Longboarding news – 29th November weekly roundup

Looking to see what has transpired in longboarding from the past week? Look no further. Check out the section below to get updated on all the latest videos, and news.

29th November Weekly News Round-up

Latest videos:

Boarding media – Chet Bolstridge

Boarding media just released a fresh edit with Chet Bolstridge. Chet has an unbelievably steezy style – making high-speed drifts look dummy easy and natural.  This edit captures his style really well. The mix of both stationary, moving and follow-cam shots brings it all together. Quite refreshing to watch. 

Dance video – Elias Koch

Elias Koch just dropped another breathtaking dance video. Beyond pulling off some insanely slick moves, Elias dropped some breathtaking drone shots in the video too. Check it out here.

Jake Ballentyne slide style master

Jake Ballentyne is the 360 slide master of 2020. This guy pulls off 360s like it’s his job to do so. Check out this short edit of him on the Rayne longboards Instagram page.

Dogface208 on Shark wheels?

It seems the Cranberry, longboard guy is everywhere! Dogface has featured in everything from music videos, to being featured in the news. This time, he is on the sharkwheel page riding on of their electric longboards. Check it out.

Cuei Wheels – Vultur helmets

Check out this short film by Max Ballesteros and Thiago Lessa explaining what New Olders helmets are and what the different models do. This isn’t just your regular review video, Thiago (a world champion downhill skater) provides some great insight to what these products do, and Max Ballesteros filming (and editing) skills capturing it beautifully. This video is art.

Dance video –  Achel and Valeriya

Achel and Valeriya show off their synchronized longboard dancing skills in this video here. Both amazing dancers and freestylers, this video is just really fun to watch.

Brand news:

Black Friday support from core companies

Several brands close down for Black friday in support of skate shops, encouraging consumers to buy and support skate shops instead of buying directly from the brands.

Some brands who did this were – Rocket Longboards and Paris truck co.

Prism Skate Co. in Hawaii!?

Prism Skate Co has been in Hawaii for the last few days, filming a ton of runs. Their team riders have been teasing and blessing our Instagram timelines with reels from the trip.

The last time the Prism/Caliber/Blood Orange team was in Hawaii they blessed us with this godsend of an edit. It has over 500,000 views on Youtube and deserves every single one. It’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it, and worth watching twice if you already have.

But this time, Tom Flinchbaugh is gonna be the one behind the lens. Tom blessed us with this Hawaii edit – Bricks and Coconuts through the Skate Blood Orange channel. One of my all-time favorite edits to watch.

Longboard girls crew – new nonprofit

LGC has started a funding campaign to support their nonprofit @longboardwomen. They’ve created it with the aim of funding and supporting humanitarian programs that create a positive impact in vulnerable communities. Find out how you can help here.

Gear news

Landyachtz team tease Cheetah tweaks

In the weekly Landyachtz live stream, Dexter Manning dropped some news that the Cheetahs were being tweaked. These tweaks were just going to affect the lips of the wheels only, but should increase how much grip the wheels had.

They also teased the development of a new single kick, top mount freeride board! Exciting stuff.


Ryan Theobald, Landyachtz Longboards

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy video interviews with 40 brands

Just before the snow-heavy February started, we packed our filming gear and headed to Germany to spend four days at the biggest sports trade show in Europe, ISPO Munich 2018.

We spent most of the time in Longboard Embassy organised by 40inch Magazine and Ministry of Stoke where we recorded over 33 interviews that covered 40 brands.

Here’s the minute marks for the brands presented in the video:

ROCKET Longboards 1:58
KebbeK Skateboards 3:32
Buggy Rollin 6:07
King Lui Boards 8:01
DB Longboards 9:53
Alternative Longboards 11:39
Seismic Skate Systems 12:52
Legende Longboard 14:00
Onan Booster Europe 14:54
Madrid Skateboards 16:19
Season Distribution 17:58
Bolzen Trucks 18:26:11
Walzen Wheels 19:15:23
Icone Longboards 20:14:45
Peaceboards 21:25
FITSKATE by Erika.g 22:37:16
Landyachtz Longboards 23:52
Simple Longboards 25:16
Maui and Sons 26:35
quinboards 27:07
Area One Boards 27:55:43
BTR Leathers 29:14
Yow Surfskate 29:50
Carver Skateboards 30:38
Slide Surf Skate 31:35
Bangfish Trucks Co. 33:46
TSG Helmets 37:15
Pro-Tec Helmets 38:22
Sector 9 Skateboards 39:33
Curfboard 41:56
Beercan Boards 42:45
Olson&Hekmati Longboards 43:33
Pogo & NinetySixty Longboards 47:51
Bomb Boards, Pixel Skateboards & Epic Balance Boards 52:25
Triple 8 Helmets 54:27
Whitezu Surfskate Waves 55:00
JayKay E-Trucks 55:34

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy Photo Gallery

We’ve finally settled down at home and it was time to go through the photos I took during the four days we spent at ISPO 2018 in Munich.

