This is Döwnhill 2015 with Alexander “Tiki” Frischauf

This is Döwnhill 2015 with Alexander “Tiki” Frischauf

Alexander Frischauf was not wasting his time during the summer of 2015. He was bombing hills across Europe and filmed a lot. Many cool raw runs and edits crawled out of his computer last year to remind us how much fun we had at the events.  This year’s This is Döwnhill 2015 video recap sums it all up very nicely, a real pleasure to watch.

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How was 2015 for Alex?

I had a quick chat with Alex to find out how the year 2015 went down for him. Read through to find out more. Let’s drop in!

Past summer I noticed you’re mostly bombing with a camera in one hand while grabbing a rail with the other. So much great footage. What events did you visit in 2015?
High Black Corner Jam (at), Agnosine (it), Pimp Mai Ride (de), Alpenrauschen (at), Ekstremsportveko Voss (no), KNK only Cult Single Set Survivor race (slo), Teolo (it), Bela JoyRide (at), LoRaLo (at), Jochpass (de) and some filming sessions with friends in Austria.

What gets you excited about filming downhill skateboarding, why is it so much fun to you?
It’s that very close riding and watching the different styles of riders. Plus it’s challenging to ride that close and fast with the skaters.

You skate with so many different riders not knowing their “next move” on the track. I guess, after so many years on the hill, you already have a ton of experience and know what to expect.
Yes, you can “read” most of the riders and see their moves in advance.

Alex following a pack, shot by Paul Brosig
Alex following a pack, shot by Paul Brosig

Do you often crash with riders you’re filming? When the crash happens, is it yours or the other skater’s fault?
No, I think it was just 5-10 times in the last 3 years. Yes, most of the crashes were caused by the skater.

I know there’s no other way to learn it than to just go out there and skate, but perhaps there’s an advice you would like share with people who might find themselfs in a filming run with you the next season?
Just skate like every time – chilled, no race lines and leave at least half of meter for me on the inside 😉

You’re a street luger. How are the street luge and classic luge scene doing with downhill skateboarding? Do you think that there could be done more for the luge?
Downhill skaters have to check the history of the sport. Without luge, there wouldn’t be this downhill skate scene now. The big events where luge races were the handful of skaters always were very welcome to join in. IGSA was founded and ran by lugers and many events were organised by the other lugers (like myself).

Would you say that the number of people doing street luge is dropping or rising?
Numbers are now slightly rising after years, especially with buttboard (classic luge) joined by skaters at smaller races for the fun of it.

Doing street luge in open traffic is usually discouraged by the community – at least that’s what my impression is. I guess that’s the reason why not so many people decide for it.
The problem with open roads – car drivers won’t see you on the luge, other than skaters. We ride open roads, but less frequently than skaters and on really lonesome roads. There are always idiots going into high traffic, but there are shitheads within every scene.
I’m also doing open road filming with skaters, but only with the ones I know well and with radios and that kind of security thing.

Aaron Skippings at Bela Joyride 2015 by Alex Frischauf
Aaron Skippings at Bela Joyride 2015 by Alex Frischauf

What kind of luge are you using?
I’m riding a MM Streetluge made in Austria by my very good friend and top rider Michael Müller. I’m also using a front fairing on it by Russell Naude’s “company” Lasertec Streetluges from South Africa, also a very good friend.

Was the year 2015 in any way “better” than the previous years? Would you say that you’ve done any progress with your skills?
Yes, by far my best year of filming, got a better cam, being more compfy with everything and got invited to Voss! Also made it on the world championship podium again with my 43 years 😉

Jorge Pernes Alpenrauschen 2015 by Alex Frischauf
Jorge Pernes Alpenrauschen 2015 by Alex Frischauf

How’s your favourite person of 2015 and why?
Kim Anderssen, he is my Norwegian brother from another mother, top skater, top bloke and the same kind of crazy like me!

What’s your plan for 2016?
Film as much as possible, going back to Norway (Voss and Lilyhammer) doing a little “roadmovie” documentation thing and of course filming at all the events in Austria. Maybe coming back to KNK for the cult race and one or two days more of filming there. Doing 2-3 races for myself aiming for the podiums 😉

Awesome. Looks like we’ll be seeing each other a lot 🙂

Some really cool people support your work, let’s do some shoutouts.
Big one goes out to my only sponsor – BTR Leathers, thank you Ras for believing in me and my skills!
Cult Wheels for being great friends and helping out with wheels – the Raptures are awesome!
Mikel Echegaray for being just himself and a close friend, learned a lot from you!!!
And of course, all the riders and friends I had a hell of fun on the hills the last years!

Thank you for the chat Alex! See you on the hill soon!
Thank you! And we have to do a film run finally 😉

There you have it 🙂 To stay on track with Alex, follow his page on Facebook and also check out the official website.