One foot no comply shuvit with Brandon DesJarlais

Learn Longboarding: One Foot No-Comply 180 Shuvit with Brandon DesJarlais

If your plan is to learn new tricks, then you’ve come to the right place. This is a simple three step tutorial with Brandon DesJarlais on how to do a No-Comply 180 shuvit with a one foot landing.

For this trick you will need a half shell helmet and slide gloves, because as Brandon said ”shi* happens”. Moreover, landing this trick will be easier if you already know how to do a no comply 180 or better yet, a No-Comply 180 shuvit.

* Brandon skates regular so if your stance is goofy, just flip it around.

For more vlogs by Brandon, see his profile on Longboard Magazine.

Step 1: Nail the pop

One foot no comply shuvit with Brandon DesJarlais

This step is all about perfecting your motion so your body is able do the 180 pop every single time. Start out with flipping your board around and catching it with your foot. Stand shoulder width apart with the ball of your back foot on the heel side edge of the board. Push the board straight from the outside corner of your board, pop it and land it. Ideally you want your board to land straight at the same spot, without turning sideways.

Step 2: Nail the landing

One foot no comply shuvit with Brandon DesJarlais

Step 2 is all about landing your back foot at the right position. For this step, keep your front foot grounded while flipping the board with your back foot. So pop it, keep your front foot on the ground, turn the board 180 and plant your back foot on the longboard. Your foot should land in the middle of the deck.

Step 3: Go for it

One foot no comply shuvit with Brandon DesJarlais

Once you’ve got the first two steps down it’s time to push off and perfect your technique. Follow steps one and two with the addition of pushing off with your front foot once you’ve landed the board.

Some problems you might have while doing this trick are over or under rotation, not popping enough and not landing in the right spot. But don’t worry, all this can be fixed with perfecting the first two steps. All you have to do now is practice and soon enough you’ll be able to show off your new skills.

Brandon filmed this tutorial on a Moonshine MFG Elixir longboard deck, Abec 11 62 mm 81a Polka Dots wheels, Arsenal 180 50˚ trucks and RipTide bushings.