Watch the ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy video here.

If you’re not familiar with ISPO, here’s the short walk-through. It is the biggest European multi-segment trade fair within the sports industry. With over 85.000 visitors from 120 different countries, ISPO is stretched out through 16 halls showcasing 8 segments that cover everything from winter sports, team sports, health & fitness to manufacturing & suppliers.

We mostly spent our time in Hall A5 at the Longboard Embassy organized by 40inch Longboard Magazine. Looking back to 2013, when I last visited ISPO, this year’s Longboard Embassy looked a bit smaller than back then, but it was still filled with a wall-to-wall skateboard and longboard products.

The Longboard Embassy view from the lounge area

Walking through the Longboard Embassy, one could try out surf skating, electric longboards, watched Legende Longboard chisel a block of wood, what later became a handcrafted and fully functional longboard, or rest their legs at the lounge area overlooking the Whitezu 12 meter long surf skate wave system.

In the four days of ISPO, we got a chance to talk with and interview 33 brands covering different skateboarding disciplines.

KebbeK Skateboards introduced their new watercolor lineup, Landyachts Longboards showcased the new freeride and dancer boards, ROCKET Longboards showed off it’s new Freak Show collection, Alternative Longboards introduced their new construction and Madrid Skateboards their Netflix Stranger Things collection…just to name a few.

The Longboard Embassy bar

Wheel and truck wise, we got a chance to check out Seismic’s new downhill race wheel, the European Walzen wheels, and the new Bolzen truck models and also talked with Bangfish about their new surf skate trucks.

There were also numerous surf skate brands showcasing their collection surrounding the Whitezu skate wave, like the Spanish YOW surf, Slide Surfskate, Curfboard, and Carver Skateboards.

Regarding protection, we saw the Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver, stopped by at TSG and saw what’s new with Pro-Tec’s Full Cut skateboard helmets.

We also saw the Buggy Rollin suit by Jean Yves Blondeau. He’s most known for one of his stunt characters, the Rollerman, which we also got to see in action.

Jean-Yves Blondeau's Buggy Rollin suits

While we are still editing the interviews to show you what the brands had to say about their new lineups and products, here is a photo gallery from the ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy.

I would like to end this article with an interview with Philippe Roose, a member of the Ministry of Stoke and their F*** Cancer Foundation. In the video, he said that the beer fundraiser at ISPO was a success and shares his personal story with everybody who takes the time to watch the video below.

ISPO 2018 - The 6th Longboard Embassy mockup

See you at the ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy

We’re now less than a week away from ISPO 2018, Europe’s biggest international sports trade fair in Munich, Germany. Once again numerous longboard brands, manufacturers, distributors and fellow action sports exhibitors will be gathered on the floor of the 6th Longboard Embassy in Hall A5, organised by 40inch Longboard Magazine.

This year’s Longboard Embassy will host over 50 longboard and skate brands from all around the globe. You can see the list of all exhibitors who have confirmed their participation on Longboard Embassy’s Facebook page or on the photo below.

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy floor plan
ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy floor plan

Besides organising a place for exhibitors to present their new collections, 40inch also made sure to keep visitor entertained with a Whitezu 12 meter long wave system, a surf skating workshop with Matteo Tontini and his crew and performances by Ben Blaskovic on Sunday night and Eddie Booze on Monday.

ISPO 2018 - The 6th Longboard Embassy mockup
ISPO 2018 – The 6th Longboard Embassy mockup

Join the fund raiser for Philippe and Esther

40inch will also organise a fund raiser for Philippe and Esther who were diagnosed with cancer and need financial support in order to get the drugs they need and trust.

As a surf and skate magazine, we have created a platform that is about the fun of life. However, there are more important things than surfing or skating. Things that could change our lives in a moment. In the positive as in the negative way.

