Wheelbite: What is It and How to Prevent and Fix

Wheelbite is one of the worst things that can happen to you on a skateboard. The fun comes to a literal screeching halt …

Today I’ll be talking about wheelbite and what you can do to prevent it. I go over a ton of solutions so you should be able to find one that works well for you. Check it out below.

What is wheelbite?


Wheelbite is basically when your wheels touch your board.

This happens when you turn/lean too much and it could result in your board completely stopping and throwing you forward. 

Because of wheelbite, a lot of skaters end up getting hurt. Because the stopping is often so sudden, you end up falling awkwardly when you fall forward. I’ve been lucky enough to end up with a few bruises, but some people walk away with some nasty injuries (think skinned palms).


So yeah, wheelbite can be a real vibe killer, and skaters try to avoid it most of the time. But how does it actually happen?

How and why wheelbite happens


As I said earlier, wheelbite happens when your wheel touches your board. It can happen because of a few reasons:

  • Your trucks are too loose and they articulate to the point your wheel can touch the deck.
  • Your wheels are too big. When wheels are big, the wheel clearance is less and you don’t have to lean too much to get wheel bite.
  • You don’t have any wheel wells. Wheel wells increase the distance between the deck and the wheels (basically clearance). No wheel wells mean less clearance, making it easier to get bite.

So now that we’ve established why we get wheelbite, let’s look into how we can prevent it altogether.

Why should you prevent wheelbite?


Not getting wheelbite will allow you to cruise and carve with confidence. You can turn and dive as hard as you want, without worrying about your board suddenly stopping. It’s a good confidence boost and it makes skating a bit safer.

It also will increase the durability of your deck and wheels, saving you money.


How to prevent wheelbite on your longboard

Get smaller wheels


Getting smaller wheels is an easy way to prevent wheelbite. Small wheels increase the clearance between the wheel and the deck. You’ll be able to lean pretty hard without worrying about the wheel touching the deck.


Also, be mindful that going for a smaller wheel has its disadvantages. Namely, they won’t be able to roll over cracks and pebbles as easily as bigger wheels and they won’t smoothen out the ride quite as much …


If you have reverse kingpin trucks (RKPs), you could probably go for 65-70mm wheels and skate them without the worry of bite. If you have traditional kingpin trucks (TKPs), you could get 55-59mm wheels and skate it without worrying too much about bite. Of course, trucks also have different heights and that affects how easy it is to get bite.

Change the trucks


Longboard trucks aren’t all the same. Some are tall and others are short. The taller ones will give you more wheel clearance whilst the shorter ones will get bite easier. You can typically split them into two categories, RKPS vs TKPS.

Traditional kingpin trucks (TKPs) are usually super low.

TKPs are designed for normal skateboards. They’re designed to run wheels between 50-60mm in height. You can usually get TKPs in 3 different heights:

  • Hi
  • Mid
  • Low

The “Hi” trucks will have more clearance than the low ones, and they’ll be better for wheels about 55-60mm in height. They’re the TKPs to go for if you want to avoid bite.

Reverse kingpin trucks (RKPs) have more clearance.

RKPs have a different geometry to TKPs. Because of this, they tend to be taller and have more wheel clearance. You can run wheels between 60-72mm on most RKPs without the worry of bite.

Like TKPS, different brands will have different heights, but most of the time they should decently tall. Our current recommendation:

Risers are an affordable solution


Ok, so what if you like the trucks you have and don’t want to change them around? You can simply use risers.

Risers are these little plastic pads that go between your trucks and the deck. They increase the height of the trucks and increase wheel clearance. They’re pretty cheap and you can buy some for under $5. They will allow you to run huge 75mm+ wheels.


They come in heights from ⅛inch, ¼inch, to 1/2inch in size. Just remember to buy longer bolts, as some bolts might be too short to go all the way through them.


Though they’re an easy solution, they change how your trucks feel. Because they increase height, they can make the ride feel more divey, and more unstable at faster speeds. They will also make it feel super carvy, so you can lean in and turn deeply even at slower speeds.


Risers are, in my opinion, the best solution to wheelbite in this article. Here is a super affordable model that works great:

Harder bushings


Ok, what if you don’t want to change your trucks or add risers? You can simply get harder bushings.

Bushings are the little things in your trucks that control how you lean and turn. They squish as you lean left or right, and depending on how hard they are, they either squish a lot or a little.


So yeah, they come in different durometers (hardness) and they determine how much your truck will lean. So if your truck leans too much and gets bite, you can get slightly harder bushings and it won’t lean as much.


Of course, this also means you lose some flow and carvyiness. Your truck won’t be able to turn as quickly and won’t feel as nimble.

You can also tighten your trucks – the easiest solution

You could also simply tighten your bushings. Tightening the kingpin nut down a couple of times will restrict how much your trucks turn and lean. This kind of works in a similar way to getting harder bushings. But now, you significantly restrict the articulation of the truck …


This isn’t the best method. It will destroy your bushings with time and you will lose a lot of flow from the truck. However, it is a pretty simple solution and should work well if you need something short term.

Get a board with wheel wells and wheel flairs


Wheel wells and wheel flairs essentially increase the distance between the wheel and the deck.


Wheel wells are cutouts on the deck where the wheels are expected to touch the board. They’re made by either sanding that part of the deck down, or by cutting out it with a CNC machine or a wood router.


Wheel flairs are a bit different. The part where the wheelbite should occur is raised. This is made by pressing the board in a certain way, resulting in a bump/raised bit about where the wheels are. This increases clearance by a bit too.


Some decks have only wheel wells, whilst others have both.

Sand in some wheel wells to your current board

If your deck doesn’t have wheel wells, you could always sand them in yourself. It will require some jerry-rigging, but it is a good solution. You won’t have to change anything about your trucks/wheels and you can turn deeply without the worry of bite. Just be careful about sanding composite decks as carbon and fiberglass dust is nasty stuff.

Final Thoughts

So, What do you think? What solution are you going to try?

If you need a quick fix, simply tightening your trucks will work well. Buying some risers will be the next easiest solution, but I ultimately recommend get a board with deep wheel wells or sanding them in yourself – if you’re up to the challenge.


Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising

When it comes to longboarding, the type of wheels that you are using will have an immense impact on your overall experience.

Whatever is that you’re aiming for, you always need to find the most suitable wheels for the occasion. Unfortunately, many longboard manufacturers don’t always care about an individual rider’s preferences.

This is why some stock wheels are kind of a letdown for many riders.

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the best longboard wheels for cruising. Aside from the list of the best options, we’ll also do a brief buying guide so that you can get a better understanding of the issue.

Here’s a summarized version of our choices:


Type / Features



Sector 9 Nine Ball

– 78A Top Shelf Urethane,
– 38 mm contact patch,
– Center set core
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Editor’s Choice

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm

– Available in 77a (blue), 80a (orange), 83a (purple), and 86a (yellow) Happy Thane Formula,
– 56 mm contact patch,
– 75 mm diameter,
– High strenght, high stiffness core
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Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels – Available in 77a (blue), 80a (orange), and 83a (purple) Happy Thane Formula,
– 56 mm contact patch,
– 85 mm diameter,
– Includes Loaded Jehu V2 bearings with integrated spacers and speedrings
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Shark Wheel Sidewinder 70mm 78A – 78A durometer,
– 70 mm diameter,
– Sine wave pattern design
N/A Check Price


Sector 9 Nine Ball


Sector 9 is a company that’s pretty well-known at this point for its quality longboards and other appropriating gear and components. So it’s not a wonder that they’re popping up in pretty much every longboard-related rundown.

