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No Man’s Land Freeride 2017

At Longboard Magazine we are proud to present our new freeride event No Man’s Land which will take place from July 4th till July 8th in Tolmin, Slovenia.

About the No Man’s Land track

At No Man’s Land freeride the riders will have the opportunity to skate down an 8 kilometres long mountain road closed for traffic, featuring 80 sweepers and 5 hairpins.
The road has an average of 8,8% grade with the steepest section at 14,5% and the total elevation of 710 meters. Repaved five years ago, the surface is still in good condition with an exception of some “tar snakes”.

No Man’s Land will challenge the riders to endure around 8 runs per day, starting at 11am and finishing at 6pm.
Just like on KnK, there will be no “lunch breaks”, but riders will be able to skip the run and grab the food right on top of the track to regain the much needed energy for the rest of the runs.

See the track on FindHills @ https://bit.ly/2jmWWPm.

Location – Soča River Valley

The freeride is placed in one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia, the world famous Soča River Valley, next to the town of Tolmin.  The emerald Soča River is considered to be the one of the cleanest Alpine rivers in Europe. Its beauty is beyond words.
To learn more about Soča River, see this website:
The track leads up from the village Volče towards the Slovenian-Italian border and Kolovrat, a World War One outdoor museum where the riders can take a walk inside its cold tunnels filled with spirits of many brave men.

Beautiful campsite on Soča River

We are really stoked about camping at No Man’s Land freeride. CAMP GABRJE with all the amenities will ensure a very comfortable stay for everyone. It is located right next to the river Soča where you can have the cleanest and the freshest swim of your life.

The camp is equipped with an internet connection, electricity, hot showers, toilettes, dish washing area…It has pretty much everything you may need and it is only a few minutes drive to the small town Tolmin.
The camp has a cute bar with a big covered terrace and very friendly staff. That’s where the riders will get served a cold Laško or Union as well as soft drinks while enjoying the evening program.  The newly built kitchen facility right next to the bar will serve tasty food.

For those who enjoy hanging out by the fireplace, camp Gabrje has one of the most amazing in the area. It’s placed on a plateau right next to the Soča River and a beautiful private beach, just about 50m  away from the main bar.

How to join No Man’s Land

The riders limit is set at 120 and a registration fee, which includes staying at the campsite, is 200,00 EUR for 5 days of full freeride.
You can also follow the event via the official Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1849135025364030/.
If you’re coming to No Man’s Land, be sure to join us via official Facebook event page for the latest event updates and announcements.

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