Longboarding news – 23rd November weekly roundup

Looking to get informed on the latest news from the world of longboarding? Check it out below. Here is a roundup of the most exciting events from the last week.

23rd November Weekly News Round-up

Latest videos:

Diego Poncelet – Improvised 100kph run

Diego Pon just dropped a very cool looking raw run/edit on his Instagram page. Check it out here. A motorbike follows him down this 100kph run and they pick up some interesting shots and definitely a refreshing take on the worn-out car follow-cam dynamic.

Elias Koch – beautiful dance flow

Elias Koch just dropped a new edit on his youtube. Elias has an effortless flow to his moves and this edit was nice to watch – he makes g-turns look damn easy. The video was beautifully shot too and I recommend all longboard check it out, anyone can all appreciate his flow and effortless style. Check it out below.

Seismic Skate  Systems – new downhill edit!

Yanis Markarian just dropped a great edit through Seismic skate. Certainly a refreshing take on the typical downhill skateboarding edit, and one of the best I’ve seen this year. I know I’m gonna be watching this again and again.

P2s and Pasters

Straight out of North Carolina, Kyle Peterson just dropped this eye-candy of an edit through Lukewarm media. He films Kenny Nap flowing down this run on Aera P2s and Powell Pasters. It’s nothing special, but there’s just something satisfying about how each shot is captured. Check it out here.

Bumpy Longboarding in Bristol

Bumpy Hales from Bristol, UK, dropped this cool, creative edit of him shredding the local spots. Bumpy has a very creative style, mixing and matching the longboard disciplines. Check out the edit here on his IG TV.

Brand news:

Zenit drops merch

Zenit just dropped merchandise on their website. Go grab one if you’ve always wanted a Zenit sweatshirt or T-shirt.

Hyo Kyojoo on Champion

Hyo Kyojoo can’t be stopped! This time she’s working with Champion, featuring on their Instagram page. It’s not the first time Hyo has worked with a mainstream brand, she’s been on Vogue and worked with some other fashion brands. But it is always nice to see longboarding of any form in the mainstream.

Rider news:

Choose your rider!?

Emily Pross started a really cool skate trend on her Instagram. Rachel Bagels (skatebagels) and Lisa Peters (a7x_liesje) followed suite. They’ve basically made “Choose your character” reels with them dressed up differently. It’s just cool, creative, and fun to watch.

Pat Dort joins Descent

Pat Dougherty joins the Descent longboards team. Pat is one of the best American free-riders right now. He absolutely kills it in the North Carolina scene, skating America’s gnarliest road with grace and steeze. Wishing him the best. Check out a great video of Pat below.

Hans Wouters – Pop High. Stay Fly

Hans just dropped some fresh merchandise! It’s something he’s been planning for a while and he’s finally put it out there. If you’re a fan of his channel and his content, consider buying one to support him. He also dropped a new Youtube video to help him promote it. Have a look below. 


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