Idle Slide Gloves welcomes a new member to their family, Ben Stainer

We’re stoked to hear the great news from the KnK Slivo King, Ben Steiner. He’s currently enjoying wet UK sessions and local small events. About a week ago, his after-summer adventures and positive energy got him a sweet deal with the UK based brand Idle slide gloves.

Ben Stainer © Kai Menneken
Ben Stainer rocking Idle slide gloves © Kai Menneken

After the KnK, Ben visited two events hosted by a group called Brianne Collective, Tregaron freeride where he swooped up 5th place and Dig deep outlaw race, finishing 1st.

Ben is currently sporting retro looking slide gloves that combine different materials and a great deal of warmth in cold weather conditions, making them a great choice for the UK climate. Their good flexibility and awesome array of bright colors will make you want to keep your hands up while sliding. Here’s what Ben has to say about the good news:

Somehow, after the adventures of Norway and the Hairpins of KnK, I was asked to represent Idle slide gloves. It was surprising, considering that I didn’t believe myself to be anywhere near the level that sponsorships envisaged. The belief was that you had to have balls (or ovaries) the size of melons and enough skills to make a Russian gymnast seem obsolete. ~Ben Stainer

Idle slide gloves
Idle slide gloves Idle

After their first model ”The Galaxy”, the brand listened to the riders feedback and introduced their second model ”Retro Vibes” featuring better stitching and extended wristbands combined with an eye catching 80’s style. These gloves include padded fingertips and padded Velcro on the synthetic leather palm that reduces puck vibration, a needed feature when sliding on rough pavement.

The included UHMW pucks seem to be a bit too thin but you can easily replace them with your preferred piece of plastic. The Velcro patch offers a good fit, big enough to protect your hand and just small enough to allow your hand to carry out smaller tasks such as, in Ben’s words, opening a zip or doing shadow puppets.

The Idle Slide Gloves come in two sizes, S/M and L/XL. To people with medium sized hands, concerned about the gloves being too small or too big, Ben assures:

If you fear you’ll be too small, the gloves memorise you faster then a government supercomputer. ~ Ben Stainer

Idle Slide Gloves v3 - Sneak peek preview
A sneak peek preview of Idle v3 slide gloves

If you favour the smell of leather, than be on the lookout for their third model, the Idle v3 slide gloves, that promises ruggedness, bigger pucks and an even better array of flashy colors.

We’ll keep you posted.

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