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Street Sledge, from the UK, the new type of ButtBoard for everyone

The Street Sledge has mass appeal at an affordable price and a design based on fun, function and safety, the boys have developed something incredibly unique. The Street Sledge gives the full-on luge riding experience and brings it to a whole new audience.
Mihael and Tom had a chat about it.

How did you go about creating the product?

Bodhi and I have enjoyed buttboarding so much over the years that we wanted to add a ButtBoard to the many skate lines we have helped with and worked on. We wanted to make a board design inspired from our classic themes that was suited to racing and formed using the most high-tech materials we could get our hands on.
Street Sledge - Tom Campbell testing the complete on a local hill
That was the dream, however the reality is that there would be a lack of demand drawn from the core market to support the investment needed to cover the costs of developing and producing a mould. We discovered a simple balance: to create a mass market board aimed at the youth skate market and first-time riders breaking into the scene that could also be a play-thing for those seeking an adrenaline rush.
Street Sledge - Final models in four colors

Why plastic?

We initially made a prototype by forming a piece of foam into what we knew as the basic shape we wished to achieve. After adding some fibreglass and test riding the draft product, a final form was born; it was evident that wood was not the right material. So, after further testing, we opted for a mix of fibreglass and plastics.

What features make the board different?

To begin with, the Street Sledge is tough and light with a super deep central pan giving a low centre of balance, rooting the rider to the board. Included in the shape of the deck are wheel flares designed for deep turning, along with well-placed handles designed to replicate the handles riders build for their street luges.
Less obvious features include the built-in split angles for the trucks – the front is wedged up +10 degrees while the back is -10 making it super stable for all, including beginners, to ride and enjoy.

When will it hit shops?

It’ll be in shops late spring, and will be retailing in the UK at £99, in Europe at 120 Euros, and $135 in the USA. However, you can book your Street Sledge now to make sure you get one from the first batch for this season by pre-ordering with a £50 deposit from Bodhi and I at Gravity House.

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