Patrick L. Lombardi wins Red Bull No Paws Down 2018 at KnK Longboard Camp

The KnK Longboard Camp 2018 presented by KebbeK Skateboards has always been a gathering place for freeriders, but an added element of racing was bound to make its mark at the event. The Red Bull No Paws Down challenge is a highlight at the end of week one where racers are competing to win 1000 Euros. The only catch is, they can’t touch the ground with their hand for the full 18 hairpin course.

After a week of practicing on the Bear’s Guts track riders were ready. Last years champion & ROCKET Longboards Dominic Schenk felt that he had already achieved his life goal in winning the Red Bull No Paws Down and was happy to MC the race from the corner 8 with Joey Bidner, Brand manager for KebbeK Skateboards. He was sure that the winner would either be Dave Süess or Patrick L Lombardi.

However, there were wild cards in the mix as well. Oscar Rodriguez from Spain was very nimble but always on the edge while Ian Freire, Alternative Longboards rider Jan Izquierdo and Brandon DesJarlais all had a shot at winning. With Ian Freire making an early exit in the quarters and Oscar Rodriguez losing out in the semi-finals we were down to only Dave Süess, Patrick Lombardi, Brandon Desjarlais and Jan Izquierdo.

Brandon Desjarlais takes us through the finals: I got off the line quickly and was around 20 metres ahead by the first corner. Patrick was reeling me in and passed me right before the second corner. Between corner 3 and 4 I really started to gain on Patrick, but I messed up in corner 4 and by this point knew Patrick would win, he kept a confident lead on me and had grippier wheels. Jan was always behind me pressuring me, I had to play defence to fight for second place. Dave tried to make a move on Jan in corner 5 but washed out and put his puck down. At the end of the day it’s whether you ride grippy wheels and risk losing control or freeride wheels and be consistent. I ended the final with Jan just a metre behind me and Patrick cleanly out front.

The party place at KnK Longboard Camp gradually ramps up throughout the week to an apex of the KebbeK  Wheel of Misfortune on Friday night. Joey Bidner and Maxwell Kaye were your terrible hosts, taping boards to riders and handing out beer bongs with exotic ingredients. A delighted crowd looked on as riders are rewarded for their valiant efforts. Brandon Fanthome ate a whole garlic covered in Tabasco sauce to win a board, describing it as one of the worst experiences of his life.

After such a hectic week of KnK Longboard Camp 2018  Week #1, the crew is taking a break before Week #2. Hay bales are being replaced and the bar is being re-stocked. Thank you to all the riders for joining us for KnK Longboard Camp Week #1 and if you are heading to Week #2 then get excited, it’s going to be awesome.

Photography: Duck Vader (Dasha)

KnK Longboard Camp 2018 is presented by KebbeK Skateboards and organised by Longboard Magazine with additional support from these fine companies:

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Greenskate Cologne 2017 group photo by Florian Witte

Greenskate Cologne 2017 recap by Ross Baradoy

Crossing my fingers over my expired passport, shockingly worked! I picked up my new passport in Bern 8 hrs before my departure from Zurich Switzerland to Köln Germany (thanks Nina).

I arrived safely, checked into “Die Königshof Hotel” and promptly went out for an evening cruise. It wasn’t long untill I heard the beating sound of music and, in the distance, saw a group of people smoking outside a bar. All I can say is, if you want to have a good time with the locals, stop by Wiener Steffie for cheap beer and fun times.

Greenskate Cologne 2017 group photo by Florian Witte
Greenskate Cologne 2017 group photo by Florian Witte

The biggest Greenskate gathering

Beep, Beep, Beep… or GreenSKATE! went my phone. Hitting the street and the fresh smell of morning air. This was not my first time in Köln, in 2006 I took a picture of the Köln Cathedral on my way to the IGSA European Championships.

The Cathedral is over 750 years old and is a must see if you ever get a chance to visit Germany. Köln is a skate friendly city, but bring a map or something because you can get turned around. It took me asking a few people just to find the Rhein River.

I arrived on time at Kölner Jugendpark with a 12″ subway sandwich in my tummy and tired legs. The Greenskate Köln starting point is perfectly located on a large open surface with a skatewave at one end and a Crépe Van at the other. To be honest I was hanging out a lot at the Crèpe Van.

While I was filming skate hockey and the many sick longboard dancing sessions in the afternoon, I managed to sneak some Sion Kölsch beers. Time flew by and hundreds of people started to slowly trickle into the park.

