Opening of the Living Room Bowl in a 400 years old house across the Pogo farm

Few days ago, on November 21st, I was working late into a night when a chat window popped out at 3:50 am. It was Reinhold (Skoa Trucks), replying to a message I sent him earlier that evening. He was saying “Hi! Sorry that I haven’t got much time… I was helping a friend to get his bowl inside a 400 years old house ready for the opening today… Its now 3.50 o’clock and we are done!!!“.

There you have it! The opening party video 🙂 Watch it and if you are interested to see more photos of the bowl in the making as well as some more shots from the party, check out Confusion Magazine’s post here.

Congrats to Pogo crew for such a cool project! Looks like the guys ‘n gals are going to have a place to play during this cold winter. Have fun!

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