For this little rundown, we are including Sector 9’s Nine Ball wheels.

We are looking at the 70 mm wheel diameter, along with the 78A durometer.

This is a relatively softer configuration, making those longer cruise rides more enjoyable and comfortable.

The contact patch is at about 38 mm, and we also have a center-set core.

In essence, all of these properties make them a pretty solid choice for those who are looking for the best cruising wheels.

Overall, they’re a pretty good deal for the money. The one downside that we’d mention is that they might be a bit too rough on some sidewalks. But if we’re talking about standard asphalt and regular roads, these will turn your ride into smooth sailing.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Good deal for the price
  • Made from top-shelf urethane
  • Relatively softer (78A), making them a good option for long comfortable cruising rides
  • Centerset core


  • Nine Ball wheels might feel a bit more rugged on some sidewalks


Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels


Orangatang is a company that specializes in making longboard wheels. And so far, they’ve been getting mostly positive reviews by longboard riders.

Their focus is on simplicity, great quality, and specific aesthetics and design.

You could say that these wheels look like something flashy from the 1990s.

Anyhow, for the list of cruising wheels, we have theirs In Heat series.

So let’s start with the basics. These are wheels that are 75 mm in diameter.

Now, their width is significantly bigger compared to the previous product. We have 56 mm as well as the same size for the contact patch.

As far as the durometer goes, there are three versions – 77A, 80A, 83A, and 86A. As you can see, there’s a variety of choices here, but it’s a better idea to focus on softer models.

When it comes to the urethane formula, we have the happy thane on our hands here. It has that “buttery” smoothness to it, yet it provides enough grip on different surfaces.

Overall, these are balanced and fast, definitely a good addition in case you’re coming up with your new cruising setup.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Very balanced and fast
  • Happy thane formula
  • Great grip on many different surfaces
  • Very smooth feel, great for cruise rides


  • Some have complained that they can wear out in a relatively short period compared to some other wheels


Big Boy 70 mm Gel Solid Skateboard Wheels


Going deeper into the world of cruising longboard wheels, we’d also like to think of some budget options you might want to consider.

Of course, this is a bit of a slippery slope, as many can be misled into buying cheaper stuff, and then end up buying something new not long after.

However, if you’re on a budget and just can’t, or won’t, look into anything mid or high price level, then the Big Boy 70 mm wheels can be a good option for you.

What’s more, along with four of these simple wheels, you will get all the bearings and spacers as well.

Generally speaking, these Big Boy 70 mm Gel Solid wheels are intended for multiple different purposes.

They’re intended for general cruising, downhill rides, and other purposes.

However, we’d argue that they’re most suitable for cruising.

To be fair, they’re not the super-quality ones but are more than a good solution if you don’t feel like spending a lot and just need something to do the job right.

Other than that, you’ll probably need to invest a bit more.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Cheap yet quite reliable for this price level
  • Multi-purpose wheels
  • It also comes with spacers and bearings


  • Not the most quality product out there
  • Might not be comfortable on some rougher surfaces


Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro


Now going over to some of the mid-level price gear, we decided to include one of Blood Orange’s products.

Once again we have a company that specializes in longboard wheels and has been making some good stuff for quite a while now.

The one particular set of wheels that we’re interested in is the Liam Morgan Pro. Since they bear the name of one of the most famous longboarders, then they’re by all means worth checking out, right?

Going into these signature wheel series, there are three basic models here.

There are 60 mm, 65 mm, as well as 70 mm diameter options. All three of these can be used for regular cruising purposes. However, we’d mostly recommend the 70-millimeter version for this purpose. This one also comes in handy for downhill rides.

The contact surface is a bit of a narrower one, with only 32 mm. The offset is at the 2.5 mm mark.

As far as the material composition goes, we have the so-called Liam Morgan Formula or LMF. This particular formula is intended for many different purposes or settings.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Special Liam Morgan Formula for multi-purpose use
  • Very comfortable rides on a variety of surfaces
  • Can be useful for downhills as well



  • None for this price level


Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising


Since they have such a great reputation for their different longboard wheels, there’s no way not to include at least one more Orangatang product on this list.

So up next, we’re including their Caguma 85 mm wheels.

But first, we need to note that these are a bit more expensive, going over into the higher-end price level.

Nonetheless, the price is pretty much justified.

Their main purpose is for cruising, but you’ll see these wheels in some other settings as well as they’re pretty versatile. What’s more, they are often used for eBoards and regular skateboards.

Going over to their main features, the Caguma wheels are designed to be smooth on almost any type of surface where you can ride.

With them, you don’t need to worry about some of the weird sidewalks or uneven roads.

This is also due to a wide contact patch which is 56 mm.

For this model, Orangatang uses the Happy Thane formula, which combines great grip and smooth rides.

You’ll be able to achieve higher speeds and still have a very comfortable cruise.

In addition to all this, they’re pretty much very durable. These wheels also come in three different durometer versions – 77A, 80A, and 83A.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Very versatile, can be used for more than just cruising
  • Wide contact patch
  • Larger diameter, making rides more comfortable even on rougher surfaces
  • Happy Thane formula provides both the grip and smooth rides



  • They’re a bit expensive


Shark Wheel Sidewinder


Maybe it’s not a priority, but some might prefer to have a set of aesthetically pleasing wheels.

After all, looking unique is all part of the game as well. We’re pretty much certain that everyone will be turning their heads for these.

But, of course, we’re mostly interested in features and performance.

After all, we need something that will provide awesome cruise rides. So if you’ve been into longboards at least for a while, you’ve likely heard of Shark Wheel.

They specialize in making rather unusual wheels. We know that it might sound crazy to some, but they don’t rely on the conventional round shapes.

Instead, their wheels have a few interlocking rings of square and spherical shapes. Not to get too much into physics, but the resulting performance brings a very unique experience. Although they haven’t been around for a long time, they’re still pretty popular.

Combining these unique shapes with the high-rebound polyurethane material, you’ll be able to go over pretty much anything along the way.

The 78A durometer also provides a very soft ride and is capable of absorbing shock.

So these are fast, versatile, very comfortable, and look great. What more would you need?

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Great deal for the price
  • Unique design
  • High performance, including both speed and comfort
  • Very versatile


  • Their unique design might not fit everyone’s taste

Cal 7 97mm


Now, here we have another great option for those who love the larger diameter wheels. Cal 7 might not be as flashy and high-end as some other products listed here, but they’re still well worth the price. These wheels have a 97-millimeter diameter. To add to this, they’re 52 millimeters wide and have a contact surface of 47 millimeters. So that’s all pretty big and wide. And this is exactly why they can be a great choice for cruises. And they’re also relatively soft, with the durometer sitting at 78A.

Going over to other features, we also have 19.05mm PU depth and 44.45mm center-set hub. With these wheels, you’ll also get al the bearings and spacers.

Similarly to Big Boy 70 mm wheels that we mentioned, the Cal 7 aren’t exactly the most prestigious wheels. At the same time, they aren’t exactly the most versatile ones either, so don’t get your hopes up too high for these. However, they’re still more than great for the price level. We’d advise checking these out if you’re operating on a budget.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Cheap but reliable
  • Larger diameter and wide contact patch
  • Durometer is 78A, meaning that they’re pretty soft
  • Very comfortable rides


  • Not very versatile

Bigfoot Cored Classics

Bigfoot is another company we can’t avoid mentioning on this list, as they’ve been making some great stuff over the past years. One of their good solutions for cruising is the company’s Cored Classics series. While some are satisfied with their Mountain Cruisers, Cored Classics offer larger diameters.