It is shocking when acquaintances or even young people get cancer. You can not do anything about it. The diagnosis appears like a thunderbolt. That’s what happen to Philippe and Esther. Both talented, both super positive and both have changed their life because of the disease.

In addition to the disease, a financial ordeal began for both of them. Medicine that is not manufactured and promoted by the pharmaceutical industry is not payed by the health insurance fund.

In particular, the active substance THC, is only prescribed in certain cases. If you trust it and know that it helps, then this does not necessarily mean that the insurance company covers the costs. For Philippe and Esther it means somehow finding the money for the drugs.

Visitors can help raise funds for the cancer treatment of Philippe and Esther simply by bringing a few beers from their home region.  The Longboard Embassy bar will sell the beer, while the price will be determined by the buyers. One euro of every beer sold will go to the cashier and the rest will be donated.

We also plan on bringing a few Laško’s to help out and of course drinking a beer or two while we’re there.

Last but not least, 40inch is also planing a little surprise, so be sure to bring your street skate along with some beers to Hall A5.

See you soon!

Facebook announced to show even less content from publishers and brands

A couple of days ago Facebook announced that the News Feed will show even less content from publishers and brands while it will push content from your friends, family and groups due to the News Feed being overflown with promotional content published by Pages.

That’s all cool, we all hate advertisements, right?

Well, guess what…

These changes will not be affecting Facebook’s advertising system, they will be affecting Pages that you actually liked. These are not forced on to you. You chose to follow them and to see the content they publish. While marketers will be paying, you’ll still be bombarded with their ads.

So how will this then actually help us, the Facebook users?

It will not! It will only make us more exposed to advertisements as there will be less noise by the Pages posts. Even as it is, Facebook is showing an advertisement after every 4th post!

So, on my News Feed, out of 20 posts I see, 4 are an advertisement, but there’s no space on the timeline to show posts from Pages I liked?

I call Bull****.

At least by “liking” the Pages, you have the control to see what you want.

And what about the advertisements?

You can’t control these, Facebook simply pushes them in the News Feed and you only have a choice to hide the advertisement after you already saw it. However, that will not stop other advertisements from showing. Sure you can use adblockers but that’s not the point. The point is what Facebook actually is…

You can expect to see less posts from Pages you like and more posts from your friends and family and the same amount of annoying commercials.

How does that make any sense?

The way I see it, Facebook came up with one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of the Internet.

Facebook has used all those Pages to grow the number of people using Facebook and now, when it has enough users, it’s time to scam the Pages and force them into paying to be seen.

It only wants to make sure that your precious focus doesn’t get ‘wasted’ on posts from Pages that reach you organically for free, so that you can notice those advertisements that Facebook is making money with easier.

Of course, most probably they would never admit this and after all I am only speculating. But I think that it’s quite obvious what is happening.

If they would have an honest intent to make the user experience better, they would not be showing an advertisement after every 4th post and I would not be fed with posts like “John commented on this post by XYZ” from a year ago  on a content that I don’t even give a crap about, like football or politics or another vegan post making me feel like garbage for eating meat.


What does this mean for many small longboard businesses who are already struggling to get noticed in an ever more busy Facebook News Feed and what will happen to the big ones? What about all those longboarding related pages that share your videos, and what about your pro-rider fan page?

Let me tell you a joke…

A little girl asked her mother to give her some chocolate. The mother then told her to first wash her hands and then she can have the chocolate. The girl then said; But mum, I don’t have hands. Well…No hands, no chocolate, the mother said.

So, you wonder how does this sick joke relate to Facebook?

Consider this…

It’s known that Facebook will push the posts users are engaging with more, meaning that the post will have a good reach if the users like it, share it and comment on it.

Because space in News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we’ll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses. ~ Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed

As I mentioned earlier, many small brands, like core longboarding brands you love, will actually not even get a chance to get noticed. If their Pages will not be receiving enough engagement during the next few months when Facebook will be ranking them, they might even be ignored and eventually abandoned and forgotten. Big media feeding you with bullshit has money to pay for advertising, so you’ll be seeing them for sure.

In Facebook’s scenario, the Pages should be producing content that the users will engage with; discuss about it. While that’s all right, you should know that this is extremely hard to achieve unless you post something that triggers user’s emotions, like a post about an animal being abused or Trump tweeting from his shithole.

