Ghost Town Freeride 2018 – Longboard, skate & Rock’n’Roll

Olginate (LC), Italy – The third edition of Ghost Town Freeride is just around the corner. For two days in June, from Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th, over 120 riders from all over the world will be coming together to shred the gnarly downhill skateboarding spot in Consonno, Olginate (LC) where 9 punk-rock bands will be rocking their favorite tunes during a weekend of non-stop longboarding and Rock’n’Roll.

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The Ghost Town Freeride is an event organized by Sbanda Brianza, a sports club based in Olginate (LC) in Italy that is supported by FISR (the Italian Federation of Roller Sports), Comune di Olginate, Provincia di Leccoand Regione Lombardia. The goal for this year’s event is to ride the wave generated by the success of the previous event editions, characterized by media and public growth.

An estimated public of 2 thousand people will gather in Consonno to admire the evolution of the riders enrolled for the freeride who will slide down the 1.3-km track, reaching the speeds of close to 85 kph.

Ghost Town is not just a freeride…The event promotes longboarding and skateboarding by combining sports activity with the cultural aspect that strongly characterizes these sports. This translates into a weekend mixed with downhill skateboarding, shredding the ramps and live music, with no less than 9 bands, good food, street art, boardsports, and action sports related exhibitors. On Saturday evening, the official after party will rock hard in order to scare away the ghosts from the abandoned town.

To enroll for the freeride, riders had to pay a 70 EUR fee which combines event registration and FISR membership. The registration form is now closed as the maximum number of 120 riders has been already reached. Detailed event information can be found at Sbanda Brianza’s website and on the event’s dedicated Facebook page. The spectators can join free-of-charge and the organization ensures that even they will have a lot to see.

About Sbanda Brianza

Sbanda Brianza started as a hobby project 6 years ago by a group of riders who shared the same passion for skateboarding and the need to create something that was missing. Since then, the project has become more serious and in 2015 it turned into an official sports association affiliated with FISR (Italian Federation of RollerSports). The association is now regarded as a reference club for longboarding in Northern Italy and has many followers, especially longboard fanatics and other people who are fans of extreme sports.

Sbanda Brianza is now very active on the Italian longboard scene through event organization and organizing the learning courses with a “sbanda” (“swerve”) state-of-mind with FISR/CONI certified instructors.

Thanks to the agreement with Comune di Olginate, since 2017 the association manages the first-ever authorized longboard spot in Italy, welcoming many riders every Saturday, thus giving to this sport a reference point where it is possible to practice downhill in safety and without traffic.

“Our lifestyle? Adrenalin, music, bruised knees, wasted boards and parties!”

Consonno DH Spot

Consonno is an ancient village hidden in the hills around Lecco in Italy, 50 km North of Milano. After being turned into a little Las Vegas in the ‘60s, it drastically fell from grace in the mid-‘70s and the town slowly became uninhabited.

Nowadays, Consonno is one of the most famous longboarding spots in Italy. The hairpins that connect the abandoned town with the rest of the world became the headquarters of Sbanda Brianza where you can bruise your knees on the sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In May 2017, the use of the track has been regulated by an official ordinance, making “Consonno DH Spot” the first-ever skateboard downhill spot authorized in Italy, where riders can practice longboarding in safety, in a paved street closed to ordinary traffic

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