Here we have three options. The smallest one is 83 mm, and the medium one is at 90 mm. However, the big surprise comes with the largest version that is at the 97 mm mark. If you want to go big and don’t care about anything else, then you just can’t go wrong with Bigfoot’s Cored Classics.

But aside from the diameter of almost 10 centimeters, these wheels are pretty soft, with the durometer at 78A.

So aside from cruising, these wheels can also be a pretty great option for downhill rides.

They also feature a center-set core, making them very easy to control in both downhill and cruising rides.

They also come in a few different color options. Their design might not be that flashy and aesthetically pleasing, but the main focus here is on the performance.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Very large diameter, the largest version has 97 mm
  • Very soft, durometer is at 78A
  • Centerset core
  • Good for downhills as well



  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing design


Fireball Beast 76mm

Lastly, we would also like to include one set of wheels by Fireball called Beast.

They make plenty of great skateboards and additional hardware, so there’s no doubt that these wheels are worth checking out. This is the company’s first-ever wheel series.

So the Fireball Beast wheels have a diameter of 76 millimeters and an offset core with fat lips.

This kind of design offers enough grip on surfaces, especially when carving or cornering.

Now, what’s unusual is that these are harder wheels, with three durometer rating versions – 81A, 84A, and 87A.

Nonetheless, they have enough urethane compared to the core size, which results in smoother performance. Their width is 65 mm, but the contact patch comes at 49 mm.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Great quality
  • Wide contact patch
  • Great control
  • Aesthetically pleasing design



  • Some would not like the harder durometer rating


Longboard wheels for cruising: Buying guide


When getting the right set of wheels, you should first focus on doing a bit of research. Whatever the kind of performance you’re aiming at, there are a few important things to consider.

Here are the most important specs to look at:

  • First, we’ll need to think of the size. While you’re free to choose what works best for you, it’s usually the larger diameters that are recommended for cruising and downhill riding. While 70 mm is about the average size, cruising wheels are usually over 75 and even above 80. Some examples we mentioned, like Bigfoot Cored Classics, are over 90 mm in diameter.
  • The contact patch should also be a bit wider. The narrow contact surfaces are usually intended for freerides and have significantly less grip.
  • When it comes to the shape, it’s recommended for cruising wheels to have thicker and square edges. This way, you will retain the much-needed grip over the surface.
  • As you can probably tell by the above recommendation, there’s a lot to say about hardness of the wheels, which is measured by durometer ratings and expressed on the Shore A scale. It is recommended that you go softer with cruising wheels, somewhere between 75A and 85A. Some slightly harder versions can be used as well if the wheel diameter and shape are more suitable for this purpose.
  • The Urethane formula can tell you how well the wheels will perform in practice. Wheels do not perform the same even with the same durometer rating. When it comes to cruising and downhill rides, you should look for something that has a better grip.
  • Finally, the wheel core design is also an important issue. The most recommended types are those with center-set core, meaning that the cores are exactly at the very center of the wheel. You also have side-set and offset cores, but they’re harder to control since they have less grip.



Before getting onto the longboard for any kind of ride, safety should be your biggest concern. A part of that also comes down to your choice of wheels. The ones that we mentioned here come as a good choice, mostly due to their good grip over surfaces.

In the end, we’ve included something for everyone’s taste and everyone’s budget level. Ultimately, the right choice comes down to your preferences. We hope this guide was of use to you and that you now feel more confident about getting the best longboard wheels for you. Cruise smoothly and stay safe, guys!

Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer 72mm Longboard Wheels

New on the market are the Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Purple 72 mm longboard wheels that will most probably quickly become Powell’s yet another freeride favorite.

Following the success of Powell’s Snakes, the new Kevin Reimer  Purple longboard wheels feature their SSF (Soft Slide) formula but poured in a freeride wheel with square lips.

The new Kevin Reimer 72 mm tall longboard wheels have a 57.5 mm width and contact patch. In a 75a durometer, these should be much easier to slide. Powell Peralta describes the new Kevin Reimer wheels as more durable but with the same reliable smooth slide and grip as its predecessors.


Compared to their other wheel models, these should be grippier than Byron’s but less grippy than the 72 mm Green Kevin Reimer longboard wheels. The Purple Kevin Reimer skateboard wheels are best for downhill and freeride on smooth surfaces.

The price for a set is $47.95 on the official Powell Peralta website.

Seismic Skate- New 2019 ALPHA Longboard Wheels

Longboard Wheels: The new Seismic Alpha 80.5 mm wheels for DH and LDP

Seismic Skate releases new 80.5 mm tall ALPHA Wheels in two widths – the 60 mm wide DH Race for fast downhill skateboarding and the 55 mm wide LDP Trim created for long distance pushing.

Both wheel models feature DEFCON™ high-rebound urethane formula in either 76A or 78A durometer and Seismic’s Fusion™ core. Let’s take a look at the specs…

The 2019 Seismic Alpha Longboard Wheels

The ALPHA Longboard Wheels are technically two different wheel models that share the same components but a different shape adapted to the discipline of longboarding they are best used for.

Seismic Skate - ALPHA Longboard Wheels 2019 for DH
Seismic Skate – ALPHA Longboard Wheels for downhill skateboarding in 76A and 78A

The ALPHA DH wheels are 80.5 mm high with a 60 mm running surface, a 6.5 % offset bearing seat, square outside edges and a straight-cut inside edge. Each wheel weighs 9.125 oz. or 258.689 grams.

Seismic Skate - ALPHA Longboard Wheels for LDP
Seismic Skate – ALPHA Longboard Wheels for long distance pushing in 76A and 78A

The ALPHA LDP Trim wheels with an 80.5 mm height and a 53 mm contact patch feature the same 6.5 % offset bearing seat, beveled edges and a weight of 8.75 oz. of 248.058 grams each.

Seismic Skate - Fusion™ core and DEFCON™ urethane
Seismic Skate – Fusion™ core and DEFCON™ urethane

What joins these two models is Seismic’s pride and joy, their core, and urethane formula. The Fusion™ core is a 46 mm tall x 44 mm wide supportive hub with 8 hollowed-out support beams and a robust bearing lug made from durable 85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic and surrounded by their DEFCON™ urethane in one of the two durometers mentioned above.

In an interview at the ISPO Longboard Embassy Seismic claimed their new DEFCON™ is faster than their BlackOps™ formula and proudly mentioned Pete Connolly’s Guinness World Record where he reached 146.73 km/h (91.17mph) rolling down on Seismic wheels at the L’Ultime Descente in Canada.

Shop Seismic Longboard Wheels

Seismic Alpha Longboard Wheels - 75.5mm - 77a Blue

Seismic Alpha 75.5mm Longboard Wheels 77a Blue
Fastest Urethane formula in skateboard industry, Straight-cut inside edge, Predictable handling
Stout S-Shaped edge profile, DH/Cruising wheel.

Seismic Alpha Longboard Wheels - 75.5mm - 77a Mango

Seismic Alpha 75.5mm Longboard Wheels 77a Mango
Fastest Urethane formula in skateboard industry, Straight-cut inside edge, Predictable handling
Stout S-Shaped edge profile, DH/Cruising wheel.