Heiko grabbed the bullhorn and everyone gathered around him as he said:

Today is the day that will be recorded on the Facebook and Twitter walls of history. It is the greenest day of the year…Welcome to Greenskate, Köln!

I might have mistranslated his speech a little, but I am sure he said something like that.

Greenskate Cologne 2017 opening speech. Photo by Florian Witte.
Greenskate Cologne 2017 opening speech. Photo by Florian Witte.

Without warning, Heiko introduced me as the founder of Greenskate and asked me to come forward. I made some quick remarks correcting the record and with that, we were off.

I saw hundreds of riders pushing, pumping and dancing their little longboard hearts away. Many of them came up to me and expressed how much they loved the Greenskate event and that they had no idea it was 10 years old. I saw a father and his young son on a longboard passing by…I thought to myself “SHIT” this kid was probably not even born when we had our first event in Calgary.

The pushing part of the event must have lasted for over an hour. I was having so much fun skating and chatting to all the people in the Skate Parade, I really lost track of time. We ended up in front of the Köln Cathedral where boards were held high and many pictures were taken….See you next year Köln!

A special thanks goes out to Concrete Wave Skateshop Cologne for making this event possible. Köln is the longest consecutive running Greenskate event and celebrates its 7th year.

I invite all readers to start your own Greenskate event. It can be small like the one in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico or huge like the one this year in Köln. Greenskate is a simple idea, which is why it will continue to work for many years to come.

More info about Greenskate can be found here.

Greenskate Cologne 2016

Join the movement: Greenskate 2017 events

Greenskate is a global movement that started in Calgary Alberta in Canada back in 2007. As a means to promote environmental consciousness and connecting all winds of the longboard community, from downhill longboarders to cruising enthusiasts, it soon after got picked up by international crews supporting the green cause.

The main idea behind Greenskate is not only to push awareness regarding environmental changes, but to also connection community-building events around the globe. It’s events are connect every-day commuters with the core longboard scene and promote longboarding as a green source of transportation.

To get an idea on how an event like this brings together amazing crowds of likeminded people, check out the video from last year’s Green Skate Day held in Rome, Italy.

Organise a Greenskate session, support the community

Greenskate can be whatever you want it to be, a cruise through the city, a slide-jam, slalom or downhill event.  It is a neutral party and is not affiliated with any brand or company. Each individual event is organised by the local community in each country.

Anybody who wants to organise their own Greenskate event can register it via a form here and become a part of the global movement.

In the past many Greenskate events happened in both South and North America, Asia and Europe. So far, the European events registered for 2017 will take place in

For a more detailed description of each and every event, visit the  official Greenskate Tumblr page.

Greenskate Cologne 2017 by ConcreteWave Skateshop Cologne

We are also excited to announce, that Longboard Magazine Europe will cover one of the biggest European Greenskate events, the 7th Greenskate Cologne (Germany) on June 17th, 2017

The German edition of Greenskate is organised by ConcreteWave Skateshop Cologne and supported by BTFLboards & skates, Flowseekers, Skate-Rack, Icone Longboards, BOLZEN Trucks and Walzen Wheels.

See you there!

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series 2017

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series IV Event Report

Officially, there is no event, no organiser and no race. People turn up to the hill, and find anywhere between 15 and 45 skateboarders gearing up. Someone produces radios from their pocket, another guy for some reason has green and red flags…a start line appears and brackets are drawn up. This happens once a month from December to April.

Unofficially, this is the Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series.

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series 2017

The Freiburg winter-race-season-baby is now 3 years old. The idea is to get people on their skateboards over winter to keep the downhill juices flowing to carry them into Spring.

Fun runs with friends new and old is the name of the game, race experience and cash prizes are a bonus for those that feel so inclined.

The race series is not a commercial instrument or branded, but it would be impossible to write this article without thanking Layback Freiburg Skateshop for sponsoring the shuttle bus this season. Especially when skaters were using Hackenstein’s personal van!

We would call this one of the definitions of a core skate shop. The trophy is also paid for and hand built at Layback, and quite nice it is too…

Race tracks are slow and technical, they have to be ridden in any weather conditions (and we’ve had some tough ones) and by all abilities.

One push starts keep the racing tight from the top, and especially with tracks as short as 700m long, keeps the emphasis on ones ability to skate downhill to win the race, rather than just kicking like a horse. Not that that isn’t cool too, but you can do that all summer 😉

Last weekend was the 4th race of 5 of the 2016/17 series. Somehow the weather gods have frowned upon The Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series this year and given skaters full sunshine and dry roads for every race! We guess the last one will be bloody miserable.

