WAPH Laces – The strongest laces system ever created for your shoes

The young french brand WAPH, which is becoming more and more famous in kitesurfing and wakeboarding, has rebuilt the traditional laces tightening systems to make the bindings never get loose. And it works pretty well, without making any knot.

WAPH Laces - Jaune

Then the brand adapted its system for shoes, first for wakeskaters (skateboarding on water) but it began obvious that it could be used for any board sports that require a strong tightening with no risk of getting loose.

WAPH Laces - Jaune S

Here is why the WAKESKATING pack from WAPH, composed of 2 laces + 2 buckles, will really be useful for us! The lace is 3x more stronder than other laces, and can handle some pretty hard treatments ! The buckle was especially design for the WAPH lace, to guarantee the best tightening ever. Its real cog wheel inside reall yblock the lace in a perfect way, and gives you the best comfort.

Without making a knot, the laces are shorter (90cm) and there’s no risk to walk or ride on it.

The whole system is 100% made in France and seems to be a great weapon for those who always have trouble with their laces. This might be the solution : no knot, no scotch, just this small buckle to block the lace.

WAPH laces - Collection

It seems that the system is really loved in wakeboarding, kitesurfing and wakeskating, sports in which the laces have a hard life, so it must be perfect for longboarding too.

Visit WAPH website for more info at www.waph.fr and follow the brand Facebook or Instagram.

GIVEAWAY – Try WAPH laces for free

Would you like to give the WAPH laces a try and let us know how they worked for you?

Tell us what you think about the WAPH laces based on what you’ve read and seen in the video above; Leave a comment below and WAPH will draw 3 lucky riders to receive the WAPH Laces pack.

The winners of this giveaway will be announced in Comments, so be sure to check the Notification option. Good luck!

11 thoughts on “WAPH Laces – The strongest laces system ever created for your shoes”

  1. Could really use some of these, the rate my sons were falling last summer we were shredding our way through too-weak laces!

  2. Seeing how I burn through shoelaces when skating I must say that it looks pretty dope! Haven’t seen anything like that in Poland and would love to try and review the product on my page for other Polish skaters to check it out.
    Anyway cheers and congratz on the innovative approach,
    Michael, @northofpoland

    • Well i guess you’ll have the oportunity to test the WAPH laces! 😉
      I’ll come back to you by mail in the next days!

  3. It does suck when I crash, drag the top of my shoe against the floor and it tears apart the laces on the first fail 🙂 The laces which would last longer would be welcome for sure, especially when on a skate trip and don’t have any spares around.

  4. Just before I saw this I thought to myself – will somebody please make a skate shoe with velcro straps! I hate tieing shoelaces! Solves my problem 🙂

  5. Ever stressed out by tighten your shoelaces, on every skate session.
    never ever again fuck around with your old laces, shoes on, tight them and Skate!
    Thank you WAPH

  6. Wowzers.. would love for my 15yr old to try these out. As an avid boarder, he’s constantly adjusting his laces.

  7. Wow, would love them, they look so strong and practical.
    It’s so irritating when you get a line in fresh snow and your boots got loose mid way…
    I’d need them for my snowboard boots and for my skateshoes!

    • Well i guess you’ll have the oportunity to test the WAPH laces! 😉
      I’ll come back to you by mail in the next days!

    • Any news about the test? Would be really stoked to test them in my next snowboard session 🙂

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