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Atom Longboards Review

With the many longboarding companies out there, it’s hard to know which one is the best for you. Some specialize in providing the best decks for a certain style of longboarding such as downhill or freestyling. Other companies focus on crafting the best wheels for … Read more

Best Surf Skate

Today’s article is on the best surf skates in the market. I go over a few options and describe to you which are best for beginners and people getting into it. Check it out below. Best Surf Skate FLOW Swell Surf Skate The FLOW Surf … Read more

Best Commuter Longboard

Today’s article is on the best commuter longboards. Whether you’re looking to quickly zip down to your coffee spot or push as fast as you can across the city, there’s gonna be a right board for you. Check it out below to find out more. … Read more

Longboard Bushings- A Deep Dive

Today’s article is on longboard bushings. These little things can make or break your ride – they’re the suspension of your longboard, controlling how they lean and turn feels. It’s worth investing in and learning about them if you want to make your board feel … Read more

4 Best Longboard Slide Gloves

You don’t always have to slide when you’re cruising downhill, but it helps that when you do have to, you have the best longboard slide gloves helping you out.   However, if you’re new to longboarding, finding out the best ones isn’t easy. Some will … Read more