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series 2017

Here are a few photo sets that can show the race far better than I can describe it to you: Schnsld, Andreas Seemann Photography. Feel free to like to photographer pages, I’m sure there will be more epic photos up there soon!

And check out the little video shot by Henrik Shinko of the day:

Last year Leon Ritter was the series champion for the 2nd time, but it wasn’t decided until the final heat of the final race, and it was decided in spectacular fashion…

This year it could come down to the wire again with Jan and Janto both on form and with 2 wins each. Top 3 results count.

Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series 2017 winners

Top ten is as follows:

  1. Jan Dederer
  2. Janto Just
  3. Marvin Lorff
  4. Adrian Wersching
  5. Jan Brebeck
  6. Leif Schloßarek
  7. Samuel Schuler
  8. Camille Delhaes
  9. Jan Späth
  10. Ruben Schray

Final race will be on the most fun and varied race track that Freiburg has to offer, with basically a closed road, shuttles, crash mats…its getting serious! 29th April, see you there!

For more info about the last race of the Freiburg Winter Outlaw Series visit the Layback Freiburg Skateshop Facebook page.

Cheese Valley Freeride

Cheese Valley Freeride is back!

The two day Cheese Valley Freeride will take place from the 16th – 17th of September, 2017. It will be held in the same small village called Konolfingen, Switzerland, as in 2015.

Cheese Valley Freeride 2017

However, this year Roland Trachsel is not alone. With the help of his wife Anni Trachsel, Danilo Porto, Alex Weijnman, Christoph Batt, Philipp Amann, Marcel Isler, and Dominic Schenk, the event will bring back the same unique experience in the heart of the cheese country.

The track

Eighty riders will skate down a 2 km long track with a top speed of 80 km/h. It is appropriate for both beginners and advanced riders and meant for everyone who loves skateboarding. From the local community, to skaters passing by who want to join the freeride, everyone is welcome.

Here is what Roland had to say about the 2017 Cheese Valley Freeride:

It’s a cool road for beginners and advanced riders. The surrounding beautiful landscape and staying in the middle of a horse farm with tipi tents and a campfire is a great way to meet the local skate family. The longboard community is really important to us.

Although the track is not skateable throughout the year, because it is located between farm lands, the surrounding green pastures offer a pleasant environment during the freeride.


The campsite is located on the top of the track, close to the start, where skaters will be able to find a perfect spot to sleep in their own tent or in a tipi tent located right next to the party tent.

Moreover, the campsite also has horses, pony’s, goats and pigs, some of which you can also pet. This is also a great feature not just for adults, but also families with young children.

The campsite also has a restaurant, a place for camp fires as well as toilettes and showers. In addition, there is also enough room for parking your car or a camper.

The crew will take care of the evening entertainment with a DJ, photo projections and an auction where you can get new skate gear cheaper.

Registration info

The registration is set to start in the beginning of July, 2017 via the Cheese Valley Freeride website. Although, the website is currently offline, you can follow the event on their Facebook event page for all the latest information.

Furthermore, with a registration fee at around 140 Swiss Franks, you not only get a place to skate and relax, but also two meals per day for both days of the freeride.

Finally, check out the video the crew made to help prepare you for the event:

Women's Longboard Camp - Group photo by Maria Arndt

Women’s Longboard Camp – Bonfire 2017 news

We always knew that 2016 was going to be a hard one to top – three events, three concepts, three locations. It all culminated in the epic adventure that was our freeride camp last August in the most magnificent of settings, a collaboration with the brilliant Woodwings crew.

Photo of the crew at last year’s WLC by Maria Arndt

A lot of blood, sweat and also some tears went into last year’s Womens’ Longboard Camp series and for some time it looked as though that may have been it, at least for the time being. To be honest, it would have been a great high on which to end the last five years.

Life is changing, as is the crew, priorities are shifting and gravitating towards other commitments and new ventures, as the saying goes one door closes, another one opens and life begins outside of your comfort zone.

General event information

This year’s edition of the Women’s Longboard Camp will take place from the 2nd – 6th of June 2017. The place to be this year is between the hills and valleys of Löwenstein, a small town situated between Heilbronn and Stuttgart in the south-west of Germany.