You can actually expect to see more of the stuff that you hate, just because you’ll be responding to it and interacting with that type of content. You can for sure expect to see less from your fellows board makers, event organisers and longboarding media hubs just because they’re not posting much stuff that will shock you, so you will not be commenting, sharing and liking.

Facebook has been doing this noticeably for more than a year now. It’s nothing new, but their latest announcement points out that they will be cutting the Pages’ reach even more.

So, back to the chocolate…

New pages and pages with a small amount of followers will basically have no chance of growing, unless they have something revolutionary to show and their post goes viral. Even then, the Page Likes are not guaranteed, and even if they were, what’s the use of them, when Facebook is heavily limiting its reach, showing the content to only less than 10% of those followers. When starting, they will have no followers, no engagement, no comments and likes… They are doomed right from the start. This way it will not make sense creating one except for the purpose of posting paid adverts.

So, there you have it…No hands, no chocolate.

What can longboard brands, media and community pages do about it?

If you’re running a Facebook page, it’s time to reconsider how you’re spending your time. Is Facebook bringing in new customers or are you in the bubble, constantly showing your content to the same people? How many new followers does your page get every month? Is it between at least 200 – 500 new followers every month? No? Then forget about it, you’re not reaching enough people and you’re doing “Sisyphus work”.

It’s time for you to wake up. Some brands have already adopted new practices, basically almost completely quitting Facebook and actually making progress with their business.

Many brand owners will feel as if they may have to start from scratch, but considering what Facebook is doing, they will soon be left with no other options than paying for advertising or ending their business.

You can still take action.

Here are some of the options you’re left with…

Buy comments, likes and shares (not recommended)

Well of course, a businesses will be able to buy comments, likes and shares as usual. When used smart, this services can help their content go viral, especially when it’s something really interesting to see. That’s how it’s often done. However, this will only work for content that the general public will be interested in, for example, a crazy driver doing crazy stuff on the road…We can all relate to that, because most of us are drivers ourselves and seeing this makes us angry or shocked so we’ll respond to it and share it.

For a longboard brand this method will not help unless they publish a video of their team rider getting almost hit by a car, which would shock everyone and they’ll be sharing like “Look at this crazy bastard”. So nothing really good would come out of that for the brand. And if they will post a standard raw run video as they usually do, this will not resonate with the general public’s interests.

Just to make it clear, I do not recommend buying followers or likes…

Continue to grow the number of your flow team riders which you can exploit as your personal “share army”…business as usual

One thing that longboarding brands can do is to continue growing their flow team and build their personal “share army”. More team riders means more people who will share and comment on their posts.

It already feels like everyone “skates for some brand”, basically working and providing promotional services illegally. There’s almost no skate videos without some brand being tagged. And that’s how together with Facebook, the longboarders unintentionally actually killed the longboarding media sites and forums.

Instead of those having a role of providing a platform for the community, news sharing, rider features, brand promotions, the users have taken over the role of promotors.

That’s all still good…but now the time has come when Facebook will make an end to it and make the bubble we are in even stronger, meaning that we will be promoting to each other (limited to our friends and family) until your sponsors realises that you’re not reaching new people who will become their buyers.

Because, for example, you have 300 friends on Facebook and you’ll be limited to that group of people and their posts, unaware of many other things that are in your interest, not reaching new people as fast as your sponsors need you too.

Facebook Pages like Longboard Magazine are meant to be social media hubs where you can learn about new riders, gear, events and other longboarding related things, which are outside of your bubble (those 300 friends) and you’re not connected with.

We never charge for that, we do it for free so that the community would grow, businesses would be able to get new customers and the events would have riders. We are not selling anything… So, community builders like us, who spent almost a decade working on our Facebook pages serving others and mostly helping Facebook (in the beginning) to get people on it, can now shove it up their arse.

It’s our own fault. For many years we knew that this is coming, but we were all too hungry for attention, likes and shares… So instead of building our websites, we started wasting our time on building Facebook, which now has the agenda to put us out of “business”.

Think about how the longboard makers and event organisers feel when they’ve spent so much time and money on building their presence on Facebook, but now they will simply loose that, because Facebook betrayed them for the sake of their own profit.

We do recommend having team riders and making them aware of this problem and telling them to share your posts. But if that’s your primary reason for getting the riders, you’re doing it wrong. There’s plenty of those who are doing it and they look huge on Facebook while at the end of the day, their business doesn’t grow leading them to falsely conclude that there’s not enough consumers for their products.

