Velefique International Freeride 2019 Recap

This year we got to attend the Velefique International Freeride that took place from the 5th to 8th of September, 2019. The Freeride has been around for 9 editions already and is located just short of 60 km away from Almeria in the southeast of Spain.

It was our first time there so we didn’t know what to expect but we knew the event road is wide, dynamic and located in scenic desert-like surroundings. That eventually also made us want to go.

Velefique Freeride Location

The meeting point for the event was the municipality called Velefique. The ”town” is quite small and in 2017 it reportedly had only 247 inhabitants. Nonetheless, it had everything needed – a restaurant, a good-sized swimming pool, large parking and a campsite. If you planned ahead, there was also an option to rent a house/room in the town which quite a few people did.

The Event Track

The track itself is around 4 km long with a total altitude change of 265 meters and a bunch of 180-degree corners. Pavement wise, it is in good condition with some mid-run changes but without any major damage. On top, you could literally see the whole track with riders descending down and enjoy an amazing view of the surrounding hills.

Predominately visited by Spaniards, the riding style at Velefique is a healthy mix of longboard, trike, luge, inline and roller riders. Longboarders were outnumbered but there were a few international skaters from Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, UK, and Germany.

The Schedule

The day of skating at Velefique is split into three parts. A ”morning” session from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. is followed by a lunch break until 4 p.m. and continued by the ”evening” session until 8 p.m. Furthermore, the event had two large busses and numerous volunteers that made sure the runs went by fast and seamlessly.

During the break, one could take advantage of the free meal included in the rego or grab a variety of small snacks (”tapa”) from the menu list. The beer was also cheap with a caña costing only 1.5 Eur. The last day of the freeride was celebrated with a huge traditional Paella.

Overall Velefique Freeride was a great gathering of Spanish riders and a handful of international longboarders. The vibe was very relaxed and everything ran smoothly. For us the lunch break made it feel like we had 3 days in 1 so to describe it as ¡Muy bien! would be just.