Women's Longboard Camp- photo by Maria Arndt
The girls practicing their tuck

Bonfire will be limited to 30 participants to ensure everyone attending gets enough attention from our crew and can enjoy a relaxed and friendly environment. The registration is already open, so check out our shiny new website to get the deets and to sign up.

What’s new for the 2017 Women’s Longboard Camp?

We thought about how we could make it better and our good friend and longtime WLC supporter Alex Dietrich, the man behind Root Longboards himself, will be at the helm of this event; we are both stoked and super grateful for all his hard work.

We’ll be returning to good ol’ Germany once more, to the greater Stuttgart area to be precise, which has been host to several WLC events over the past years.

For the 2017 edition, we’ve chosen a proper special spot – you may have heard of Großerlach before, home of the annual Pimp Mai Ride. No need for shuttles, riders get back up the hill in a skilift, how rad is that?! Skate all day, err day, just how it should be.

We cannot wait to get this party started, it’s going down this June and once again we’ll bring you everything you love, including a residential miniramp, hells to the yeah!

See ya on the hill!

RidersFly 2017 7 Horquillas Freeride

RidersFly longboard events schedule 2017

RidersFly was a small crew of Spanish riders back in 2006. Since then, they grew and aren’t limited to only a group of adrenaline junkies anymore. Under their name you will find a competitive team, that takes part in national and international events, a school that prioritises safety and teaching newcomers, a junior team, swag longboard gear and of course freerides.

Their 2017 event plan includes 4 freerides, all taking part in small Spanish towns. If you’re in the mood to visit Spain next year, you should definitely stop at one of their events.

Xert Freeride, March 25th – 26th, 2017

First on the RidersFly calendar is Xert Freeride in March. The first edition of this freeride will take place in a small town called Xert in the province of Castellón (Spain). Located a few kilometers away from Salzadella and Sant Mateu, Xert is also conveniently located close to the airport.

The spot is amazing to skate and the town is very welcoming. We also like doing events in tiny villages because we prefer to bring tourism to small towns rather than large cities.  Maria Giner

RidersFly 2017 Xert Freeride
Sergio Sebastia turning into a right corner at the Xert Freeride track. Photo by Maria Giner

Besides the relaxed and local vibe, attendees will enjoy a 2.5 km long and dynamic road with a bunch of corners and sweapers. With the top speed of 75 km/h, Ridersfly makes sure you’ll get to feel the Spanish breeze.

Furthermore, Xert offers 2 days of freeriding with shuttles, rider insurance and an ambulance crew with a doctor. Moreover, rego also includes water during the event, two meals (lunch) and also a nice camping area in a sport center with showers and toilettes.

The riders limit is set to 100 skaters and the registration fee to 70 euros. If you are interested in Xert freeride, note that the registration starts on February 15th, 2017. All further information will be posted on their event page.

7 Horquillas Freeride, June 3rd – 4th, 2017

Second in line is 7 Horquillas Freeride in the beginning of June. This event will be held in a small village called Condemios de Arriba.

Until now the crew celebrated a birthday of a fellow team rider Tato with a small skate session, but next year they are doing it bigger than ever, as 7 Horquillas Freeride.

Located in the province of Guadalajara, the track is short but sweet. RidersFly said it’s technical, but offers a lot of fun with your friends.

RidersFly 2017 7 Horquillas Freeride
An aerial view of the 7 Horquillas Freeride track

Seven corners packed into 1.4 km of road promise a fun time, while the straights provide an adrenaline rush with a top speed of 80+ km/h.

The riders limit is set to 100, but there is no further information regarding the price at this moment. If you are interested in the 7 Horquillas Freeride, follow their social pages and website for fresh upcoming information.

Salzadella Freeride, July 28th – 30th, 2017

Salzadella is the most known event by RidersFly. Although last year they had decided to cancel their IDF race, because of the low number of riders, they made a decision to keep going with the freeride.

Furthermore, they are also considering doing a race, not and IDF race, but at this moment we can’t promise anything.

This well known track is 2.6 km long with fast corners and smooth pavement. Moreover, longboarders can reach a top speed of 105 km/h and streetlugers up to 115 km/h. In addition to the good protection of the track, marshals will be placed on every corner.

RidersFly 2017 Salzadella Freeride
A shot from last year’s Salzadella Freeride

This three day freeride will host 100 riders. The price of the registration in not know yet, but RidersFly promise that everyone will get their moneys worth. As per usual, rego includes shuttles, rider insurance, an ambulance team with a doctor and a protected track. Moreover, everybody will also get lunch, water during the freeride and will enjoy a camping area in a sports center with showers and toilettes.

