Newton’s Shred Podcast Episode #010 Ft. Jooz Hughes

Newton’s Shred Podcast Episode #010 Ft. Jooz Hughes “It’s ruined me a little bit” (+ #009)

Back in early June I found myself amongst the Austrian Alps, having survived yet another edition of the Alpenrauschen Freeride by BIGMOUNTAINSKATE.

It’s there that Jooz Hughes and I sat down to have a nice long chat about his travels, outlook on skating and life in general, as well as shooting the breeze.

At just over 1 hour long, this show works best in an audio format, so you can listen on your phone / tablet / car stero or even laptop computer if you like.

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The great thing about podcasts is that you can do something else while listening;

  • Like on your way to college or work
  • While you’re taking apart a setup
  • Or while doing chores around the house

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Newton’s Shred show Episode #008

Straight outta London, Newton’s Shred is a Longboard Shop and News Source focusing on the UK and sometime EU scene, I’m your host, Alex Ireton.

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Joining me for this episode is Jorge Higgins, a local skater I’ve known for years, he now works in our shop and is supported by Lush Longboards and Slide Perfect Wheels.

I’m one of the owners here at NS and I’m a big fan of podcasts, so I thought I’d combine  my passion for skating, reporting and shop news into my favourite format: Audio
But then I thought, hey, I could just as easily record a video at the same time.

To learn more about me and our shop, I’d recommend you check out:
Longboard Magazine EU Intro YouTube only
Episode #000 : “Pretty much the head of everything..” YouTube iOS/iTunes SoundCloud Stitcher

Show Notes


Recent Events
Brianne Collective: Fumble In The Valley Outlaw race – SkateSlate article by Will Edgecombe
BLBB Presents: Bo Peep session – Videos and photos by VIAL images
London Longboards: Beginner / Slide tips session

Upcoming Events
So You Can Longboard Dance?
Dance competition
April 2-3rd

Hog Hill Events in 2016
Downhill, Slide Jam, Slalom, Dancing, Buttboard freeride / race
England, UK
May, July and October

#BigMountainSkate Series
Alpenrauschen, Freeride, Austria, June 9-12th
Almabtrieb, IDF Race, Austria, July 13-16th
KNK Longboard Camp, Freeride, Slovenia, July 25-30th and August 2-7th
Bela Joyride, Freeride, Austria, August 24-27th
LoRaLo, Freeride, Austria, September 15-17th

Dishonourable mentions

SkateHouse 6 Thing Men In Longboarding Need To Stop Doing
SkateSlate 6 Things In Longboarding That Girls Need To Stop Doing
Alex Ameen Sketch Fest 2016 Pt 2 Video (Doesn’t allow embedding, sorry)
Goat Longboards Soul Dancer 42″ Deck announced
Sergio Valdehita 360 variations

Produced, shot and cut by Alex Ireton
Whassup jingle courtesy Dale Kean / PreCool
Dishonourable Mentions jingle by Ben Stainer
Images and videos via Kai Menneken and VIAL images
Big thanks to Jorge Higgins for joining me this week.

Newton's Shred show Episode 007

Newton’s Shred show Episode #007

Newton's Shred show Episode 007
Perhaps the only Podcast focused on longboards, the UK/EU scene and grandmas…

I’m back from taking a short break over the holidays. It turns out I missed some fun skate sessions, but my good friend Olly joins me on this episode and fills in the gaps.

The show is only available as audio this time, because I didn’t have enough space on my memory card and only recorded 7 minutes of video.

Thankfully I was recording the audio separately and still have the full show to release.

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I don’t expect anyone to watch a 40 minute video, it’s too long for this kind of show.
The show is originally conceived as a Podcast, which is an audio only format.

Here’s the magic of audio; Your eyes don’t need to be stuck to a screen.

So you can do something while listening to the show, like:

  • Travel to skate / work / school
  • Do your chores at home
  • Change / maintain your longboard setup
  • Work out at the gym
  • Where would you listen to it?

It’s like getting any kind of radio station you want, delivered straight to whatever device.

Who’s is Alex? What is Newton’s Shred?

I recommend you check out Episode #000 to get a better understanding of the show, you can also listen to all the episodes in order on this playlist below:

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