KnK 2017 overhaul powered by KebbeK Skateboards

Before I get down to what’s new with KnK Longboard Camp, I would like to send a huge hug to every single one of you, the 453 riders who signed up for the event this year.

Thank you all for shredding the Guts with us and thank you for keeping the hype real for the 8th year in a row. Without you there would be no KnK…

So, if you’ve been at the event, you know that every year we try to change things for the better and the 2017 edition of KnK will be no exception.

We have much planned for you and there’s even more to be said about it, so let’s just dive in and check out what’s coming while I still have your attention 🙂

Powered by KebbeK Skateboards

KebbeK Skateboards supports KnK Longboard Camp since its early days. However, that’s a smaller portion of how much they contributed to the scene worldwide in their 25 years of existence.

Last year we offered the “head sponsorship” for the first time and KebbeK was the one that stood up to further support the event. We did great work together and we will continue to do so, with the common goal to upgrade the quality of the event.

KebbeK Skateboards brings back the Wheel Of Misfortune, Core A Set – Get A Set and more fun content, but I will cover that in the next article…

For now, let’s check out what changes you can expect at #knk2017

You can expect the biggest changes for the better at the party place. That has always been something we had to cut back on, but this year thanks to KebbeK, we’re taking it to the next level.

New party place lounge area

The party place will be upgraded with the chill-out lounge with sofas where you’ll be able to relax after a day-long skating, have a drink, peep the big screen and enjoy conversations with your skate buddies. The lounge area will be placed under an additional Red Bull tent.

Here’s what we’re getting from eBay

New sofas for KnK 2017 party place.

Pretty cool, right? But that’s not all!

New lighting on the party place

If you’ve been on previous editions of KnK, you know that we moved the setup from one place to the other several times already. The spot we picked last year seems to be pretty good. We’ll do it there again, between the hotel Kovač and the campsite.

As I was enjoying an evening drink with my dear friend and fellow skater Uwe Dederer, a father of Pedro and Jan Dederer, he mentioned that the party place would be much more pleasant if there would be some more lights…And I couldn’t agree more.

Now…I’m pretty sure that you already saw that photo of the party place at night taken by Christian Kreuter (CK Photography) last year.

Yes, that was modified a bit, but also a great inspiration for how we want it to look like.

* The photo above has been cropped, but if you click on it, you’ll see the original.

So, we’re doing that! We’ll add coloured lights (reflectors) inside the three tops and Red Bull tents. Please don’t judge us if we fail to make an identical replica, haha!

Uwe, I hope that you’ll like that…and Christian, thank you for the visualisation 🙂

Bigger big screen and less videos

While the videos are nice, some of you approached me and said that it could be better if there were less videos. We hear ya! Video games, computers and staring at the screen for hours…We can do that all winter long and yeah, my wild guess is that this is not what you came to do at a dh event.

In order to improve the experience and avoid turning the party place into a “zombie gathering”, we will downsize the number of featured videos to 4 to 5 per evening.

The big screen will be upgraded to 4 x 2.25 meters and it will be placed on the back side of the stage with a beamer under the roofing.

Once we’re done with the daily videos, the big screen will be used as the graphic background for other stuff like the KebbeK Wheel Of Misfortune, KebbeK Tuck Race and Landyachtz Dinghy Days.

And of course, all of this with….

New sound system to support the DJ and concerts

The speakers we have right now don’t deliver the best sound for the purposes of the party place or a concert. They usually do a great job up on the start line or motivating the crew while we’re setting up the protection, but for the party place, it’s time to upgrade.

The new sound system will deliver high quality sound and support a DJ as well as a smaller band. At this moment, we are still choosing the system so I can’t tell you what exactly we’ll be getting. As soon as we do, we’ll let you know via our Facebook event page.

Here’s a really nice shot from last year’s concert by NCODNC taken by CK Photography during the Week #1 at the Red Bull No Paws Down award giving ceremony. The band who played at the Cult Single Set Survivors award giving ceremony were Savage Semen.

Concert by NCODNC at KnK 2016. Photo by CK Photography

So yeah, we aim to organise two concerts again, one during the first and the other during the second week. We’ll let you know more soon as we’re still arranging this.

Let’s move on…This is already taking a while 🙂

Additional safety nets

Two years ago, our dear friend Alex Ireton pushed us to upgrade the protection with safety nets on critical corners. At that time we didn’t think that the nets were necessary, but since he brought it up, we simply had to do it, otherwise we would risk being “jinxed” 🙂

Crowded Corner 15. Photo Mihael Zadravec

First we built some by ourselves but then last year we decided to purchase the “ready made” professional nets. The decision paid off as the safety nets were much stronger and they additionally provided a much better solution for the banners placement as well.

So, it’s more safe, more practical, it looks much better and the banners are being saved as the riders are not crashing into them.

We expect to have more throughout the track this year.

Additional radio stations (walkie-talkies)

We are already equipped with 18 radio stations plus one for the car, but we need more.

Our complete team during the event counts 33 people + the Red Bull crew and additional filmers on the Red Bull No Paws Down race day.

Ideally, every team member should have a radio station and be able to communicate with the rest of us. That’s why this year we got more of them.

Baofeng GT-3 radio station (walkie-talkie). Photo Mihael Zadravec.

Last year we tested the Baofeng GT-3 and Baofeng GT-3TP stations which proved to be very good. We got 10 more of these as they are quite cheap as well, only around 70 Euros for a set of two via eBay.

When used with the bigger antennas (Nagoya NA-771 VHF/UHF) which can be purchased separately, we were able to establish the communication between the start and the finish line without the additional “external” big antennas which you could have seen us using at the previous editions a couple of years ago.

I highly recommend these if you’re looking to buy a pair to make your downhill runs safer.

What else is coming?

There’s so much more to announce, but as this article already got so long, I figured it would be better to publish another one in which I will explain more about the program of the event.

To give you a hint, here’s what I will cover next time:

  • KebbeK Wheel Of Misfortune
  • KebbeK Core A Set, Get A Set
  • KebbeK Tuck Race
  • Landyachtz Dinghy Days
  • Red Bull No Paws Down
  • Cult Single Set Survivors
  • and more…

In the meanwhile, check out KnK Longboard Camp 2016 Daily Updates for more media.

Thank you for reading through!

You can follow KnK Longboard Camp 2017 presented by KebbeK Skateboards via the official Facebook event page or via the Longboard Magazine Facebook page.

Shoutout to our 2017 partners!

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