Ari "The Shark" Chamasmany, Screensgrab from the video The Gel Lab

The Gel Lab creative collective presented by Ari “The Shark” Chamasmany

Ari “The Shark” Chamasmany is a skateboarder, a DJ and a producer. He can’t imagine his life without music or skateboarding and for the past 8 years, he’s been sharing his passions with The Gel Lab group, a creative collective which meets on weekly sessions in Downtown Los Angeles.

In this inspiring video, Ari points out the importance of the community and presents The Gel Lab as a great example of an event where everyone is welcome to join and express their creativity.

Under the glow of street lights and the neon signs of Los Angeles, a highly mobile crew of longboarders take to the deserted streets of Santa Monica and Downtown every Wednesday for a night filled of invading parking garages and darkened descents.

Filmed and edited by Christian Rosillo, Ari’s Gel Lab sessions have been at the heart of the LA scene, known only by word of mouth and those that thrive in the dimly lit avenues of Souther California’s largest concrete expanse. Christian brings these dwellers of the night to light through a unique perspective of what it is like to be part of the Gel Lab collective. More from Christian Rosillo at:

Ari Chamasmany is a man of many passions. With his ever persistent commitment to the Los Angeles longboarding community, he has held his signature weekly sessions for 8 years without fail. Beyond his passion of nighttime skating, he is a master of the turn tables and mixers that encompass the life of his alter ego: DJ Shark.

Check out his killer mixes on SoundCloud, free to download for your grooving pleasure.

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~ Loaded Boards & Orangatang Wheels