Tell your followers to mark your page with “See first”

This option is available from the menu next to the “Like” button under the cover photo. People who want to make sure that they see the content published by your page can simply activate this and you should suggest them to do it because not everyone is aware of this feature.

Most important; focus more on your own websites, newsletters and do good SEO

Instead of feeding  Facebook by publishing all of your content on it, you should focus more on building your own website, have unique and great content published there, build a newsletter list etc… and connect with other media sites in order to get relevant quality backlinks and expand your audience. Tell you riders to give some high quality unique content to media sites instead of posting it straight to Facebook. That’s how the content will reach new people, outside of the rider’s personal bubble, it will enable your business to expand its audience and grow.

So, don’t dump your content’s value by throwing it on Facebook as if it’s worth nothing. It will get some views and by the next day it will be forgotten. Make something special with it, write a blog post for the video, add some photos, put it on your website in the video section, make it easy for people to find it in one place…Don’t be yet another post in the timeline that got thousands of 3-seconds views.

Create good content on your website, provide value to the readers and they’ll stick around. If not, you’re obviously not having anything special to show and Facebook is probably right when it wants less of you in the News Feed. It may sound cruel but that’s how it is.

Make sure to do good Search Engine Optimisation, so that people can find your website in Google when they are actually searching for something like “buy longboard” and similar (you’ll need the backlinks for that which I mentioned earlier). This will actually help your business, not showing your videos to the same people over and over again who are not on Facebook to buy something, but just to spend time and see what’s up.

There… I have to stop somewhere, otherwise I could go on for ages.

What will you do about it?

Kebbek Skateboards; A love affair with skating over 20 years long – Scabs, road rash and all

Kebbek Skateboards; A love affair with skating over 20 years long – Scabs, road rash and all

It’s 2008 and I just picked up skating for the third time in my life; I’m visiting New York for work but all my free time is spent pushing around Manhattan and learning how to slide from some amazing folks over in Brooklyn, I ask for a recommendation for a downhill board and I’m told to get a Kebbek.

But that’s not where this story starts, it’s just where I come into contact with one of the most focused board companies out there.

Rewind to 1992 and a young Ian Comishin returned to Canada after studying in Japan for a year, he decided to make skating a core part of his output to the world and started raising money by selling T-shirts under the name Powder Milk, which was the name of a store his friends ran in Japan.

After a short while he turned this into a full on Skateboard operation, now dubbed PM Skateboards.

Having grown up in the mountains of Kimberley BC, Population 8000~, where skateparks were a rarity, it wasn’t odd to find himself and a crew out on the hills or skating stairs sets, ledges or whatever they could find, at a time when Skateboarding was even more criminalised than it is today.

Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek
“Mad racks of PM Big Bugger boards” Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek

By the late 90s PM Skateboards had moved to Vancouver from Rossland, sponsored an all Canadian team of riders as well as having their boards produced domestically, having put so much attention and focus into supporting the scene it was only logical to spread the word to small towns and cities across BC.

This gave birth to the 1999 Hicks on Sticks tour that would bring live music and skateboarding to other small communities introduce new generations to the freedom that seemingly only piece of wood, metal and urethane can bring.

At a time when the internet was still in it’s infancy, getting the message out there took more effort than just a few clicks and boobs.

This tour is a story in itself and there’s even a documentary about it, you can watch the full version here:
iTunes – Hicks On Sticks

A fresh start

From the crippling debt of the tour a couple of seeds were sown, one of these continues to be benefit to the Vancouver skate scene to this day, while the other was the re-birth of PM Skateboards as Kebbek.

Having moved to Montreal to work and get everyone out of debt from the tour, Ian got in touch with Jody Wilcock and Jim Zielasnki (AKA JimZ), old friends from back home, and urged them to come and work with him in Eastern Canada in the province of Quebec, where the name Kebbek came from.

"Ye olde shop sign on Ville Emard, Quebec, where Kebbek operates" Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek

Jody had designed lowered boards for Downhill Skateboarding, between him and JimZ they started supplying these to Landyachtz while still living in BC, when they moved to Montreal to join Ian, Kebbek was born and the concept of lowered boards moved into it’s heyday of the early 2000s with Kebbek prominently leading the market not only in design, but in research and production.

