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Join the movement: Greenskate 2017 events

Greenskate is a global movement that started in Calgary Alberta in Canada back in 2007. As a means to promote environmental consciousness and connecting all winds of the longboard community, from downhill longboarders to cruising enthusiasts, it soon after got picked up by international crews supporting the green cause.
The main idea behind Greenskate is not only to push awareness regarding environmental changes, but to also connection community-building events around the globe. It’s events are connect every-day commuters with the core longboard scene and promote longboarding as a green source of transportation.
To get an idea on how an event like this brings together amazing crowds of likeminded people, check out the video from last year’s Green Skate Day held in Rome, Italy.

Organise a Greenskate session, support the community

Greenskate can be whatever you want it to be, a cruise through the city, a slide-jam, slalom or downhill event.  It is a neutral party and is not affiliated with any brand or company. Each individual event is organised by the local community in each country.
Anybody who wants to organise their own Greenskate event can register it via a form here and become a part of the global movement.
In the past many Greenskate events happened in both South and North America, Asia and Europe. So far, the European events registered for 2017 will take place in

For a more detailed description of each and every event, visit the  official Greenskate Tumblr page.
Greenskate Cologne 2017 by ConcreteWave Skateshop Cologne
We are also excited to announce, that Longboard Magazine Europe will cover one of the biggest European Greenskate events, the 7th Greenskate Cologne (Germany) on June 17th, 2017
The German edition of Greenskate is organised by ConcreteWave Skateshop Cologne and supported by BTFLboards & skates, Flowseekers, Skate-Rack, Icone Longboards, BOLZEN Trucks and Walzen Wheels.
See you there!

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