KebbeK Skateboards celebrates its 25th anniversary with the Arico – El Bueno Freeride Head Sponsorship

This year KebbeK Skateboards celebrates its 25th anniversary with becoming the head sponsor of Arico – El Bueno, a five-day freeride on Tenerife, organised by BigMountainSkate and Sliders Skate House.

The official Arico - El Bueno Freeride logo featuring KebbeK Skateboards and Blue Tomato

Selected by local skaters Martin Diaz Yarza and Álvaro García Cuenllas and tested by the BigMountainSkate crew themselves, the track guarantees fun pack runs with a breath-taking view of the North Atlantic Ocean.

If your life plan includes shredding “the downhill skateboarding paradise”, this might be great opportunity to experience the real thing on a road closed for traffic and reserved only for skaters.

See it for yourself…

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Last year KebbeK was the head sponsor of KnK Longboard Camp, where they premiered “Cuban Linx” documentary, span “The Wheel Of Misfortune” and challenged the riders to core a set of KebbeK wheels in order to win a new set for free.

Better Weather Tour video premiere at Arico – El Bueno 

Better Weather Tour by KebbeK Skateboards

After last year’s rainy Almabtrieb, Emmanuelle Daigle, Juergen Gritzner, Isac Printz, Matt Kienzle and Benjamin Sabol, set off on an adventure to search for the finest hills that the Austrian alps have to offer.

They were blessed with great finds and finally, some sunny weather, which resulted in the “Better Weather Tour” video, which is scheduled to be premiered at Arico – El Bueno.

“Core A Set Get A Set” challenge by KebbeK

KebbeK continues to challenge the riders to destroy a set of their wheels in order to get a new set for free. At last year’s KnK no one really managed to core a set, however, the Arico – El Bueno track makes pretty much all wheels dump thane, so the odds are in the riders favour this time.

Core a set to get a set challenge by KebbeK Skateboards

Adding a 78a wheels offered by a discounted price to the formula, the challenge looks even easier to beat. The price for a set will be 30 Euros and the riders will be able to choose the 80a option as well.

Good luck and see you on the island 🙂

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