It’s thanks to work in robotics and CNC which Jody and JimZ brought to Kebbek that the level of detail and thought that went into each board meant that boards were produced with amazing consistency.
JimZ also produced some of the most early CNC trucks for longboards as well, the Speedparts truck, which is still a highly regarded truck today by those in the know.

"Ian in front of a stack of off-cuts from the CNC mill, holding his Signature board and successor to the Evo (AKA Comishin/JF Boily/Jon Caften" Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek

At this time they were still producing boards for Landyachtz and Ian was behind the Evo’s design, arguably one of the more known lowered boards in downhill skateboarding, which made it’s way onto more podiums worldwide than possibly any board before or since.

Video: Re-edit of the Kebbek video for Concrete Wave DVD Evolution ~2006

Alongside these speedboards, Kebbek produced high quality slalom boards along with occasional PM homage models, in house artist Pierre Gravel supplied artwork for many years worth of ranges while also holding it down as a top contender in Slalom along with other Kebbek team riders Claude Reigner and Jean Pascal (Rockin’ Rookie).

Photos courtesy of PM/Kebbek
Aside from having lean your parents dream of, Pierre holds it down in many fields including art, running cones and putting on the odd ISSA event.
“Before the BigZig revolution, you’d find the Kebbek team pre-drifting down some of the more fancy roads in Quebec city. Legend has it those toys are made by the Devil….” Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek

The same ethos of a tight knit crew centred operation that was at the heart of PM is also a core belief in Kebbek, no other brand before or since in the world of downhill and slalom has ever supported so many riders with unique Pro Model boards.

This time though, riders outside of Canada found their names on a few boards, like Australian Legend Stephen Daddow, German master Bassi Haller to name a few.

“Race unknown, but JimZ in 1st, JF in 2nd, Jody in 3rd and Adam Colton in 4th.” Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek

As the years went on, most of the early Kebbek team retired their models and made way for the young blood, but you’ll still see the legend’s names popping up here and there at events.

“JimZ developed the one handed approach to sliding toeside, even K-Rimes acknowledges this feat! https://goo.gl/Rmd12e” Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek

To date, most of the technical achievements pioneered by Kebbek have gone on to inspire countless other riders and board designers worldwide.

"JimZ signature board; with CNC cut drop through for Randal 35 flushmounted baseplates..... such detail. I've read the Crail version was a fucker to do..." Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek
“JimZ signature board; with CNC cut drop through for Randal 35 flushmounted baseplates….. such detail. I’ve read the Crail version was a fucker to do…” Photo courtesy of PM/Kebbek

It’s the constant drive to support their riders and skating as a whole that really sets the tone for Kebbek, while also pushing forwards with board design and this year we see a refined line up with 4 pro models and other models.

To me it’s never been so much about the brand, but instead the people behind it, with great skaters like Emma Daigle, Ben Dub, Amane Kishida and Juergen Gritzner putting out signature boards this year, I’m just as stoked about skating a Kebbek as I was back in 2008.

Moi, the author, trying to survive Peyragude 2Luxe Cup 2009 on my 1st Kebbek board, a JimZ. Still grab from Yvon Labarthe’s video
Kebbek got a complete new overhaul by my friend Joey Bidner - I am pretty stoked on that as well and as on the new Pro Model for my homie Jürgen Gritzner (guy in white shirt)

New longboarding products spotted on ISPO 2016 by Markus Knoblechner

Our buddy Markus Knoblechner visited the 4th edition of the Longboard Embassy at ISPO Munich at the end of January this year. The Europe’s biggest international trade fair was packed with loads of new stuff just waiting to be shredded.

The guys from 40inch longboard magazine made it possible and teamed up with even more brands for this year’s edition, to bring us the best and latest news and get us stoked for the upcoming season.

Here’s some of the cool stuff which caught Markus’ attention and sneaked into his memory card.

OLSON&HEKMATI new longboard shoe colour, Gnarlicante freeride & O&H Pro Grip downhill wheels

Olson&Hekmati longboard shoes, gloves and wheels. Photo by Markus Knoblechner
Olson&Hekmati longboard shoes, gloves and wheels. Photo by Markus Knoblechner

The free booze and friendly laughs with Alex Dehmel and Pablo Quiles weren’t the only thing to do at the Olson&Hekmati booth at ISPO. By displaying their whole array of longboard decks, including the downhill Bromodel, you could also enjoy watching fast runs by their team riders and finally see their O&H Gnarlicante Collabo freeride wheels in person. The team also featured their longboard specific skate shoes in a new neutral black colour that looks super stylish and comfy to skate in.

