Best Commuter Longboard

Today’s article is on the best commuter longboards. Whether you’re looking to quickly zip down to your coffee spot or push as fast as you can across the city, there’s gonna be a right board for you. Check it out below to find out more. … Read more

Longboard Bushings- A Deep Dive

Today’s article is on longboard bushings. These little things can make or break your ride – they’re the suspension of your longboard, controlling how they lean and turn feels. It’s worth investing in and learning about them if you want to make your board feel … Read more

Longboard Types

Types of Longboards

Longboards come in many shapes and forms. They can be accelerated to insane speeds, show the most effective tricks and can let you experience unrealistically cool sensations. Here, the most important thing is to choose the right board, deciding which is more important to you … Read more

Best Shoes for Longboarding

Having a strong opinion about longboarding shoes is a god-given right for a longboarder. But how do you know which longboarding shoes are good and which are trash?There are several ways to decide which longboard shoes are good and which should be thrown in the … Read more

Longboard Deck Types

There’s barely a sport or an activity that’s as exciting and adventurous as longboarding. Of course, longboarding itself is a broad term as well, since there are different styles to consider here. We have anything from just casual cruising, over downhills, and up to free … Read more