Longboarding news – 15th November weekly roundup

Continuing our new segment, below are all the exciting things that have happened in the world of longboarding this past week. Check it out.

What’s new in Longboarding?

Latest videos:

Landyachtz live – cleaning bearings/Dexter Manning interview

Landyachtz brings us another great video, it seems we’re going to be getting a live video weekly from them. This week, we get an interview with DangerBay 2020 winner Dexter Manning. He talks about what he did leading up to the race and drops some interesting information about his equipment.

Alex Hannigan also walks us through how to clean bearings and we get info on the new Landyachtz boards through Ed Avina.

North Carolina Downhill Skateboarding – NCDH

North Carolina is the mecca of downhill skateboarding. With runs and long downhill roads around every corner, it’s no surprise they have the most active downhill skateboarding community in the USA.

NCDH is the local downhill skate crew. Check out their latest edit, featuring locals thrashing the roads over there.

La Ficelle Skateboard Club

Tired ofthe traditional mountain downhill skateboarding runs? Check out this edit of these boys ripping it in a Swiss town. This is a refreshing take on downhill skateboarding and it is very fun to watch.

 Get That Podcast

Get That is a downhill skateboarding clothing brand based in Australia. They have a weekly podcast where they talk about all things downhill skateboarding. 

This week, they take on questions from the community, with a feature from the 2019 downhill skating world champion.

Powell-Peralta Dragonskins review

Downhill254 just dropped a review of the Dragonskin wheels. If you’ve been a part of downhill skating for a while, you surely know how hyped up these wheels are. This review is both exciting and does a good job of demystifying these wheels.

Race at the Knobb!

Park Vidmar just dropped an edit from his local outlaw race. Outlaws are unofficial/unsanctioned events that downhill skaters put on, just as a way to get those race juices flowing. Parker does an outstanding job of capturing the vibes in this edit. Check it out.

Gear news:

Valkyrie trucks tease Halloween themed gear and adjustable baseplates

Valkyrie trucks dropped some limited edition colorways of their Voxter trucks. Pick them up now if you wish to stand out of the crowd.

They’ve also teased that they will be releasing adjustable baseplates for their trucks soon! Exciting stuff.

Loaded Boards monthly give away

Loaded boards does a monthly give away on their Instagram. They do it at the beginning of every month. Be sure to follow them if you’d like to take part. you can win some goodies if you’re lucky.

New Moonshine boards in 2021?

On an Instagram live video, Moonshine team manager Brandon Desjarlais teased that new Moonshine boards will be available in January of next year. Did he mean new, new Moonshine boards? Or just a renewal of stock? It’s not clear, but either way, it’s exciting news.

Aera trucks tease a mini k3!

In an Instagram post, Aera teased the release of a 160mm version of their K3 trucks with an updated bushing seat. They’re doing this to celebrate 10 years since the K3 was first produced. This is great news. The Aera K3s are highly sought after trucks, and some of the best made for freeride. With the new narrower versions, they’re going to be more suited for the narrower modern boards.

Brand news:

Longboard girls crew changes directors

LGC changes directors. Isabella Motta will be taking over Valeria Kechichian as the director of longboard girls crew. Valeria has been in charge of the brand since it’s inception and has built up LGC to be what it is today. Interesting to see what the change of hands brings to the brand.

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