Related: O&H Pro Grip wheels review with Stefano Barbizzi

KEBBEK SKATEBOARDS revolution 2016

Juergen Gritzner repping Kebbek Skateboards at ISPO 2016. Photo by Markus Knoblechner
Juergen Gritzner repping Kebbek Skateboards at ISPO 2016. Photo by Markus Knoblechner

Loving everything maple, Kebbek got us curious after teasing us all winter with hints of what has jet to come. With a complete overhaul by a young mastermind Joey Bidner, Kebbek introduced their sick skate house series as well as some pro models, all completely made in Canada. We were also happy to hear, that our friend and party animal Juergen Gritzner is getting a new pro model, Topmount 38.

A video posted by Kebbek (@kebbekskateboards) on

A video posted by Kebbek (@kebbekskateboards) on

We will present the complete Kebbek 2016 collection soon.
Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when it goes live.

ROOT LONGBOARDS – The Blitzer and Lilian Gutsch prototypes

The Blitzer proto (left) and Lilian Gutsch proto (right). Photo by Markus Knoblechner
The Blitzer proto (left) and Lilian Gutsch proto (right). Photo by Markus Knoblechner
ROOT experimented with some urethan sidewalls on impact zones. Photo by Markus Knoblechner
ROOT experimented with some urethan sidewalls on impact zones. Photo by Markus Knoblechner

Root Longboards got us stoked again with their burnt wood, new board models and sick graphics by the Vaim. Amongst some new highlights in their collection, one board made for their female team rider Lilian Gutsch stood out. Although Lili’s board doesn’t have an official name yet, it promises smaller dimensions suitable for female riders. With a 22 cm width and 86 cm length and a gentle concave it will make every girl want to progress and skate even more.

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RAD INFLUNCE – the new wheels by Rider Approved Designs

RAD Influence wheels at ISPO. Photo by Markus Knoblechner
RAD Influence wheels at ISPO. Photo by Markus Knoblechner

Rider Approved Designs introduced their new Influence wheel for two of their riders. After more than a year of prototyping and testing at super high speeds and roads across the World, the new pro wheel for Max Ballesteros was finally approved. Available in 77a durometer with a proprietary high rebound urethane that maximizes your speed, it promises to keep you rolling fast while railing lines and bombing mountains. If you are more into going sideways, you could feast your eyes on the Jimmy Riha pro wheel in a smaller versatile shape suitable for anything from fast freeriding to trashing your local streets.

WALZEN WHEELS – finally full lineup!

Photo by Markus Knoblechner
Walzen Wheels full lineup. Photo by Markus Knoblechner

Sharing a booth with Bolzen trucks, the freshly baked Walzen wheels presented their whole collection of wheels including freeride and DH prototype longboard wheels in different colours and duros. To find out more about the Walzens check out this review by Walzen team rider Roman Tschofen.

S’PIN MAGAZINE by Maria Arndt

Maria Arndt showing off the S'pin magazine. Photo by Markus Knoblechner
Maria Arndt showing off the S’pin magazine. Photo by Markus Knoblechner

In other news, we were happy to catch up with Maria Arndt (Girls in Longboarding), a skateboarder, photographer, graphic designer and the mastermind behind S’pin, a new skateboarding magazine with a message – Girls skate! Aside from correcting the image of female skaters in the industry, the magazine promises content suitable for all genders and skill levels. It covers a broad spectrum of topics to make sure to keep you entertained all packed in a beautiful design. More at https://spin-skate.strikingly.com

Thank you for awesome photos and insight, Markus 🙂

NGV - Next Boards - Electric Skateboard

Mischo Erban sets a speed record with NGV electric skateboard

Lately we’ve seen many electric skateboards hitting the markets worldwide. Without any doubt, I think that they do have a bright future as a form of a “green” and a fun way of travelling around the city.

While other electric skateboards developers and manufacturers focus more on achieving longer distances by limiting the maximum speed and power of their products, NGV – Next Generation Vehicles from Slovenia decided to take it a completely opposite way.

Still under development

NGV’s Next Board electric skateboard is still in a development stage and it doesn’t look as nice as some other similar products, it’s look definitely needs some more attention.