For more info about the Seismic ALPHA Longboard Wheels visit seismicskate.com.

European longboard wheels

European longboard wheel brands

One thing is for sure, longboard wheels are that one part of our gear which we use up faster than everything else. The more you skate, the more you need and if you’re looking to support your local business there are quite a few options available on the European longboard wheel market.

We’ve compiled a list of European wheel and longboard companies that have their own branded wheel models for you to get to know better and maybe discover some new ones.

There may be other European wheel brands that we did not mention, so if you know any, let us know in the comments below, so we can add them to the list. You can also share your experience with these brands to help others.

Please note that this list is in random order and the point of this article is to introduce you to European longboard wheels rather than evaluate them. It’s up to you to try them out and decide which are the best for you. 

Let’s get started…

Ninetysixty Freeride & Slide wheels

Ninetysixty is a longboard wheels brand by the German shop Longboardshop.de  which also has a rich history in manufacturing snowboard and longboard decks under the brand name Pogo. All of their decks are made in their 400-year-old farm in Baden Württemberg.

The Nintysixty longboard wheel range includes 4 models. They come for quite cheap so don’t expect them to have a “pro level” performance. Nintysixty are great entry level wheels especially if your focus is to learn how to slide, but they will also serve well to more experienced riders focused on faster freeride or tech sliding.

Ninetysixty Freeride Wheels 70mm

The Ninetysixty freeride wheels will cater to your budget and your freeride needs with a 70 mm height, 56 mm width, a 78a durometer, rounded lips, and a 48 mm contact patch. The core is semi centered so you can’t flip them, but they will make up for it with a stone ground finish meaning you don’t need to break them in which makes them also very beginner friendly.

NINETYSIXTY 70mm Freeride Wheels
NINETYSIXTY Freeride 70mm Longboard Wheels

Nintysixty Freeride wheels features:

  • Size: 70 mm
  • Width: 56 mm
  • Contact patch: 48 mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Core: Semi centered

Available in black or green, the Nintysixty Freeride wheels are priced at 34.95 EUR and available at Longboardshop.de.

Ninetysixty Slide Wheels 70mm

Sporting a vibrant yellow color, the 70 mm slide wheels by Ninetysixty are another entry level wheel good for improving your freeride skills at medium speeds. The wheel is 70 mm high, 45 mm wide with a contact patch of 40 mm and a 78a durometer. Their centered core is designed to avoid coning, enabling you to flip them around every once in a while.

NINETYSIXTY 70mm Slide Wheels
NINETYSIXTY  Slide 70mm Longboard Wheels

Nintysixty Slide wheels features:

  • Size: 70 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Contact patch: 40 mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Core: Centred

Sharing the same durometer and price like the wheels mentioned above, these carry a price tag of 34.95 EUR.

Ninetysixty Slide Wheels 65mm

The smallest and the cheapest in the Ninetysixty collection are the 65 mm white Slide wheels. With an 80a durometer, 40 mm width and a 34 mm contact patch, these will easily go sideways. They have been described as slippery and appropriate for those who are trying to learn stand up slides at lower speeds.

NINETYSIXTY 65mm Slide Wheels 
NINETYSIXTY Slide 65mm Longboard Wheels

Nintysixty Slide wheels features:

  • Size: 65 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Contact patch: 34 mm
  • Durometer: 80a
  • Core: Centred

As an all-around wheel meant for cruising, sliding and also street skate, these only cost 29.95 EUR.

Slide Perfect Wheels

Slide Perfect Wheels is a UK based longboard wheel company that started with Bodhi Keen and a group of friends in 2015, with the aim to provide smooth sliding and affordable wheels for the UK market. Years of playing with different formula’s resulted in a line up focused on going sideways. The wheels are designed and tested in the UK.

Slide Perfect Supremacys

The SP Supremacys freeride wheels are available in three durometer options (86a, 83a, and 78a) which you can choose from for just the right amount of slip or grip.  All share a large centerset core, a total height of 70 mm, 47 mm width, rounded lips, and a stone ground finish. It is noted that these have a very slippy first few slides, but once you break them in, they should provide a nice and consistent experience for your sideways action.

Slide Perfect Wheels - Supremacys 78a, 83a and 86a
Slide Perfect Wheels – Supremacys 78a, 83a and 86a

Slide Perfect Supremacys features:

  • Size: 70 mm
  • Width: 47 mm
  • Contact patch: 44 mm
  • Durometer: 78a, 83a and 86a
  • Core: Centerset

The price of a set of Supremacys is £35.50 or around 40 EUR on their website.


This Austrian brand is mainly known for their longboard decks, but they’ve recently expanded their repertoire to clothing and van makeovers. But besides that, they currently offer one wheel model known as the Freds Slidewheels.

easygoinc. Freds Slidewheels

These green 65 mm wheels have an offset core, a width of 37 mm and a 78a durometer. With a nice freeride shape and a stone ground finish, the Freds are another good entry level wheel at a cheap price.

easygoinc. Freds Slidewheels
easygoinc. Freds Slidewheels

easygoinc Freds Slidewheels features:

  • Size: 65 mm
  • Width: 37 mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Core: Centred

The price you ask? Well if you check out their website you will find the Freds Slidewheels for as low as 29.90 EUR.

Walzen wheels

Waltzen is a German company that developed their own urethane formula which is now 100% made in Europe. In the past, we did a post about the Walzen Insul wheels with Roman Tschofen , but for this article, I chose to have a closer look at their Walzen Kiosk wheels.

Walzen Kiosk longboard wheels

The Walzen Kiosk wheels are available in three different colors. The green and orange models sport a 60 mm diameter, a  width of 41 mm, rounded edges and a contact patch of 32 mm. The core is offset and is placed inside their personally developed urethane with a 78a durometer.

Their blue Kiosk longboard wheels share the same dimensions as their green and orange counterparts, with the only difference being an 82a durometer. All Walzen Kiosk wheels are priced at 44.90 EUR  on Concretewave.de.

Walzen Kiosk wheels features:

  • Size: 60 mm
  • Width: 41 mm
  • Contact patch: 32 mm
  • Durometer: 78a (green & orange), 82a (blue)
  • Core: Offset


Olson&Hekmati is a European longboard brand based in Mainz, Germany. Besides their flagship board models and slide gloves, they offer quite a few longboard wheels that will cater to your needs. In the past, we did a review of their Pro Grip wheels with Steffano Barbizzi but in this article, we’ll have a look at their cruiser and freeride longboard wheels.

Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Grip 63 mm longboard wheels

The Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Grip wheels are available in three different colors. Each has a total height of 63 mm and width of 45 mm. Their 79a durometer, offset core, edged lips and a glossy finish offers a good amount of grip when charging your favorite roads.

Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Grip 63 mm longboard wheels
Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Grip 63 mm longboard wheels

Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Grip 63 mm longboard wheels features:

  • Size: 63 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Contact patch: 43 mm
  • Durometer: 79a
  • Core: Offset

The price is just 10 cents below 50, with a price tag of 49.90 EUR on their official website.

Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Slide 60 mm longboard wheels

If you’re more into sliding then the Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Slide wheels would be a better choice since they have a freeride shape, a rounded design, and a 79a durometer. Their 60 mm height and 40 mm width and a stone ground finish make these wheels good for learning standup slides and also tech sliding.

Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Slide 60 mm longboard wheels
Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Slide 60 mm longboard wheels

Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Slide 60 mm longboard wheels features:

  • Size: 60 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Durometer: 79a
  • Core: Centred

The Olson&Hekmati Cruiser Slide wheels are available in three different colors and priced at 44.90 EUR.

Delta Boards

Update: Delta Boards indefinitely discontinued the production of their longboard wheels in February 2018.

Delta Boards is a German skater owned brand which amongst other things offers six longboard wheel models split into two collections, the Bluesky series, and the Inthane series. In this article, we’ll check out the Delta Boards Reifenz longboard wheels from their Bluesky series.

Delta Boards Reifenz longboard wheels

The Reifenz longboard wheels are available in two sizes, 70 mm and 65 mm, both well below 50 EUR. We’ll have a closer look at both, starting with the 70 mm model.

The Reifenz 70 mm longboard wheels are made from their Bluesky urethane with an 83a durometer and a centered core. With a 45mm width, a good rolling speed and a stoneground finish these wheels were created for leaving a great amount of thane. As a result, you can’t expect them to last as long as other more expensive wheels, but with a low price of 27.50 EUR these are still a good wheel to try out.

Dela Boards Reifenz 70 mm longboard wheels features:

  • Size: 70 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Durometer: 83a
  • Core: Centred
Delta Boards Reifenz 70 mm longboard wheels
Delta Boards Reifenz 70 mm longboard wheels

The Reifenz 65 mm longboard wheels share the same formula and durometer as the 70 mm model but have an offset core and a width of 45 mm. This smaller model is priced at only 22.50 EUR making them the cheapest longboard wheel in this article.

Dela Boards Reifenz 65 mm longboard wheels features:

  • Size: 65 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Durometer: 83a
  • Core: Offset

Lobo wheels

This Polish longboard wheel brand known as Lobo introduced their first wheel model back in 2015 in a limited handmade series fresh from Lobo’s own workshop and laboratory in the north of Poland.

If you search our website you will find that we already did some reviews for their Lobo Kraken downhill wheels and their Medusa freeride wheels with Michal “Ty Mon” Tyburski which based on Michal’s experience last ridiculously long.

Well, Lobo Wheels are currently still hard at work updating their website with their current lineup, but by the end of February / early March, you’ll get a chance to know more about their new 2018 DH Kraken and Meduza freeride longboard wheels in two durometers (77a and 81a).

Although the pictures above are from their last year’s models, you can expect the 2018 Lobo wheels to have a new core design and different color models. The expected price for their Meduza freeride wheels is 57 EUR while the Kraken downhill wheels will be price at around 65 EUR.

Long Island

Long Island is Spanish longboard brand with a wide array of longboard decks, skate accessories and currently nine listed longboard wheel models that cover most disciplines. Because there are so many wheels to chose from, I’ve chosen the 65 mm Giants for this article, but you are free to check out their other wheel models on their website.

Long Island Giants 65 mm wheels

The 65mm Giants are one of the listed Long Island’s freeride wheels. They are 65 mm high, 45 mm wide, with a contact patch of 43 mm. Rounded edges, a sideset core and a stone ground finish complete this 83a wheel.

Long Island 65 mm Giants Longboard Wheels
Long Island 65 mm Giants Longboard Wheels

Long Island Giants 65 mm longboard wheels features:

  • Size: 65 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Contact patch: 43 mm
  • Durometer: 83a
  • Core: Sideset

Based on their characteristics, these would be a good wheel for freeriding and even beginners who want to step up their stand up game.  The Giants are available on the Long Island website and numerous stores at around 35 EUR.

Mindless Longboards

Native to the UK, Mindless Longboards offer a wide array of longboard completes, trucks, wheels and even accessories that cover all riding styles and levels. Currently, their products are split into two lineups, the Mindless Classic range, and the Mindless Voodoo Magic Premium range.

For this article, I chose to take a closer look at their premium collection which includes three longboard wheel models, the Haraka, Kabila and Maji wheels described below.

Mindless Voodoo Maji 70 mm longboard wheels

The Mindless Voodoo Maji sets are made from their very own Mojo formula urethane packed into a 70 mm high and 51mm wide longboard wheel with rounded edges and a contact patch of 42 mm. These feature a stone ground finish, a pre-ground running edge combined with outer to inner rounded lips and a slightly offset core. The Voodoo Maji wheels are available in three different color/ durometers and are priced at 34.90 EUR on their official website.

Mindless Voodoo Maji 70mm longboard wheels
Mindless Voodoo Maji 70 mm longboard wheels

Mindless Voodoo Maji longboard wheels features:

  • Size: 70 mm
  • Width: 51 mm
  • Contact patch: 42 mm
  • Durometer: 78a (green), 81a (purple), 82a (orange)
  • Core: Offset

Cult wheels

Cult Wheels is a longboard wheel brand from the United Kingdom. It is a sister brand of Sabre trucks and Lush Longboards, managed by the Vandem longboard shop.  If you search our page you will find our review of their Cult Emperors which we did when they came out and even Tikialex’s experience putting the Cult Raptures on his street luge.

Despite having a bunch of good wheel models, for this article, I chose to focus on only one of them, the Cult Chronicles.

Cult Chronicles

If you’re looking for a good 65 mm wheel to put on your freeride setup, then you might consider trying the Cult Chronicle. All in all their width is 50.5 mm with a contact patch of 36.5 mm and a center set core.

Cult Wheels Chronicles
Cult Wheels Chronicles

Made from the Cult Neurothane formula in a 78a durometer and a stone ground finish, these wheels wear evenly and offer a great amount of fun putting them sideways. The Chronicles carry a price tag of 48 EUR but despite their size, they offer long-lasting fun.

Cult Chronicle longboard wheels feature:

  • Size: 65 mm
  • Width: 50.5 mm
  • Contact patch: 36.5 mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Core: Centred

DTC Wheels

DTC Wheels originate from France and are the best known for their precision aluminum core longboard wheel models. While the price for these is higher than the average in this article, DTC enables skaters to send in their cored aluminum wheels to be reshaped with a fresh batch of urethane for less than the price of the original wheel.

However, I decided to check out their more affordable M series with a ‘standard’ plastic core which I found to be less known.

DTC M series 70mm longboard wheels

The DTC M series longboard wheels are designed with a freeride shape, a total height of 70 mm, an offset core, rounded edges and a contact patch of 36.8 mm.

DTC M series 70mm longboard wheels. Photo by Skate Deluxe skate shop
DTC M series 70mm longboard wheels. Photo by Skate Deluxe skate shop

DTC M series 70 mm longboard wheels features:

  • Height: 70 mm
  • Width: 47 mm
  • Contact patch: 36.8 mm
  • Durometer: Soft
  • Core: Offset

The DTC M series 70mm longboard wheels offer the trusted DTC knowledge at a more affordable price of 49.99 EUR on Skate Deluxe.

Thing Wheels

Thing Wheels started their journey in France back in 2009 but put out their very first prototype a year later with the support of local partners. Since then they have been hard at work testing their numerous prototypes and by the end of 2015, they first introduced the final product on a local French freeride. Well, we first saw Thing wheels in 2016 when we visited Go Goats freeride. At the time we also posted an article about Thing wheels which you can check out here for more info.

THING ’01’ LF longboard wheels

The THING ’01’ LF longboard wheels are 70 mm high, 52 mm wide and sport a contact patch of 38 mm. The all-around shape is completed by rounded edges, thick solid lips and a big centered core to keep them rolling. This model is available in three different colors/durometers.

