Olson&Hekmati introduces longboarding shoes in collab with Djinns

Olson & Hekmati x Djinns longboard shoes

Olson&Hekmati – Oliver Dehmel’s and Björn Hekmati’s baby is one of the leading German longboard brands at the moment. Oliver and Björn were brought together by a shared passion for skateboarding. At the beginning (almost a decade ago) they were offering mostly longboard decks, but that changed pretty soon. Now they’re offering a broad selection of different longboard products, which prove their quality on the cruel, ruthless roads and surfaces.

Olson & Hekmati x Djinns collection

It’s not that long since O&H joined forces with the Germany-based brand Djinns and the result was a fantastic fresh collection of longboards necessities: snapback hats, mega stylish longboards and extremely comfortable shoes. The color of the products was created to suit their wooden longboards. They dedicated the most attention to the kicks, which are lightweight, slim, and durable.

Olson & Hekmati x Djinns longboard shoes

The vulcanized sole is hard enough to last, but at same time not overly stiff, so you can still feel your board under your feet. The slim outline and low cut create a free feeling while riding. The upper part of the O&H longboard shoes is made from leather which is quite resistant to grip tape.

Olson & Hekmati x Djinns longboard shoes

Also, make sure to check out a video featuring O&H longboard shoes in action!

At a time of writing this post Olson&Hekmati x Djinns longboard shoes cost 69,90 €. Follow O&H team via their Facebook and Istangram profiles.

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