A Trick for You and a Trick For Me by KebbeK Skateboards

During SYCLD  2019, KebbeK team riders Milan Baeten and Mariya Milusheva filmed a six-part tutorial video series Named “A Trick for You & A Trick For Me“.

Filmed with different riders, the 6-part video series provides useful tips for learning freestyle and longboard dancing tricks. Each week the tricks will progressively get harder.

Episode 1

In the first episode, Mariya teams up with Paris Co’s Ryan Ricker. She shows Ryan how to Fakie Shuvit, and in exchange, Ryan shows Mariya how to No Comply.

Episode 2

In episode 2, KebbeK team rider Milan Baeten teams up with Isabella Fierman to show you how to Fakie No Comply Big Spin and how to No Comply Shuvit.

The next episode comes out next week. Stay tuned!

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