THING ’01’ LF longboard wheels
THING ’01’ LF longboard wheels

Thing’s own urethane formula called LEVEL FORMULA (LF) makes up the  01 LF wheels in three colors and hardness levels: violet (Hardness 2), yellow (Hardness 3) and green (Hardness 4) on a hardness scale from 1 (softest) to 6 (hardest). All of them are designed, developed and made in France.

Thing ’01’ LF 70 mm longboard wheels features:

  • Height: 70 mm
  • Width: 52 mm
  • Contact patch: 38 mm
  • Durometer: violet (Hardness 2), yellow (Hardness 3) and green (Hardness 4)
  • Core: Centred

Because Thing wheels are produced in small quantities a, the price of a set is 69.50 EUR, but you should also know that these are currently available only in France via their official website.

Buddha Wheels

The Spanish Buddha Wheels are a sister brand by Hydroponic that cater to freeride, downhill and cruising needs. The wheels are made from their Technical Urethane formula also known as BuddhaThane.  As an introductory model for this article, I chose the Fukyo wheel model.

Fukyo longboard wheels

Buddha Fukyo freeride wheels are described as versatile and aggressive by the manufacturer. The wheel dimensions are a 70 mm height,  45 mm width with bevelled lips (between a Square and Rounded) and a center set core.  Its 85a durometer and BudhaThane should provide long slides without loosing grip.

Buddha Fukyo longboard wheels
Buddha Fukyo longboard wheels

Buddha Fukyo longboard wheels features:

  • Height: 70 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Contact patch: 38 mm
  • Durometer: 85a
  • Core: Centred

The Buddha Fukyo longboard wheels go for 44.60 EUR on the hyclothing.es online store.

Bastl Boards

Bastl Boards is a family business that calls Leipzig, Germany its home. Bastl was founded in 2008 with a simple mantra ‘’have fun skating’’. Since then the brand developed into an international team of riders while continuously collaborating with local artists.

Well besides longboard decks, their own coffee and clothing, they also have their own branded longboard wheels made in the US.

Bastl Popow longboard wheels

If you have a look at their website, you will find six different coloured wheels in a 82a and 80a durometer made from their ‘Big Smile’ formula. The Popow wheels can be mixed and matched to keep you setup colourful and fun. Despite the different colours, they all share a 65 mm height, a centerset core, rounded lips and a grounded surface.

Bastl Boards - Popow longboard wheels
Bastl Boards – Popow longboard wheels

The Bastl Popow wheels are designed for dancing and cruising, but it’s stated that you can also take them for a ride at your local freeride spot.

Bastl Popow longboard wheels features:

  • Height: 65 mm
  • Contact patch: 35 mm
  • Durometer: 80a, 82a
  • Core: Centerset

The price is 15 EUR per wheel so you can choose your own colour combination.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you skated any of the wheels mentioned in this article? Share your experience with us and help others to know more about these European longboard wheels.

If we forgot any other brands or if there’s brands that we’re not aware of, please let us know about it via our email info@longboardmagazine.eu and we will add it to the list. Thank you.

Cloud Ride Wheels welcome Mariano Conti

Mariano Conti joined the Cloud Ride Wheels team

The Cloud Ride Wheels team just got a new gun in its arsenal. Mariano Conti, a 17 year old Italian from Rome, recently joined their family of international shredders.

Mariano is currently in his 4th year of high school and lives with his family not far from the beach. Besides going fast and pushing his board sideways, he also spends quite a lot of time in the water catching the waves.

A few weeks ago Mariano Conti teamed up with his friends Mirko Paoloni, Edoardo Barbi, Andrea Pedrotti (the filmer) and Felix Pirker (the photographer). They got on a plane and headed to Tenerife for a week of pure longboarding.

According to Mariano they had 7 days of solid shredding on the black tarmac, leaving behind massive thane lines, cored wheels and coming back home with tons of amazing footage. You can find their trip under the hashtag #putoslocostrip both on Facebook and Instagram.

His favourite choice of wheels and the ones he’s shredding in the video are the Cloud Ride Slide 70mm 80a and 83a, teamed up with a DB Longboards Keystone 37” longboard deck.

Cloud Ride Slide wheels

According to Mariano, the Slide wheels are really fun to slide. He described the slides as nice and powdery, meaning they leave lots of thane lines.

This was also the goal at Cloud Ride when they were developing their ‘’Cloud Thane’’ formula, to enable a buttery and smooth slide, leaving behind thane. I guess, they are a freeride wheel worthy of their name … ‘’Slide’’.

Cloud Ride Wheels - Slide 70mm, 83a
Cloud Ride Wheels – Slide 70mm, 83a

The Cloud Ride Slide wheels are available in 4 different durometers: 77a (Indigo), 80a (Green), 83a (Blue), 86a (Purple), all featuring a diameter of 70 mm. With a contact patch of 45 mm, these offset freeride wheels also give a dash of grip which you need when skating.

When new, the Slide wheels have a 45 degree edge which provides a super easy slide even with the first sideslip.

With a perfect union of grip and slip, the Slide wheels by Cloud Ride can handle any crack, debris or and everything else your slide trajectory takes you over, giving the feeling of a comfortable slide to the rider.

As they wear down, the contact patch increases and allows the rider to impart the same amount of force on the slide, as when they were new.

The Slide wheels are merely amazing! When you’re riding them you feel the comfort under your feet. Seriously, I have tried many freeride wheels and in my experience these perform very well considering factors like quality, performance and value. Every time you slide, you feel the wheels smearing thane around. And that’s awesome! They roll fast and give you some grip even at higher speeds. But if you want to have a solid downhill sesh, where you need more grip, you should go for the Cloud Ride Storm Chasers instead. They roll fast and give you some solid extra grip even at high speed. ~ Mariano Conti

We’re sure we’re going to see a lot more action from Mariano and we’ll keep you posted, but you’re also welcome to follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

To learn more about the Cloud Ride and their wheels offering, check out their website at www.cloudridewheels.com.

AHMYIO Vibez longboard wheels

Trippy new wheels by AHMYO will make your brain dizzy

Their crew of international team riders are on a mission to steeze all year long and hype downhill skateboarding. Moreover, one can also not ignore action filled clips of riders ripping AHMYO wheels that make you forget you’re stuck behind the computer.

This brings me to their latest wheel announcement which stands out print-wise and got me confused for a sec. Here is the video so you know why:

Trippy right?!

The Vibez

The video above got me to visit visit their website. I found a quote about the Vibez wheels featured on the video:

The ancient Vedic Masters spoke of NADA BRAHMA, “the world is sound, the world is vibration”.

Modern physics confirm that matter is made up of subatomic particles vibrating at a certain speed. Even our thoughts are emitted into the universe in the form of vibration with its higher or lower frequency, attracting equal vibrations.

The different frequencies in which each object or being vibrates allows our brain to differentiate them. Yet the principle of vibration tells us that nothing is immobile, and in that constant movement, everything is connected.

A great quote, I must say, and their products and work really embodie that. Their latest model, the Vibez longboard wheels, are made with a new formula, that is sure to leave some thane lines once you push them sideways.

Furthermore, Vibez feature a sideset 64 mm, 84a freeride design with a smooth grounded surface, rounded outer edges and minimal bevelled inner lips.

