Longboarding news – 7th December weekly roundup

This week’s article on longboard news from around the world! With all the latest bits on everything from longboard dancing to slalom.

7th December Weekly News Round-up

Latest videos:

Linked Media – Adrien Paynel kills it in the Serrias

Linked media just dropped this hectic raw run of Adrien Paynel. Adrien is one of the young, talented downhill skaters coming out of San Diego. He rides for Rolling Tree skateboards and Seismic skate. Mark my words, we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of this guy and his friends. They are absolutely killing the game right now and are giving the top skaters in the US a run for their money.

Hans Wouters – 10 easy tricks for beginners

Alright, so you’ve just picked up your longboard and are looking for some easy tricks to learn? Hans Wouters shows you a couple in his latest video. Check it out below.

Long-distance push around Paris

This video is of a long-distance skater pushing and pumping through Paris, France. Nothing special, but it is a great video with pleasant vibes and good music. It is interesting to see how a longboarder would get around Paris on a board and it really captures the vibe of just pushing around endlessly. Check it out below.

Meat Media – Korey Kamp

From the land down under! Meat Media run by Matthew Leo just dropped this absolute monster of an edit featuring Korey Kamp. Korey might be one of the most talented Australian riders at the moment, his mix of hands down and no-paws riding is very entertaining. The editing skills of Matthew Leo really bring the video together too. In my opinion, it’s one of the best edits that we’ve seen this year.

Downhill skateboarding in Kenya?

Downhill skateboarding really is a worldwide sport. Check out Abuga Aroni and his crew skating the hills in Nairobi, Kenya in the video below.

Community News:

Studio longboard – Pantheon interview

Studio longboard has had an ongoing podcast series where they interview all sorts of people who are of interest in the longboarding world. This week they interviewed Jeffery Vyain, the owner of Pantheon longboards. It is a very cool interview and Jeff provides a lot of insight on his design process – why he made certain types of boards and what the deciding factors are etc. Worth check it out. Listen to the podcast here.

Gear News:

Muthr truck co pre-order!

Muthr truck co is a small precision truck company based in San Diego – but with a twist. Their precision baseplates are compatible with Paris trucks, Calibers trucks, Paris Savants, etc. Essential most of the trucks made with the standard Randal truck co geometry. This simply means you can get a low-angle baseplate for your cast truck. This is incredibly valuable. You can get stability on a budget and tune your cast truck for performance at high speed. You’d usually be looking at spending hundreds of dollars on a precision truck to get that sort of high-speed performance. Order a set of baseplates from them now! Pre-orders close soon. Check them out here.

Event News:

Downhill skateboarding meme wars

In the bizarre off-shoot world of downhill skate meme pages, we now have a competition for the best downhill meme page of 2020. It’s run by @aerakrimes72mm, so go to their page and follow along to their story to vote for your favorite meme pages. It’s oddly heated and exciting to watch happen. At the very least, at least we have some friendly competition given how no races are happening at all.

Online cone race series

As a way to work around the whole Covid-19 situation, the International Slalom Skateboarding Association is holding a virtual competition.  The event will be held in different places around the world – if you’re interested in taking part you could connect your local race to it. Find out more about the event here on the Facebook event page. It runs from the 23rd of January 2021 to the 25th.

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