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Patrick Lombardi wins Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 World Championship

After five days of warming up on the Bear’s Guts, the riders were finally ready for Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship which took place on the last day of KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2016.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016. Photo by CK Photography
Pablo Quiles (Gnarlicante) in the focus. Photo by CK Photography

This year’s Week #1 at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp was blessed with good weather and we ended up by having in total only one full day of rain (two half wet days, Monday and Thursday). The rest of it was sunny and hot with the race day being the hottest.
Everyone had more then enough time to get used to the track and improve their stand-up sliding skills. The organisation crew was running things really smooth and delivered in average around ten runs per day.

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Half way through the event it was becoming more and more clear that the competition this year will be harder then last year. Everyone were shredding hard to keep up with the rest but nobody really stressed about the race. Good vibes and fun times with skate buddies were the main focus of every single individual.

All together there were 195 riders participating at this year’s KnK freeride and 117 signed up for the RBNPD race. Some of them later decided not to race for various reasons so in total 72 riders raced to qualify.
After one warmup and three quali runs, 32 riders qualified and raced in the four man heats followed by the freeride runs.

Semi-Final live stream by Emily Pross via @redbull Facebook page

During the seventh run of the day, Emily Pross chased down the racers in Semi-Final and streamed live video to Red Bull Facebook page.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016. Photo by CK Photography
Emily Pross aiming for the apex. Photo by CK Photography

Emily got hurt during the run in the first hairpin, but despite the injury she skated all the way to the finish line. Everyone was amazed by her determination to finish the run. Later during the evening we were all very happy to hear the she’s OK.

Spiders coming!

Around 4:30pm the Consolation and Final heats dropped into the Guts. Both heats were intense and delivered much excitement to Corner 8 a.k.a. “The Root Corner”.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016. Photo by CK Photography
From left to right: Ryka Mohammadian, Patrick Lombardi, Ian Freire. Photo by CK Photography

In the Final heat, RBDNP 2015 champion Ian Freire (Brazil) battled with Patrick Lombardi (Italy), Ryka Mohammadian (USA) and Nico Gallmann (Switzerland), but didn’t manage to keep his title. The stakes were high as the money prize for the first place was 1,000 Euros, for the second 500 and for the third place 300 Euros.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016 Results

1st Patrick Lombardi (Italy)
2nd Ryka Mohammadian (USA)
3rd Ian Freire (Brazil)
4th Nico Gallmann (Switzerland)
The stoke level was off the chart as the young Italian gipsy became a new Red Bull No Paws Down World Champion, repping DB Longboards, Cloud Ride Wheels and of course, his Gispy crew.
After the Final heat, the rest of freeriders gathered around in the finish and carried the champions to the podium. It was epic!
This photo by Brandon DesJarlais (Moonshine MFG) says it all.
Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 podium. Photo by Brandon Desjarlais

Party time with NCODNC, DJ SEMO and ZUBLIME

As all the other nights, everyone got together at the party place where the champs walked the podium once again followed by a metal concert performed by NCODNC from Slovenia, rap concert by one the riders Emil Birch – ZublimE and of course, Joey Biedner and Sebastian Schneider spun the KebbeK Wheel of Misfortune. As DJ Semo played some wicked tunes, the crowd was getting more and more drunk… What happened next should stay in Osilnica 🙂

Huge shoutout to everyone who helped running the event especialy to Course marshals and the whole KnK organisation crew, Maga and Rob McWhinnie, Ry Swanton, the Red Bull crew and Hotel Kovač staff. Word up!
Special thanks to CK Photography for awesome photos 🙂

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