Here is a video of their team rider Tristan Degen, putting the wheels to the test at his local skate spot:

THING longboard wheels

THING Wheels – New longboard wheels made in France

This fall at Go Goats freeride I got introduced to new European longboard wheels called THING Wheels. There was a bunch of French riders skating these and their slides looked really smooth. That sparked my interest and I talked to some of them to learn more about this new wheels made in France.

According to what they were saying and from what I’ve seen, you can expect the THING wheels to have a smooth consistent slide with easy initiation and controllable hookup. In general, they should be great longboard wheels for freeride.

Photos by Maxime Lassale via Laféedesrations Derideàroulettes, Rider Hugo Besset at Go Goats freeride 2016.

The wheels are also promised to be durable, but it’s hard to judge without skating them myself. I’ll try a set when I get the chance, until then I’ll just have to trust our French friends 🙂

At this time THING wheels are not available for purchase yet, but the word is that they will start to sell them soon and the price is expected to be 67,90 Euros.

THING Wheels Features

As their first model, THING plans to introduce THING ’01’ LF longboard wheels.

THING ’01’ LF longboard wheels are 70mm in diameter with overall width of 52mm and 38mm contact patch. They have round edges and thick solid lips (17.5 mm) and a big centerset core.

THING 01 LF Longboard Wheels. Photo by THING Wheels.

For the past four years, THING was developing and testing their own urethane formula called LEVEL FORMULA (LF) which is now used to produce 01 LF wheels in three colours and hardness levels.

  • THING 01 LF Violet
    Hardness 2 – Recommended for downhill and fast freeride
  • THING 01 LF Yellow
    Hardness 3 – Recommended for downhill, fast freeride and freestyle
  • THING 01 LF Green
    Hardness 4 – Recommended for freeride and freestyle

*Hardness scale from 1 (softest) to 6 (hardest).

They fit a standard 10mm spacer or any other skateboard bearings with built-in spacers and the complete set of four wheels weights 730g.

Overall, THING wheels seem to be a great freeride wheel and the only improvement from my standing point could be a stone ground finish.

As mentioned earlier, THING Wheels will come with a price tag of 67,90 euros. Not the cheapest wheel on the market, but according to rider testimonials these are definitely worth trying out.

Check out more longboard wheels brands from Europe here.

Watch the video

A couple of days before they hit Go Goats freeride, a group of French riders enjoyed some fine hills in the area. Here’s a clip of Hugo Besset chasing Thib La Roulette down a tight and fast mountain road and showing off new longboard wheels from France – THING Wheels ‘O1’ LF.

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/longboardmag/videos/1127773100604133″]

Lobo Kraken downhill longboard wheels

Lobo presents Kraken downhill wheels feat. Giuseppe Maltese

Lobo Wheels from Poland is one of the rare brands who offer longboard wheels developed and manufactured in Europe. In addition to their firstborn, the Meduza freeride wheels, they recently added another product to their collection, the Lobo Kraken downhill wheels.

Lobo Kraken Downhill Wheels

Lobo Kraken longboard wheels for downhill.

Lobo Kraken are downhill longboard wheels with a diameter of 75 mm and maximum width and contact patch of 65 mm. The wheels feature a wide centerset core with micro fibres for better vibration absorption which will fit a 10 mm spacer.

The Kraken wheels are currently available only in 74a durometer and red colour.

Our DFAF formula is designed for speed and grip but combined with our centerset wide core, that will give you predictable and smooth pre-drifts. It wears very slowly so you’ll need less sets for racing. ~ Lobo Wheels

Lobo works tightly with their whole team on wheel development, but the Kraken wheels were masterminded mostly with Giuseppe Maltese from Italy who joined the team in fall 2015.

These wheels are awesome! The roll speed is good, with the help of the big core they start going fast very quickly. The slide is the best part of them. It is very predictable so when you want to grip the corners, you can do it very safely because of the extreme grip they have and when you want to slide, they start to drift in a very comfortable way, very smooth. And last but not least, they have an incredible durability. ~ Giuseppe Maltese

Where to buy Lobo Kraken wheels

All Lobo wheels are available for purchase via Lobo’s website. The Kraken downhill wheels are fairly priced at around 64 Euros, considering how much meat they have and the durability we’re promised.

To stay on track with Lobo Wheels, follow them via Facebook or Instagram.

Lobo Meduza Freeride Wheels
Now available in new durometer options

Last year, in 2015 Lobo presented their first wheel  Meduza freeride wheels,  which were available in only one durometer. They promised to deliver more options in 2016 and so they did. Lobo Meduza wheels are now available in 77a and 81a durometer, both being 71mm in diameter and 50mm wide with 36mm contact patch.

Cult Emperor freeride longboard wheels. Photo by Mihael Zadravec

Cult Emperor freeride longboard wheels review by Mihael Zadravec

Earlier this year, Cult introduced the Emperor freeride longboard wheels powered by their latest and Jorge Pernes’s new favourite, Dopathane formula. Adam Hill from Cult was very kind to send me a set to try them out and in return I promised to write a review. So, if you’re stoked on getting a set for yourself and want to know how they roll, read through to find out how they worked for me.

Cult Emperor – The first look

Let’s have a look at the basic features of the Emperor wheel first and then I’ll tell you more about how are they “straight out the box”, how’s the slide like and more…

Cult Emperor freeride longboard wheels. Photo by Nadia Hozić

The Cult Emperor wheels are 71mm in diameter and have a 50.5mm wide contact patch, while the overall width of the wheel is 53.5mm. At least for now, the Emperors are available in 78a durometer (hardness) and in white colour only. The Emperors have an offset bearing hub, but I still managed to skate them flipped without noticing any significant difference.

The wheels have a bevelled edge to ensure reliable release, while the wider contact patch and the softer urethane provide more braking power. This combination makes it great especially for faster freeride runs or slidy pavement and it helped me gain confidence to throw some standies at higher speeds then usual.

Big bada** core

Besides the new “mid grip” Dopathane formula, the Cult Emperor wheels introduced a brand new core design. The new big vented core supports the lips of the wheels in such a way, that it reduces the lip’s deformation while it’s under pressure. Also, because the core is so big and wide, the weight is distributed more evenly which leads to more consistent wearing of the wheel.

With that being said, it’s fair to mention that because of their big core, the ride on the Emperors feels a bit “harder” on a rougher surface. As expected, on a smoother pavement, they feel great, have nice roll speed and smooth consistent slide.

Getting the bearings out was a bit challenging as they fit very tightly and the core is very hard (I used Zealous bearings). A proper snug fit, I guess 🙂

How are the Emperors “straight out of the box”

The Emperors don’t come with a stone ground finish, so straight out of the box they have solid amount of grip too, but once I manage to break the traction, the slide felt very icy. However, after a couple of solid runs, the skin was finally off and the true nature of the wheel started showing.

Here’s few impressions from the first few drops, shot by my girlfriend Nadia Hozić.
Thank you, Nadia :-*

How do they slide

I switched to Cult Emperor from the much more slidy wheels, Remember Hoots 80a, so I had to get used to it first. Emperor is a much wider and softer wheel then I was used to, but that also led to me getting more confidence when sliding at higher speeds.

So, once the skin was completely off, they had a really nice consistent slide as well as a predictable release and hook up. Although they are 78a, the Emperors were not as grippy as I was expecting them to be.

Slide initiation with the Emperors is as easy as with Cult Cerebrum, but they will slow you down more. Pretty much all of the people I talked with about the Emperors agreed that this is a great mix.

