ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy

ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy Photo Gallery

We’ve finally settled down at home and it was time to go through the photos I took during the four days we spent at ISPO 2018 in Munich.

Watch the ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy video here.

If you’re not familiar with ISPO, here’s the short walk-through. It is the biggest European multi-segment trade fair within the sports industry. With over 85.000 visitors from 120 different countries, ISPO is stretched out through 16 halls showcasing 8 segments that cover everything from winter sports, team sports, health & fitness to manufacturing & suppliers.

We mostly spent our time in Hall A5 at the Longboard Embassy organized by 40inch Longboard Magazine. Looking back to 2013, when I last visited ISPO, this year’s Longboard Embassy looked a bit smaller than back then, but it was still filled with a wall-to-wall skateboard and longboard products.

The Longboard Embassy view from the lounge area

Walking through the Longboard Embassy, one could try out surf skating, electric longboards, watched Legende Longboard chisel a block of wood, what later became a handcrafted and fully functional longboard, or rest their legs at the lounge area overlooking the Whitezu 12 meter long surf skate wave system.

In the four days of ISPO, we got a chance to talk with and interview 33 brands covering different skateboarding disciplines.

KebbeK Skateboards introduced their new watercolor lineup, Landyachts Longboards showcased the new freeride and dancer boards, ROCKET Longboards showed off it’s new Freak Show collection, Alternative Longboards introduced their new construction and Madrid Skateboards their Netflix Stranger Things collection…just to name a few.

The Longboard Embassy bar

Wheel and truck wise, we got a chance to check out Seismic’s new downhill race wheel, the European Walzen wheels, and the new Bolzen truck models and also talked with Bangfish about their new surf skate trucks.

There were also numerous surf skate brands showcasing their collection surrounding the Whitezu skate wave, like the Spanish YOW surf, Slide Surfskate, Curfboard, and Carver Skateboards.

Regarding protection, we saw the Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver, stopped by at TSG and saw what’s new with Pro-Tec’s Full Cut skateboard helmets.

We also saw the Buggy Rollin suit by Jean Yves Blondeau. He’s most known for one of his stunt characters, the Rollerman, which we also got to see in action.

Jean-Yves Blondeau's Buggy Rollin suits

While we are still editing the interviews to show you what the brands had to say about their new lineups and products, here is a photo gallery from the ISPO 2018 Longboard Embassy.

I would like to end this article with an interview with Philippe Roose, a member of the Ministry of Stoke and their F*** Cancer Foundation. In the video, he said that the beer fundraiser at ISPO was a success and shares his personal story with everybody who takes the time to watch the video below.

Bolzen Trucks V2 lineup & Omen Longboards collab

Bolzen Trucks V2 lineup & Omen Longboards collab

Bolzen Trucks announced the upcoming release of the new Bolzen trucks V2. Designed by Heiko Schöller and Frank Beste, the new trucks promise to be even more playful, turny and agile, while being based on the same proven and trusted geometry, we already know from them.

Bolzen V2 longboard trucks

Bolzen trucks V2 180mm 50°

This truck is the workhorse in the Bolzen’s lineup and this year they plan on adding 2-3 new colour options to it. Very agile, responsive and turny, but still stable enough for some faster runs, the Bolzen 180mm 50 degree trucks offer a great choice for riders with many different styles. The new German-engineered bushing seat allows the hangar to turn very far and come back to the centre quickly. They come stocked with 85a double barrel bushings, making them soft and responsive right out of the box.

Based on the specs and recommendations, the Bolzen 180mm 50 degree trucks make a good choice for freeride, freestyle, dancing or mid-sized city cruising setups.

Bolzen trucks V2 180mm 45°

Same hangar and features as the 50° trucks, but with a 45° baseplate for some added stability at speed. Planned colours will be black and black/ raw (for now) with more options coming up. Best used for downhill or freeride setups. The bushings that come with it are 90a double barrels, making the trucks more stable at higher speeds.

If this truck can deliver on their high promises, popular choices like the Caliber II 44° might get some serious competition in in the cast truck market.

Bolzen trucks V2 155mm 50°

The Bolzen 155mm 50 degree truck makes an ideal choice for 8-9” wide city cruiser setups. Because of the more narrow hangar these trucks will feel snappy and responsive under your feet. They come with 85a double barrel bushings, same as the 180mm big brother. The new bushing seats return the trucks quickly to the the center and eliminate unwanted wiggle room.

Bolzen & Omen Longboards collab

From now on, Omen Longboards will be equipping their completes exclusively with Bolzen trucks and making their completes perfect out of the box.

Omen Longboards and Bolzen trucks collab

For more check out the Bolzen’s website or follow them on Facebook or  Instagram.