Sant Mateu Freeride, October 28th – 29th, 2017

Last but definitely not least, October will mark the 6th Sant Mateu Freeride. The crew will stay in the province of Castellón, but this time move to a different village called Sant Mateu.

This event is described to be appropriate for all riding levels with it’s 1.2 km length, a few corners and some fast sections.

Moreover, the riders limit is not know yet, but the registration price is going to be 70 euros.

As on all RidersFly events, participants will be covered by a shuttle, insurance, ambulance team and two day’s lunch. Besides the track, the camping area is also backed with showers and toilettes to keep you clean after a hard day of riding.

Go-Goats Freeride 2016

Go-Goats Freeride 2016 by Laféedesrations Derideàroulettes – Event Report

September marked our last skate trip of the year and we decided to explore Switzerland and end our trip with our first French event, Go-Goats Freeride.

The second edition of the Go-Goats Freeride took place on September 23 until the 25th. Organised by Laféedesrations Derideàroulettes, everything ran smoothly and the event had a super chill vibe to it.

Go-Goats Freeride 2016

While the price was more expensive for non-members, we really got our money’s worth. The inscription was 85 euros for men and 75 euros for women, a mere 10 euros increase.

Go-Goats Freeride 2016

The road was absolutely intense and super fun. The upper part of the track was fast and narrow and got your heart pumping. Once you got past the first two corners, it started getting interesting. The middle section had an open view of the road and tightly packed corners. Followed by a second fast straight leading into the final hairpin and finally, the finish line.

With a top speed of around 80 km/h, 13 corners packed into 2,3 km and an average grade of 10 %, everybody felt their legs in the evenings.

In addition to the great track, the camp was placed right next to the end of the track, on a big parking lot. In the middle of it was a big tent where riders had breakfast and lunch (included in the price), a beer and a big party in the evening.

Go-Goats Freeride 2016

In conclusion, I would recommend visiting Go-Goats freeride at least once. Everybody was super friendly, the track was immensely fun and the level of skating is super high. Besides the hospitality, the surrounding is also beautiful and offers much needed relaxation after a hard day of skating.

For more info about Laféedesrations Derideàroulettes and their activities, visit their website.

Watch the video

[facebook url=”″]
Transylvania Downhill by Devastation Longboard Crew

Transylvania Downhill 2017 by Devastation Longboard Crew

Last summer, the Devastation Longboard Crew from Romania organised their first big event, Transylvania Downhill. 124 riders attended the event for four days and apparently everyone had a great time.

Adi Shor, one of the organisers, says that they received great feedback so far and they expect more people to show up next year.

Quite a few people announced that they’re coming so we will put the limit to 250 riders. Eventually, if needed, we can extend it to 300. 100 riders for the downhill race and 150 just for the freeride. The event will last 6 days and the track will be a bit longer, with 0.7km adding to it by one hairpin on top and two more on the bottom ~ Adi Shor

In addition to the extended riders limit and the total length of 5.2 km for the race, the organisers plan on making additional improvements.

Next year, riders will enjoy Transylvania Downhill for 6 days total. The first day will be reserved for arrivals and registration. The following three days will host the freeride and the final two days, the downhill race. Adi also noted, that they plan on expanding their working crew to help run things smoother.

Transylvania Downhill

As per usual, riders will use a gondola as a shuttle. But rather than getting your skate shoes muddy, the paths will be improved with stairs and a nice walking surface.

Furthermore, the crew will also install additional side ramps on the freeride / slide jam area. A halfpipe is also to be expected at the chill zone. In regards to entertainment, the crew will set up a big screen Xbox game projection, videos and other activities. They also have big plans for the party area with the Astronaut Kru Soundsystem.

Transylvania Downhill

If you’ve missed their first event, be sure to also check out the Transylvania Downhill 2016 after movie.

Devastation Crew 2017 event range

For season 2017, the Devastation crew announced three events in total, including:

  • Transylvania Downhill / July 3rd – 9th
  • Cincis Skate / August, 11th – 13th
  • Transylvania Freeride / August 31st – September 3rd

New to their agenda is Cinics Skate. This downhill competition by the Lake Cinicis, features a 3 km long downhill track including sweapers and a top speed of over 80 km/h. This event is manly dedicated to locals, as a national championship stage, but everyone is welcome to join the fun.

