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Longboarding news – 29th November weekly roundup

Looking to see what has transpired in longboarding from the past week? Look no further. Check out the section below to get updated on all the latest videos, and news.

29th November Weekly News Round-up

Latest videos:

Boarding media – Chet Bolstridge

Boarding media just released a fresh edit with Chet Bolstridge. Chet has an unbelievably steezy style – making high-speed drifts look dummy easy and natural.  This edit captures his style really well. The mix of both stationary, moving and follow-cam shots brings it all together. Quite refreshing to watch. 

Dance video – Elias Koch

Elias Koch just dropped another breathtaking dance video. Beyond pulling off some insanely slick moves, Elias dropped some breathtaking drone shots in the video too. Check it out here.

Jake Ballentyne slide style master

Jake Ballentyne is the 360 slide master of 2020. This guy pulls off 360s like it’s his job to do so. Check out this short edit of him on the Rayne longboards Instagram page.

Dogface208 on Shark wheels?

It seems the Cranberry, longboard guy is everywhere! Dogface has featured in everything from music videos, to being featured in the news. This time, he is on the sharkwheel page riding on of their electric longboards. Check it out.

Cuei Wheels – Vultur helmets

Check out this short film by Max Ballesteros and Thiago Lessa explaining what New Olders helmets are and what the different models do. This isn’t just your regular review video, Thiago (a world champion downhill skater) provides some great insight to what these products do, and Max Ballesteros filming (and editing) skills capturing it beautifully. This video is art.

Dance video –  Achel and Valeriya

Achel and Valeriya show off their synchronized longboard dancing skills in this video here. Both amazing dancers and freestylers, this video is just really fun to watch.

Brand news:

Black Friday support from core companies

Several brands close down for Black friday in support of skate shops, encouraging consumers to buy and support skate shops instead of buying directly from the brands.
Some brands who did this were – Rocket Longboards and Paris truck co.

Prism Skate Co. in Hawaii!?

Prism Skate Co has been in Hawaii for the last few days, filming a ton of runs. Their team riders have been teasing and blessing our Instagram timelines with reels from the trip.
The last time the Prism/Caliber/Blood Orange team was in Hawaii they blessed us with this godsend of an edit. It has over 500,000 views on Youtube and deserves every single one. It’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it, and worth watching twice if you already have.

But this time, Tom Flinchbaugh is gonna be the one behind the lens. Tom blessed us with this Hawaii edit – Bricks and Coconuts through the Skate Blood Orange channel. One of my all-time favorite edits to watch.

Longboard girls crew – new nonprofit

LGC has started a funding campaign to support their nonprofit @longboardwomen. They’ve created it with the aim of funding and supporting humanitarian programs that create a positive impact in vulnerable communities. Find out how you can help here.

Gear news

Landyachtz team tease Cheetah tweaks

In the weekly Landyachtz live stream, Dexter Manning dropped some news that the Cheetahs were being tweaked. These tweaks were just going to affect the lips of the wheels only, but should increase how much grip the wheels had.
They also teased the development of a new single kick, top mount freeride board! Exciting stuff.

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