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Loaded Pushin Cushion Poron Foam Sheet

Loaded Boards released a new product; the Pushin Cushion foam sheet which you can apply on top of your deck as an additional layer below the grip tape to minimize the vibration and make the ride more comfortable.
In addition to the comfort the Pushin Cushion provides, it will indent under the rider’s weight and create the pockets which will keep the rider’s feet safely locked in, providing a similar support as 3D concave.
Pushin Cushion specs
The Pushin Cushion is made of Poron XRD high-performance viscoelastic damping foam that hardens on impact. You should note that this doesn’t mean that the sheet will not get chopped off if your deck flips over.
The sheet is self-adhesive and it comes 100 cm (40″) in length and 25 cm (10″) in width. It’s long enough to completely cover the most of the boards. The thickness of the Pushin Cushion sheet is 3 mm (0.12″).
Loaded Pushin Cushion
You can also cut the Pushin Cushion foam to smaller pieces and apply it on top of the main sheet to additionally create your custom 3D concave (see the video below).
The Pushin Cushion comes packed in a nice box, rolled rather then folded to avoid wrinkling. Currently it looks like it’s available only in yellow colour and the price for a piece is 40 USD via Loaded’s website.
Here’s how it looks when applied to the board…
Loaded Pushin Cushion
Here’s how to apply it to the deck…

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