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Alternative Longboards Wrobel with Lillian Barou

Last summer Lillian BarouBen Pellet and Brian Scott Adkins travelled around Switzerland in search of new skate spots. They came across this epic run and couldn’t refrain themselves from filming it.

This is a 9 a.m. run, not long after we woke up. It was only my 2nd run on the spot, but as you can see it’s very long so I couldn’t really memorise the track. So I sent it as I can: shredding, chilling, tucking and having fun. Lillian Barou

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZDHRKmGt44″]

Lillian skates the Wrobel deck that is part of the current Alternative Longboards lineup. It features a classic directional shape, radial concave and a stiff flex. The length of the board is 90 cm with a width of 24.5 cm. Its design also provides multiple wheelbase options raging from 66 to 72 cm.
Alternative Wrobel: 1 Top graphic | 2 Fiberglass | 3 Carbon fiber| 4 Veneer | 5 Core | 6 Down graphic
Despite the simple design the Wrobel still performs great in different disciplines and riding styles. Its priced at 189 euro and available for purchase via Alternative Longboards website.
Stay tuned for the Alternative Longboards 2017 deck collection overview.

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  1. Hi Nadia, if you ever stop by in the 91320 zip of the USA, in So Cal, we have some bomb hills for you to run!
    Bring LB and anyone else, we would be so stoked!

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