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Morocco culture through a longboard video by Yassine Boundouq

When first hearing about Morocco, most people think about surfing and deserts. But that doesn’t mean there’s no skate scene there. This wonderful country separated from Europe by the Straits of Gibraltar and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea is know for its rich history and unique culture.
Yassine Boundouq is one of the skaters living in Morocco. He comes from the city of Safi and his mission is to develop the local longboarding scene and bring it closer to people. Despite not having great skateboarding conditions, like we have in Europe, Yassine still shares his love for the sport. Skating on tiles and bad pavement doesn’t hold him back.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKLFg-MQKus”]

His Longboard story a.k.a. MoulTawa Story represents the Moroccan way of living. Besides showing off his skills, the video creates a special vibe with lifestyle shots of the locals and architecture. The MoulTawa Story thus embodies Morocco and shows people how longboarding can fit into its culture.
Yassine Boundouq is an ambassador for Orangatang Wheels and Loaded boards.

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