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Concept: Smart Truck Assembly Tool

Have you ever put off changing your deck or trucks because of the amount of time it takes to mount everything together? Well I have.
Normally for me it’s a time consuming process where I almost always loose a nut and feel disinclined to be doing it. And when I just gave in to the idea that nothing on this planet will speed up the process I saw a magical concept on the Interwebz.
S.T.A.T. is short for ”Smart Truck Assembly Tool”, a universal multifunctional skateboard tool that promises faster truck assembly, so you can spend more time skating and not get frustrated when you have to do some maintenance on your skateboard.
It’s a brainchild of three skaters and has everything you need plus more in comparison to your ordinary skate tool.
Changing or mounting your trucks will take roughly 30 seconds and it looks super easy. The tool consists of a bottom and top piece, with which you can screw or unscrew all four of the bolts and screws, or just one by removing three of the magnetic allen key / screwdriver bits on the top piece. The bottom piece is also magnetic so you don’t loose any hardware in the process.
The sides of the bottom tool piece are conveniently designed to adjust the wheel bolts and the kingpin when it gets too loose for your comfort.
Although this is just an idea in an infinite space on the internet, I find it pretty cool and would love to try it someday. Check it out and if you like the concept support the idea and help make it a reality.
You can help funding this project via Indiegogo.com

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