The 2017 Transylvania Freeride Race Track

The Romanian crew also has another event up their sleeve, the Transylvania Freeride. Held in Pasul Valcan, on the same mountain as their Downhill edition, but on a different ski resort. As the most hardcore race track the crew ever skated, this 4 km long track has the steepest point of 25 %.

To stay on track with Transylvania Downhill and other events, follow the event’s Facebook page or visit the official event website at

IDF Elections 2017

IDF announced 2017 Elections

IDF (International Downhill Federation) announced the 2017 Elections that will take place between January 13th and 15th, 2017. Voting IDF members will decide upon the new IDF Board members managing their race season for the next two years.

The elected 7 Board members will additionally elect 4 Board Directors and executive Board Directors. The current executive Board, President (Cyrille Harnay), General Secretary (Colin Beck) and Treasurer (Lee Cation), will not run for reelection, meaning a completely new executive team will administer the 2017/2018 racing season.

If you wish to be a candidate, you have a chance to apply until December 15th, 2016 through the form available on their website.

You must however, be an IDF paying member for more than a year and preferably not race, as you would need to help at events and contribute at least 5 to 6 hours a week of your time to the federation.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to run, but want to cast your vote, you can do so on January 13th, 2017 online once the candidates are known.

To help you get an insight about what you can expect with a position on the board, IDF published a document of tasks and frequency of work of their current board members and volunteers.

It’s time to turn the scale and step up by running for a position on the board AND by voting for change in the upcoming seasons.

Kyle Wester’s downhill skateboarding speed record announced just a day before L’Ultime Decscent

Kyle Wester’s speed record of 143.89 kph announced just a day before L’Ultime Descente

Just as the L’Ultime Descente race is about to happen tomorrow to set the new world record for various downhill disciplines, Santa Cruz Skateboards and Kyle Wester announced Kyle’s successful attempt to break the downhill skateboarding record by reaching the speed of 143.89 kph (89.41 mph).

I’m still trying to comprehend this because of the massive 13 kph difference from the previous record set by Erik Lundberg being 130.63 kph in Les Eboulements. I guess it’s hard to imagine matching that speed as the L’Ultime Descente track is only 1 km long and the top speed for downhill skateboarding stand-up is around 130 kph+.

The location of the road where Kyle did his run is unknown to the general public.

Check out the speed suit!

What is known and you can see in the video (or see the screenshots below) is that Kyle used some kind of a special speed suit he developed in order to be as aerodynamic as possible and to be able to achieve the maximum speed.

Previous speed records

Erik Lundberg set a world record (WGSA) in Les Eboulements (Canada), documented by Red Bull in May 2016. His descent was measured at 130.63 kph and with going faster by just 0.55 kph, he managed to beat Mischo Erban‘s record of 130.08 kph, witnessed back in 2010 on a road in Colorado, USA.

But Erik Lundberg’s speed record is not safe anymore, due to a new three-day event happening tomorrow, where 100 downhill skateboarders will try to beat it.

L’Ultime Descente, World Speed Record 2016

Until now setting new speed records was kind of a private endeavor with just the athlete and officials recording the stunts and preparing the documentation required to obtain the title.

L’Ultime Descente welcomes locals and visitors to Les Eboulements to witness top line downhill skateboarders, street luge skaters, in-line skaters, and soapbox 2.0 drivers, descending down this legendary road.

The event will take place this weekend, from September 9th till 11th. During the time of the event, the road will be closed for traffic every thirty minutes, where riders will be able to do their run from 8 am to 18 pm.  For more info follow their Facebook event page here.

L'Ultime Descente 2016

So far we haven’t noticed any public riders list, but we’ve done some research and Erik Lundberg is flying in to hold his record, as well as Max Ballesteros, Pete Connolly, Emily Pross, Adam Persson, and Mauritz Armfelt, just to name a few…

To give you a taste of the drop, here’s a photo showing the top speed section.

Route du Port in Les Éboulements. Photo by Norman Richard via Panoramio.
Route du Port in Les Éboulements. Photo by Norman Richard via Panoramio.

UPDATE: Pete Connolly in the Guinness World Records as the fastest downhill skateboarder

In 2018 Pete Connolly, the fastest downhill skateboarder in the ”stand-up skateboard” category at L’Ultime Descente, got his record confirmed by the Guinness World Records, making his mark in the history of downhill skateboarding.