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TuckYeah Longboard Travel Bag Review

The time when I carried my longboard gear around in an ugly random bag is now long gone since I got the TuckYeah longboard travel bag last summer.
My longboarding gear is now also more organised and in contrast to stuff laying all around the apartment, it’s now neatly stored in the longboard bag under my bed.
Let’s check out the bag’s features and specs first…

Features and Specs

I found the TuckYeah longboard bag to be big enough to store an average sized longboard as well as a bunch of other much needed gear and accessories, except the full-face helmet, while still being conveniently compact and easy to transport.

The main compartment is 105 cm long, 39 cm wide and 10 cm heigh. The inside has a big centred pocket measuring 55 cm in length, 35 cm in width and being 8 cm high.
There’s another small pocket on the outer side, measuring 22 x 15 cm. It comes in handy for storing your phone, wallet, keys and other smaller things.
Both pockets as well as the main compartment feature a good quality zipper.

In addition to the carrying handle the TuckYeah longboard bag features adjustable shoulder straps which make it possible to carry it on your back.
Another cool feature is that the bag can be folded and downsized to half of its original size when you take out the board. This way it transforms into a regular sized backpack.

Look and feel

The TuckYeah bag comes in a dark blue colour with the white logo printed on the top side.
It is made of a strong and durable fabric. During the six-month period there’s no signs of wearing down except of some stitching that got stretched a bit, but I guess that’s my own fault as I overloaded it heavily while testing.

The padding is very soft in order to be able to fold the bag into a backpack. Considering this, I would recommend using the TuckYeah bag for travelling with the car, but not so much for airline travels where it might be handled with less care.

Final thoughts

Like I already mentioned, the TuckYeah bag is a great companion for local sessions or traveling with the car. While the stitching could be a bit better (stronger) the bag should last for a while if handled with care and if it’s not overloaded.
It comes with a price tag of 60 Euros and is available via BSD Ricami website.
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