Wearing and durability

Since the Emperors have softer urethane in combination with the offset bearing hub, I was expecting them to cone, but that was not the case thanks to that huge core. Although they are offset, the Emperor felt very much as a centerset wheels.

Here’s a photo I took on the first day after a couple of hours of skating.

Cult Emperor after a couple of hours of skating. Photo by Mihael Zadravec

I skated on Emperors for the next 6 sessions until I managed to flat spot one of the wheels after pulling off some longer squat stand up slides, but that was my fault really as I was putting the board too much sideways (at 90 degree). Being a bit overweight at that time didn’t help either.

I managed to wear them down for 1 cm, down to ~61mm when the orange colour (the core) started showing through the urethane (in the middle of the wheel).

However, there’s still plenty of slides left in them and I will finish them off as soon as I get the chance.

In Emperors defence, I think it’s fair to admit that sooner or later, I flat spot every wheel, regardless the brand or a wheel type and durometer. I guess, I suck a bit haha!

Here’s a video from some of the sessions with my buddy Benjamin Sabol (Kebbek Skateboards).

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/mihael.zadravec/videos/vb.785705278/10154015744995279″]

How’s the grip on the Emperor wheels

As I mentioned earlier, while still fresh and with the skin, the Emperor wheels have a decent amount of grip, but they wouldn’t be my choice of wheel for fast grip and rip runs. For such runs, I usually switch to wheels like Cult Traction Beam or similar.

After all, the Emperor is meant to be a freeride wheel and it does slide quite a lot once you put the board sideways. Taking that in consideration, they do serve the purpose very well.

Don’t let that stop you from sending them down the hill as fast as you can manage it… After all, we all have our personal preferences and skating style. What might work the best for me, might not work as well for you.

How much do they cost

The Cult Emperor longboard wheels come in at around 64 Euros which puts them in the upper mid price range. If you’re already an experienced rider, you will find much value in them for that money, that’s for sure.

As for beginners, I would say go for it if you don’t find the price to big for your budget, otherwise, check out some cheaper options. Otherwise, the Emperor wheels are a great choice for beginners as they provide with a really nice mix of a grip and slide characteristics and they will be great for “not super fast” downhill runs as well.

Final words

I guess it’s time to end this post at some point, so here’s my final thoughts on the Emperor wheels.

Overall, I find the Emperor to be a great freeride wheel with a smooth and predictable slide once the skin is off. When fresh and with the skin the slide wasn’t that nice and it would be awesome to have them available with stone ground finish.

The wearing of the wheel really is consistent as promised and you shouldn’t have any problems skating them till the core pops out. Although they are offset, due to the big core, the Emperors feel much like centerset wheels and you can flip them in case if you need to make them even again (for example, if you’re a beginner and sliding only heelside or toeside and wearing only one side of the wheels).

That’s all folks! I highly recommend you give the Cult Emperor freeride wheels a try and leave a comment bellow to let us know how they worked for you. Happy shredding!

Official video featuring Jorge Pernes

I guess, who’s better out there to show off the Emperors in action the Jorge Pernes. Right?
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Walzen Insul 64 mm longboard wheels, 82a (Blue)

Walzen Wheels 2016 longboard wheels lineup

Everyone at Walzen Wheels are very excited to announce the release of their new longboard wheels for 2016. I’m stoked as well and want to introduce you to all the wheels currently available in the lineup.

Let’s start with the smallest and most glidy wheel, The Walzen Kiosk.

Walzen Kiosk 60 mm

The Walzen Kiosk longboard wheels are 60 mm tall with a contact patch of 32 mm and a overall width of 41 mm. The wheels come in two different durometers and three colour options: 78a (orange/green) and 82a (blue).

The small size and light weight makes the Walzen Kiosk wheels great for tech sliding and freestyle. They deliver a super smooth and predictable slide and you can put them on every board without the risk of wheelbite.

Walzen Insul 70 mm

From now on the Walzen Insul 70 mm tall freeride wheels are available in a new durometer option. Besides 78a (green) and 80a (clear-white), we created a 82a (blue) wheel suitable for lighter riders or for people who prefer a more slidey and harder wheel.

You can check out my review of the Walzen Insul freeride longboard wheels here.

Walzen Insul 64 mm

The well-known Walzen Insul wheel is now available in a downscaled version with a diameter of 64 mm. They are available in 78a (green), 80a (clear-white) and 82a (blue).

This wheel offers smooth slides, a nice hookup and it fits under every board due to it’s smaller size.

Walzen C.T.D. 70 mm

For all you cruise lovers out there, Walzen Wheels brings you the brand new Walzen C.T.D. (Cruise Till Death) longboard cruising wheels.

They are 70 mm tall and have an offset bearing seat for extra strong grip during hard cruise turns. The Walzen C.T.D. wheels are available in 78a (green/orange) and 80a (clear-white).

Walzen C.T.D. 74 mm

This creation is a bit taller and wider version of the C.T.D. 70 mm wheels and promises more grip and a faster roll speed. The Walzen C.T.D. 74 mm wheels allow you to cruise hard and get the extra speed you always wanted on your favourite downhill spot. I like it how you can rail the corners with ease due the wheel’s wider contact patch of 56 mm.

The astonishing thing about this wheel is the decent and predicable slide in spite of their amazing grip characteristics. Also available in 78a (green/orange) and 80a (clear-white).

More coming soon

Walzen Wheels prototype wheel showed at ISPO 2016

Stay tuned in because Walzen plans to release another new downhill racing specific wheels with a big supporting core which is already in the making right now. Coming soon.

Where to buy Walzens Wheels?
Best place to look for them would be Concrete Wave Cologne skateshop.
See Walzen’s official website here.

Walzen Insul Longboard Wheels Freeride

Walzen Insul freeride longboard wheels review by Roman Tschofen

Walzen Wheels was founded by Heiko Schöller (Concretewave Skateshop, Bolzen Trucks & Hardware), Richie Loeffler (Trap Skateboards) and Frank Beste (Bolzen Trucks, GOG Trucks) in Germany.

They developed their own urethane formula which is 100% made in Europe and at the end of the summer 2015 they released the Insul freeride wheels to present the first Walzen lineup.

Walzen Insul longboard wheels
Walzen Insul longboard wheels

The Walzen Insul are 70mm freeride wheels with a wider contact patch of 40mm. They have a really good speed roll and acceleration while a buttery smooth slide is their biggest advantage.

The Insuls feature a round lip design and centerset bearing hub. You will be able to flip them and ride them the same all the way to the core. Currently the Insuls don’t come with a stone ground finish and it takes few slides to break them in.

They come in two different duros and colours: 78a green and 80a clear. I’m most excited about the clear formula because it has no colouring in it. This results with the slide characteristics being affected only by the pure urethane.

Roman Tschofen shredding Walzen Wheels
Roman Tschofen shredding Walzen Wheels

You will love Walzen Insuls for stand-up sliding and fast freeride. As soon as they are broken in they offer a very predictable and smooth slide but still have enough grip to rip through some corners. They wear very evenly and don’t flatspot easily, you can count on them for a really long time.

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The Walzen Insul wheels are currently priced at 54,90 €.

Walzen Insul longboard wheels details:
Diameter: 70mm
Width: 54mm
Conctact patch: 40mm
Durometers: 78a, 80a
Lips: round
Bearing hub: centerset


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