first ride up the hill on the uplift buses was long but definitely worth it for the epic hill we got to skate. I would recommend BigMountainSkate freerides to anyone, they are the best events to attend from beginner to pro.

British Skater Mark Short describes the day as relaxed, fun with a hint of danger on the side. It’s gentle enough that a beginner can jump onto a board and get down with big carves and big smiles.

No crew has ever succeeded in pulling off a freeride in Tenerife and BigMountainSkate really had their work cut out for them. However they have succeeded in pulling off a lovely, efficient event despite the challenges they have faced.

Tune in via Longboard Magazine Facebook page for further coverage and another live raw run on the track.

Photos by Brianne Collective.
Reports from the event are provided by Tom Campbell and Ry Swanton. Thank you!

Raphaël Therrien inside the ruins at Arico - El Bueno 2017. Photo by Brianne Collective.

The island vibes at Arico – El Bueno freeride are setting in

As planes are landing on Tenerife, the island vibes at Arico – El Bueno freeride presented by KebbeK Skateboards are setting in at the Ecovillaclub with “bellboy” Felix Rupitsch welcoming the guests.

Sleepy riders awoke this morning to a mini ramp overlooking the sea.

Arico - El Bueno 2017 mini ramp overlooking the sea.
Arico – El Bueno 2017 mini ramp overlooking the sea.

Everyone is excited as setups are readied and wheels are packed.

With good forecasts predicted all week the pool is going to come in handy. The Dutch contingent are camped out beside the pool, this is the first sunshine they have seen in a long time.

Close to the hotel is an abandoned Leper colony. Riders today explored, filming lines through the buildings and warming their legs up for the week.

Joey Bidner skateboarding on the ruins at Arico - El Bueno. Photo Brianne Collective.
Joey Bidner skateboarding on the ruins at Arico – El Bueno.

With bars and cafes just ten minutes away from the hotel happy riders can be found scattered across the cafes in search of food and wi-fi.

Arico - El Bueno 2017, relaxing at the beach. Photo by Brianne Collective.
Arico – El Bueno 2017, relaxing at the beach.

BigMountainSkate‘s reputation for creating a pop up paradise has been upkept at El Bueno. Sure the hotel is smaller than expected but the rest is perfect.

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Photos by Brianne Collective.
Reports from the event are provided by Tom Campbell and Ry Swanton. Thank you!

Women's Longboard Camp - Group photo by Maria Arndt

Women’s Longboard Camp – Bonfire 2017 news

We always knew that 2016 was going to be a hard one to top – three events, three concepts, three locations. It all culminated in the epic adventure that was our freeride camp last August in the most magnificent of settings, a collaboration with the brilliant Woodwings crew.

Photo of the crew at last year’s WLC by Maria Arndt

A lot of blood, sweat and also some tears went into last year’s Womens’ Longboard Camp series and for some time it looked as though that may have been it, at least for the time being. To be honest, it would have been a great high on which to end the last five years.

Life is changing, as is the crew, priorities are shifting and gravitating towards other commitments and new ventures, as the saying goes one door closes, another one opens and life begins outside of your comfort zone.

General event information

This year’s edition of the Women’s Longboard Camp will take place from the 2nd – 6th of June 2017. The place to be this year is between the hills and valleys of Löwenstein, a small town situated between Heilbronn and Stuttgart in the south-west of Germany.

Women's Longboard Camp- photo by Maria Arndt
The girls practicing their tuck

Bonfire will be limited to 30 participants to ensure everyone attending gets enough attention from our crew and can enjoy a relaxed and friendly environment. The registration is already open, so check out our shiny new website to get the deets and to sign up.

What’s new for the 2017 Women’s Longboard Camp?

We thought about how we could make it better and our good friend and longtime WLC supporter Alex Dietrich, the man behind Root Longboards himself, will be at the helm of this event; we are both stoked and super grateful for all his hard work.

We’ll be returning to good ol’ Germany once more, to the greater Stuttgart area to be precise, which has been host to several WLC events over the past years.

For the 2017 edition, we’ve chosen a proper special spot – you may have heard of Großerlach before, home of the annual Pimp Mai Ride. No need for shuttles, riders get back up the hill in a skilift, how rad is that?! Skate all day, err day, just how it should be.

We cannot wait to get this party started, it’s going down this June and once again we’ll bring you everything you love, including a residential miniramp, hells to the yeah!

See ya on the hill!

Keeping It High - Seaside 2017 IDF WQS

Keeping It High – Seaside 2017 WQS IDF in Philippines

A new race track will be hosting the Philippines leg of the 2017 World Tour of the International Downhill Federation (IDF) at Keeping It High World Qualifying Series. The Philippines staple chill tropical island vibes will be surrounding the fastest race track in Asia.

Keeping It High – Seaside 2017 WQS IDF in Philippines
Keeping It High – Seaside 2017 WQS IDF in Philippines

The 1st section has a grade of 13.77% and steepest is 23.23%. Riders are surrounded by a mountain range on both sides and when they reach the fastest section of the track, the view switches from mountains to a breathtaking seascape.

The "Ohmega" hairpin is where the view switches and is also the fastest section.
The “Ohmega” hairpin is where the view switches and is also the fastest section.

The beauty of the view may be a distraction for riders but a bunch of turns will try to keep them focused on the way down. As you reach the bottom you can choose to take a walk towards the coast where you can take a dip in the ocean as the hot summer Sun charges you with some “vitamin sea”.

UNITED and Zero Gravity team rider Caloy Sambrano approaching the last turn of Seaside.
UNITED and Zero Gravity team rider Caloy Sambrano approaching the last turn of Seaside.

It will be the third time the race track would be raced on but the first ever time during the hot Philippines summer.

Freeride will be on the April 14th, Qualifying on the 15th and Race day on the 16th.

Keeping It High - Seaside 2017 flyer

Current World #1, Mauritz Armfelt from Sweden as well as a Spanish rider Javier Tato and a German rider Jenny Schauerte are confirmed to race.

I’m super stoked to come to the Philippines! I have heard so much good things. I don’t know what it will be like and I don’t really know what to expect but i always enjoy going to new places! I think I will like the Philippines ~ Mauritz Armfelt, Sweden

Check out the track

If you haven’t made plans yet or if you have never felt some Asian stoke register via IDF or stay updated via the Facebook Event page.

In case you think there’s not enough time to plan your trip overseas, you’ll be happy to know that the Philippines has a 30 days visa waiver policy for EU travellers.

Philippines has a 30 days visa waiver policy for EU travellers

I hope this inspires you to come over to Asia or maybe see you next year.

Photo: Owen Licop, Ally Hemmady and Carl Sambrano
Poster: Abigail Viloria