Learn Longboarding: Aero Grab Trick Tip with Jeff Corsi

I wanted to do this tricks and tips episode since at least one year ago. But I was not sure if I should do it in French or in English… subtitles or not…Since Moonshine supports me on the project, I thought it would be good to do it in English so that everyone can understand it. It’s for fun anyway!

The concept of the “Jeff’s tips” is to learn one trick by episode. Specifically dancing and freestyle tricks. I will doing large panel of tricks, some one will be for the beginner and other ones in hard level. The idea is to show that everything is possible if you practice. I started with the Aero Grab because it’s a famous trick and as I said, it allows for lot of possibilities… In this episode, I will try to be clear and short. Not longer than 3 min and 1 min if I can.

I don’t pretend that I’m a teacher, I’m more a friend who explains you the tips with jokes and bullshits. The longboard is before everything a way to share fun right? 😉

Watch: Jeff’s tips ep1 – the Aero Grab

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