Next Board electric skateboard drive
Next Board electric skateboard drive

It features 4×4 in-wheel drive, which is not so common with other electric skateboards. Powered by a 6-cell lithium-polymer 22.2-volt 8,000-mAh battery pack located under the Murksli deck and controlled with handheld remote, Next Board can reach up to 15 km with a moderate speed. Comparing to other e-skateboards which fully charged usually reach a distance of up to 40 km, this might sound as a bit “too short”, but this issue is definitely something that NGV team will address soon enough.

NGV Electric skateboard with handheld remote control
NGV Electric skateboard with handheld remote control

NGV’s vision

According to Toni Dernovšek (Next Board developer), Next Board should be available in 2 or 4 wheel drive and different power options. Final price of the product will depend on it’s components, such as trucks, deck, battery capacity etc. Price range will be somewhere between 1.500 – 4.000 eur, depending on the model.

He says, that their electric skateboard was not planned as a transportation vehicle but more as an upgrade to existing professional skateboards. Their vision exceeds the usual use of electric skateboards as they want to see it being used for competitions in all kinds of skateboarding disciplines, such as downhill racing, slalom, freestyle and similar.

The most powerful electric skateboard

While it doesn’t have the looks and the longest distance reach it sure is a beast when it comes to the power and maximum speed which you can pull out of it.

NGV Next Board electric skateboard complete
NGV Next Board electric skateboard complete

I had the chance to try it out in the beginning of this summer, probably hitting somewhere near 50 km/h – apparently it was set to only half of it’s power. Very impressed with it, I would brag about it to my friends telling them that this board will race with the speed up to 100km/h. A common sceptical reaction was; “Yeah, right…”. Not long after, NGV announced that they will try to set a world speed record with their electric skateboard.

The fastest electric skateboard

NGV hooked up with Mischo Erban (Guinness world record holder for fastest speed on skateboard), confident that his downhill skateboarding skills are going to help them accomplish a highest score possible. They were right.

NGV electric skateboard drive mounted on Ronin trucks
NGV electric skateboard drive mounted on Ronin trucks

It was supposed to happen today, on Thursday 29th, 2015, but due to a bad weather forecast they decided to do it two days earlier. This timeline change resulted with some of us not being able to be there and witness the event which was held on Portorož airport in Slovenia on Tuesday, 27th.

Official top speed 95,83 km/h

Apparently, a day earlier the top speed Mischo did on the Next Board was 113 km/h! However, on the official measurement event the top speed was 95,83 km/h. There you have it, officially the fastest electric skateboard! Congratulations to everyone involved 🙂

* Click on a photo to play the video

Downgrade or Upgrade?

Electric skateboards are still skateboards, but they have very little to do with the “sport” which we love so much – downhill skateboarding. While some people are passionate about such tech upgrades, other think that they downgrade the essence of skateboarding.

Have your say

Is electric skateboard something that you would use or would you rather keep on pushing? Leave a comment, tell us how you fill about it.

Olson&Hekmati Longboard Shoes

Olson&Hekmati introduces longboarding shoes in collab with Djinns

Olson & Hekmati x Djinns longboard shoes

Olson&Hekmati – Oliver Dehmel’s and Björn Hekmati’s baby is one of the leading German longboard brands at the moment. Oliver and Björn were brought together by a shared passion for skateboarding. At the beginning (almost a decade ago) they were offering mostly longboard decks, but that changed pretty soon. Now they’re offering a broad selection of different longboard products, which prove their quality on the cruel, ruthless roads and surfaces.

Olson & Hekmati x Djinns collection

It’s not that long since O&H joined forces with the Germany-based brand Djinns and the result was a fantastic fresh collection of longboards necessities: snapback hats, mega stylish longboards and extremely comfortable shoes. The color of the products was created to suit their wooden longboards. They dedicated the most attention to the kicks, which are lightweight, slim, and durable.

Olson & Hekmati x Djinns longboard shoes

The vulcanized sole is hard enough to last, but at same time not overly stiff, so you can still feel your board under your feet. The slim outline and low cut create a free feeling while riding. The upper part of the O&H longboard shoes is made from leather which is quite resistant to grip tape.

Olson & Hekmati x Djinns longboard shoes

Also, make sure to check out a video featuring O&H longboard shoes in action!

At a time of writing this post Olson&Hekmati x Djinns longboard shoes cost 69,90 €. Follow O&H team via their Facebook and Istangram profiles.