Divine Trail Blazer review by Will Smith

Divine Trail Blazers 60mm skateboard wheels review with Will Smith

The Divine Trail Blazers are a 60mm tall, 33.3mm wide, park and hard sliding wheels, poured in Divines “slide formula” thane, that are available in the UK from Surf ‘n Turf Boardshop. These wheels are made for ditches, parks or even your local hill.

The Divine Trail Blazer wheels come in with a contact patch of 21mm, a duro of 92a and come with grooves pre set into the contact patch of the wheel. These grooves help for grippy lines in the bowl and park riding in mind, however I noticed that after a few slides in the park they’d worn away, however they still managed to hold their line in the local bowl.

Divine Trail Blazer review by Will Smith

I also noticed how fast the Trail Blazers were in the park due to the large core. This allowed me to get to the coping of the halfpipe quicker than I could on my regular skateboard wheels, this also meant that there was no need to push through a street section in the park and I could hold my lines longer and smoother.

Get funky on the Divine Trail Blazers

After the park session, I took the Divine Trail Blazer wheels off of my skateboard setup and threw them on more of a sliding oriented setup (Comet nk34, X-Caliber street trucks). First of all I had a bit of a disliking to these wheels as they still had some grooves in the contact patch and coming from Slide-A’s felt super grippy, (that being said they were fun for faster freeriding) but after a few runs down my local hill they starting wearing in a bit.

They became exceptionally slippy, with a slide comparable to the new 95a Slide-A’s, so they were perfect for 360’s, blunt slides and a whole load of other techy tricks, but with that extra but of resistance to them they were super fun to take a bit faster and throw out big checks which made them suitable for bike paths and turny runs when you need to be sliding almost all of the time.

The Divine Trail Blazers slide smooth

The wheels durometer are 92a, but that being said I would’ve said they feel like a 89a wheel, as they slide a lot smoother and quieter than I’d initially expected, and at high speeds leaving a few thane lines here and there.

The Divine Trail Blazers do have a few cons though. They wear down far quicker than a Slide-A or a Abec 11 Sublime wheels, but that said the centerset core allows you to flip the wheels when they start to cone. However, that shouldn’t be a problem if you have tech/park in mind.

I would recommend these wheels to anyone looking to through on a double kick and whose look to hit up the hills, your local park or anyone looking to get rad in the bowls.

Fairly priced at £35.00, the Divine Trail Blazers are now available in Surf ‘n Turf Boardshop.

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